Adeje has already got its own plans for a refuge in the Barranco de las Torres area in hand. This is where Lidl, Mercadona, etc are. There is a budget of more than €191.000 for the works, with the planned refuge covering 362 square metres and having a capacity for around 70 abandoned and stray animals, as well as administrative and veterinary areas.  El Dia Original post 19 January: Madrid has set in motion a new law which will greatly increase animal protection in Spain, and bring the Canaries into line with the legislation in several other autonomous regions. Animal Defence organization El Refugio hasREAD MORE

Spain will increase retirement age for workers from 65 to 67, the second VP of the Government, Elena Salgado, announced today, with the changes coming into force gradually from 2013, so that by 2025 all workers will retire at 67. The plan for the reform of the pensions system will now be presented to a parliamentary commission for translation into law, and will also include an increase in social security contributions, though at present the actual amount of the rise is yet to be established. Further proposals include rationalizing access to pensions, and including those working in the agrarian sector and household employees. Not theREAD MORE

26.91% was the final level of unemployment in the Canaries at the end of 2009, with Santa Cruz de Tenerife province specifically having 24.2% out of work. According to the National Statistics Institute, the Canaries ended 2009 with a frightening total of 293,800 people unemployed, giving the islands the highest rate of unemployment in Spain. In terms of annual increase, Spain’s unemployment figures rose 34.87% overall, with the rise here slightly below average at 31.43%, but that rise has left the islands’ 26.91% far above the national average of 18.83%, and puts the Canaries at the head of the table of the country’s unemployed. CanariesREAD MORE

The 2010 Santa Cruz Carnaval begins today with the first competitions in the children’s murgas. The murgas, combining satire and music with outlandish costume and group singing, are phenomenally popular. Tickets for the adult murgas competition sold out in under two hours when they went on sale online recently. Some of the main events of the Carnaval are: 31 January: Election of the Children’s Carnaval Queen 5 February: Final of the Adult Murgas 10 February: Election of the Carnaval Queen 12 February: Advertisers parade 15 February: Fiesta “Dance Carnaval”. 16 February: Main Carnaval parade 17 February: Burial of the Sardine For further information on thisREAD MORE

National Police are seeking the perpetrator of a violent attack in the centre of Los Cristianos on Friday. The incident occurred in Calle General Franco, near Church Square, when the employee of a local business was assaulted by an individual with a knife as he was heading for the bank to pay in some money.  One hypothesis that the police are working on is that the victim had been watched by his attacker and was followed when he was known to be carrying money. The police were called immediately, but the attacker had already fled with his haul. Needless to say, the attack has causedREAD MORE

A 62-year-old man died around 9.30 this morning while playing golf at the Adeje Golf course. Although a doctor who was in the immediate vicinity tried to resuscitate the victim, and emergency services took up the effort when they arrived, their efforts were all to no avail. The poor victim has not yet been named. Diario de AvisosREAD MORE