A 60-year-old man has been critically injured after falling onto some rocks at the beach at the Veronicas in Arona. The incident happened just after 2.30 last night, and after being brought to safety by bomberos, he was stabilized and transferred to Hospiten Sur with serious head injuries by an SUC advanced life-support ambulance. National Police are conducting enquiries. In a similar incident, another man also appears to have fallen onto rocks just an hour earlier, this time in Igueste de San Andrés, on the Santa Cruz coast to the north of the capital. The man is 30 years old and again has serious headREAD MORE

The body of a 62-year-old angler was pulled from the water near the lighthouse in Poris de Abona yesterday morning after emergency services received several calls about a body spotted in the sea. Ambulances and a rescue helicopter attended, as well as medical personnel from Arico health centre, but despite all attempts to resuscitate him, they could do no more than pronounce him dead at the scene.  This is far from an isolated incident where anglers have either died or got into difficulties on what can be a dangerous coastline around the island. Do be careful when fishing! LOREAD MORE

A 33-year-old woman was arrested off a flight from the mainland earlier today in the arrivals hall of Los Rodeos airport in North Tenerife. After her replies to police questions made them suspect that she was smuggling drugs, she was taken into custody where x-rays showed over a kilo of a white powdered substance distributed between 82 capsules hidden inside her body. The powder later tested positively as cocaine. She is now being processed by National Police and will appear in court shortly.  RTVCREAD MORE

Update 20 May: The Department of the Environment has followed up its permission from the High Court, and declared void the permit to build on public-maritime land. The Dept has ordered Costas in Tenerife to arrange for the hotel’s terraces to be demolished. DA Original Post 30 March: It looks as though the Hotel Médano is to lose at least its terrace after a High Court decision to allow the Dirección General de Costas to initiate proceedings to demolish the balcony and solarium built on pillars in 1960 to create the impression of a ship about to sail out to sea. The sentence does notREAD MORE

Update 19 May: Refunds will start to be made from Wednesday 19 May through CajaCanarias, with the ticket price automatically credited to the card originally used for the purchase. The bank says that it will be in communication with everyone who bought a ticket to inform them of the refund process, which will apparently require people to send an initial email to request the refund, perhaps as some sort of security measure. Ticket holders will have 15 days from receipt of the bank’s communication to send the email requesting the refund, which will then be made immediately. It appears, too, that ticket holders for theREAD MORE

More than 29% of the Canaries’ GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is composed of black money, effectively the equal of Greece, the worst country in Europe in this respect, with a black economy of 30%. There is one other region in Spain that is worse, it has to be said, with La Rioja at 31%. The figures, moreover, keep rising, and even in 2009 amounted to an incredible 11.6 billion Euros, 4 billion Euros more, for example, than the total annual budget of the Gobierno de Canarias. The increase is fuelled, it appears, by record unemployment, with both employees and employers keeping below the fiscal radarREAD MORE