There is frustratingly little detail on this story, but if you have been the victim of a timeshare scam, you could do worse than get your lawyer to check if this is related to your case. South Tenerife National Police have arrested seven individuals from a group dedicated to timeshare fraud. The operation began in February when investigations started into how 50 or so victims were defrauded of around €30,000 each after being contacted by a company claiming to have buyers interested in taking over their timeshare rights. Once the “administration, fiscal, and legal costs” for the so-called purchases were handed over, however, both supposedREAD MORE

Thanks to Winter rains which have continued late into the Spring in some areas, Tenerife’s 23 public reservoirs are 95% full. Just a couple of months ago, the authorities were saying that they were averaging an 86% capacity, and the picture has continued to improve since then. It is now clear that there will not be any water restrictions this coming summer, and that there will be sufficient to fight any forest fires that may break out. A far cry from the situation this time last year after a very dry Winter and Spring.   La OpinionREAD MORE

The property market in the Canaries is virtually paralyzed, with a 90.6% drop in the year-on-year figures compared to 2008. So says the National Statistics Office (Instituto Nacional de Estadística – INE), which reports a 109% drop in new property sales and a 70.1% fall in resale property transactions, calculated on a monthly basis. There are two silver linings to this heavy cloud hanging over the islands. First, the fall in the resale property market is clearly slowing down, particularly in the rural sector, and secondly, private sellers and even developers are more prepared than ever to negotiate and offer some real bargains to thoseREAD MORE

The Spanish Parliament has approved legislation today reforming traffic offences measures. Under the new law, the system of notifications will be simplified and streamlined, losses of points reduced, and prompt payment discounts increased to 50%. From now on, motoring offenders will only receive one notification in place of the current three, and in the case of legal entities, this will be sent by email only. The amounts of fines for non-speeding offences will be simplified: 100€ for minor infractions, 200€ for serious, and €500 for the most grave, though these can be increased by a further 30% in cases considered especially dangerous. Speeding fines willREAD MORE

North Tenerife is on Yellow Alert for strong winds. The Spanish Meteorological Office (Agencia Estatal de Meteorología – Aemet) says that gusts could reach 80 kilometres an hour above 2,000 metres, especially in the Vilaflor and La Orotava areas. The alert runs from 11am today until 6pm tomorrow, Friday 19 June.  Canarias24HorasREAD MORE

The former mayor of San Miguel Ayuntamiento, Arturo González, was arrested by the Guardia Civil this morning on charges of urbanistic corruption while in office. A further four arrests have been made in connection with the allegations, which relate to works and invoices carried out by the previous governing Coalición Canaria (CC) group. The detainees include the former auditor of the Ayuntamiento and one of the surveyors from the Technical Department. Further details are at present sub-judice, but the arrests follow on from Santa Cruz anti-corruption prosecutors sending police into San Miguel officials’ offices just under a fortnight ago to investigate claims of corruption againstREAD MORE