After an almost ten hour search, the Guardia Civil’s two German Shepherds, specialized in finding body traces, have found no evidence of anything amiss at the finca of the dead police officer. One of his daughters was present throughout the search, and she asked for respect for her father’s memory and a presumption of innocence in the absence of evidence. None the less, the dogs have now been taken to search another of the deceased’s properties in Arafo.  La Opinion Original Post 23 September: A 56-year-old national police officer, working as passport control in TFS, killed himself last Saturday after being denounced for sexual assaultREAD MORE

If you thought your bank charges were high for your account in Spain, you were right. Spain is the second most expensive European country for bank charges, with just Italy coming out as even dearer. The total costs associated with a current account, from opening, maintenance, operation, to overdraft, etc., range throughout the EU from €27 in Bulgaria to €253 in Italy. The average annual charge for accounts here is €178, according to the European Commission, which also criticized the lack of transparency and complexity of information provided by Spanish banks. Again Spain and Italy were the worst for making relevant details available and enablingREAD MORE

A young female British tourist was savagely sexually assaulted on Thursday night in the Verónicas/Starco area of Playa de las Américas. National Police are investigating the case, in which three individuals approached the young woman in a disco and managed to entice her outside where they brutally attacked her. She was taken to a local hospital for treatment for considerable sexually-related injuries and has subsequently given evidence to the police at the Las Américas Comisaria. At all times, she was accompanied by the two friends with whom she came on holiday. The nationality of her attackers is still unknown. I suppose it’s now worth makingREAD MORE

Two smugglers are under arrest after the Guardia Civil interrupted their attempt to introduce one and a half tons of hash into Tenerife. The bust was made around 2am on Bonito beach, between Porís de Abona and Las Eras in Arico, after a patrol boat noticed suspicious movement ashore, where a van was parked on the beach. Back-up was requested and patrols were dispatched from Playa de las Américas and Güímar. Inside the van was found a consignment of 47 bales, each containing 240 pieces weighing 125 grams, the total amounting to 1,410 kilograms. One of the pair arrested is 51-year-old T.L.J.A.F., a Belgian nationalREAD MORE

The Met Office, AEMet, has issued a yellow alert for the weekend in Tenerife, El Hierro and La Gomera for locally torrential rains and winds gusting very strongly to around 75 kph in Tenerife in particular, especially at altitude. The forecast is also for cloudy weather and light to moderate showers in the rest of the Canaries.  Canarias24HorasREAD MORE

A second cayuco has reached Tenerife in as many days. Yesterday a cayuco arrived after calling emergency services while 27 miles away from land (original post immediately below), and today another craft carrying 22 immigrants was spotted by a fishing vessel 37 miles to the south of Tenerife. Lifeboats were alerted, and the cayuco’s occupants were brought to Los Cristianos harbour around 10.30 last evening. Original Post 15 September: A cayuco found itself adrift 27 miles off south Tenerife and one of the 65 on board rang 112 for emergency assistance. A lifeboat was despatched and brought the craft and its occupants safely to shoreREAD MORE