Police sources say that the woman killed by her husband in Los Abrigos (original post immediately below), was strangled after being hit. The exact cause of death needs to be confirmed by the autopsy that was carried out yesterday, but police discounted the possibility that she was stabbed, as has been widely suggested over the last few days. It also now appears that the husband, who subsequently killed himself, was a naturalized American, and that the children are currently wards of the Canarian Government Children’s Dept, and in the care of their parents’ best friends. They have still not been informed of the details ofREAD MORE

A new garden centre, Garden IKA, has opened in Las Nieves, and has been visited by the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga. The new centre covers 5,700 square metres, and has thousands upon thousands of plants for sale at “interesting” prices. The garden centre, in Calle Jardín Botánico, is situated in the new urban park El Pulmón de Adeje, which is itself almost ready to open. It will offer Adeje residents a highly desirable urban garden space for a range of leisure and cultural activities. Grupo IKA, the business behind the whole enterprise, say that the park should be open in the veryREAD MORE

A cayuco carrying 77 immigrants, 13 of whom are thought to be minors, was spotted by the early warning system SIVE and intercepted by lifeboats ten miles south of Tenerife around 2.30 this afternoon. The craft was brought into Los Cristianos harbour, where Guardia Civil arrested one of the immigrants on suspicion of people trafficking. The rest were checked by Red Cross and Emergency Services, but all appear to be in good health.  Canarias24HorasREAD MORE

Golfers staying in Golf Las Américas hotels will be safer from today after National Police arrested two Spaniards, identified as 25-year-old BTC and 30-year-old BMP, for a series of robberies in three hotels surrounding the golfing resort. Police had been watching the area after several denuncias of thefts, and picked the pair up after witnessing them leaving a hotel with a bag which they had not been carrying when they entered only moments earlier. In the bag was found a range of electronic equipment, including mobile phones, MP3s, video game consoles, watches, and cameras. The two men have been charged with 19 other robberies involvingREAD MORE

It is hardly more than 24 hours since I posted THIS tale of two Britons arrested in Tenerife, one for criminal damage and the other for a brutal assault on his partner, and now another British holidaymaker has been arrested. This time, at 7pm this evening, it took three police to overpower the man inside a hotel in Playa de las Américas where he was behaving in a highly aggressive manner, attacking the receptionist and breaking several pieces of furniture. He has been identified as 33-year-old K.R.T., who unsurprisingly appears to have been drinking heavily. He is now in police custody awaiting an appearance inREAD MORE

Santa Cruz authorities are to levy heavy fines on five dog owners for allowing their pets, all classified as “potentially dangerous breeds”, to run free without muzzles or leads. The fines proposed under municipal regulations concerning protection and ownership of animals could reach €15,025.30 per owner, and will be so heavy because, in addition, the owners had failed to obtain the required licences and insurance. The Boletín Oficial de la Provincia (BOP) published the announcement yesterday after postal notification failed, and apart from the owners’ names, identified the animals as three pit bull terriers, a bull terrier, and an American Staffordshire terrier.  El DiaREAD MORE