Two holidaymakers, a Norwegian man of 61 and a Polish woman of 56, are in police custody after being arrested while in the Teide National Park. Having left the pathways to enter a roped off area, they refused to leave when confronted by Environmental Protection agents, and resisted arrest when the agents called in the support of the Guardia Civil. They have been charged with assault and resisting authority. It is important to remember that the Environmental Agency staff in the National Park have always had significant powers because the area is a National Park, but these powers have been augmented since Teide was designatedREAD MORE

The internationally recognized blue flag symbol of quality has been awarded to 11 Tenerife beaches. They are Leocadio Machado and La Tejita (El Médano), Las Vistas (Los Cristianos), Troya I-II (Playa de las Américas), Fañabe, El Socorro (Los Realejos), Playa Jardín and San Telmo (Puerto de la Cruz), Mesa del Mar (Tacoronte), and finally, the doyenne of them all, Playa la Arena, which has won the prestigious bandera azul for the 22nd consecutive year. The blue flag symbol is given for beaches which comply with extremely high sanitary and environmental requirements, and which provide toilet facilities, life guards, first aid, information and environmental education, securityREAD MORE

The Spanish equivalent to the British Conservative Party, the Partido Popular (PP), has won the majority of votes in the European elections held throughout Spain, including the Canaries. Unlike the UK, however, the equivalent to the Labour Party, the Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE), came a close second, winning 21 seats to the PP’s 23. In the Canaries, almost 8 out of every 10 votes cast was for one of these two parties. Indeed, with socialist parties performing badly everywhere in the elections, the PSOE in the Canaries was the best performing socialist party in Europe. The nationalist party, Coalición Canaria (CC), which is integratedREAD MORE

Warner Bros has just finished filming the remake of Clash of the Titans in Tenerife. Over the past three weeks there has been frantic activity in the National Park area as Gemma Arterton (playing Io) and Sam Worthington (Perseus) filmed their scenes against the magnificent backdrop of Teide itself, now a World Heritage Site. Filming also took place on the west and north coasts at Icod, Buenavista and Guía de Isora, and will be continued in London, west Wales, Ethiopia and Iceland. A full 20% of the finished film will have been shot in Tenerife, and it is expected to premier in March 2010. TenerifeREAD MORE

A 34-year-old British man is critically ill in a south Tenerife hospital after falling 5 metres from a walkway in the car park in Reina Sofia airport (TFS). The accident happened around 8pm on the evening of Friday, 22 May 2009. The Consulate is liaising with his family, who have flown to Tenerife to be by his side. El DiaREAD MORE

Spain will shortly have a Missing Child Hotline. The new “High Risk Early Alert” system will mean immediate co-ordination in police and publicity responses, a system that has been demonstrated to work in helping to locate missing or kidnapped children. The Hotline will work across national boundaries where it is thought that a child has been removed from Spain. The number will be the same as already applies in several European countries: 116000. El DiaREAD MORE