Arona Ayuntamiento’s Environment Department is to install dog waste bag dispenser bins throughout the municipality to try to persuade dog owners to clean up after their pets. The pilot project is expected to cost some 17,870 Euros, and in its first phase, will see dispenser bins placed in Los Cristianos, Cabo Blanco and Parque de La Reina, areas in which there has traditionally been a greater problem with dog mess in public spaces. Councillor Antonio Sosa said that if the trial is a success, the Ayuntamiento will extend it to other parts of Arona.  Canarias7READ MORE

Chaos rules in Tenerife’s airports with the air traffic controllers on unofficial strike. Delays of several hours have been recorded, and there is widespread concern in the press that this is the last thing Tenerife’s tourism needs right now, with some sources saying that tour operators are already making alternative arrangements for their holidaymakers. Today, Reina Sofia airport (TFS) is registering 19 delayed flights, with 3 in Los Rodeos (TFN), all of them international flights. Officially, delays are up to around 2 hours, to a maximum of 5, but some travellers are speaking of 16 hour delays. Of all the Canarian airports, only La Palma,READ MORE

The strike has been called off. It has been announced this afternoon that Granadilla Ayuntamiento has decided to pay the outstanding wages of the 79 affected employees itself. Carmen Nieves Gaspar, mayor of Granadilla, has already begun to make the payments via council cheques to the workers, who have now returned to work.  La Opinion Update 27 December: Granadilla bins are overflowing and rubbish is now piling up in the streets thanks to the strike which started on Boxing Day, and which shows no sign of resolution. The Ayuntamiento has said that for its part it has made all due payments to Clusa, which isREAD MORE

National Police from the Playa de las Américas Comisaría are seeking several British citizens who gave a Costa Adeje bar doorman such a brutal beating just a few days ago that he has been admitted to hospital. The establishment has not been named at the moment, but it is said to be an Irish bar, and a well-known nightlife landmark in Avenida de Los Pueblos in San Eugenio. This is where O’Reilly’s is, the bar that was in the news a couple of years ago for the death of a young Spanish holidaymaker at the hands of a doorman. It is not confirmed, however, ifREAD MORE

CajaCanarias is to merge with Caja Navarra (CAN), Caja de Burgos and Sa Nostra. The new group created by the merger will be called Banca Cívica. Each bank will retain its individual legal identity, brands and social activities, but the new corporate entity will become the sixth largest Spanish bank in terms of banking activity, and the fourth largest in terms of solvency, with funds of 3.8 billion Euros. The proposal has been submitted to the Bank of Spain, and a detailed plan of integration will be presented in the second half of January when the initial documents have been examined. Government confirmation should thenREAD MORE

The first phase of the new junction of the TF1 extension at Armeñime will open to traffic at 8am on Monday, 21 December. The opening of this part of the works will mean that traffic coming down the Guía de Isora road will no longer have to go around the roundabout to join the motorway. The road markings are already in place, and traffic wishing to join the TF1 will have a new slip road onto the motorway around 200 metres before the roundabout. Motorway traffic approaching Adeje from the Playa de las Américas direction will still have to use the roundabout for access toREAD MORE