A 65-year-old swimmer died in the sea at Mesa del Mar, in the Tacoronte municipality of Tenerife, around 6pm today. Several fellow swimmers telephoned 112 to call emergency services, but despite the man being pulled out of the water and the attendance of emergency medical teams who attempted resuscitation, nothing could be done to help him. He was pronounced dead at the scene from cardiac arrest. Earlier, around lunchtime, another swimmer, of 55 years of age, drowned in San Agustín, in the San Bartolomé de Tirajana municipality of Gran Canaria. Again, basic cardiopulmonary resuscutation was attempted, but nothing could be done to save the man’sREAD MORE

The Hacienda has estimated that the recent rise in taxes announced by the national Government will result in Canarians paying an extra €494 a year on average. As an autonomous region, the Canaries will be contributing an additional 206 million Euros to the state, but this will not mean as much to an individual Canarian taxpayer as the extra €10 or so a week by which s/he will be directly worse off in 2010. The recent abolition of the €400 tax deduction, moreover, is expected to affect 96.3% of Canarians earning between 9,000 and 60,000 per annum. The Hacienda calculates that the removal of thisREAD MORE

The Tourist Space Regeneration Committee has agreed to commission the drawing up of a project to install a network of cycle lanes to run through the entire Adeje-Arona tourist area. The network, which will utilise existing roads and incorporate a 1.5m dedicated bicycle lane, will run to 45 kms in total length, and will offer direct connection for cyclists between Los Cristianos and La Caleta. It is also projected that there will be a system of bicycle rental along the route, marketed particularly at tourists and visitors. The Vice President and Cabildo Tourism Councillor, José Manuel Bermúdez, said that “projects like this show a commitmentREAD MORE

An horrific incident on the TF1 resulted in the death of five hunting dogs at around 7.43am yesterday morning. The accident occurred on the northbound carriageway between TFS Reina Sofia and San Isidro when a Mini crashed into an ATV’s trailer containing the dogs. The Mini was set alight in the crash, and it seems that the animals burnt to death. A 70-year-old man received medical assistance at Hospiten Sur after being injured in the accident, but his condition is not serious. Firefighters attended the scene to extinguish the flames and clear the carriageway.  El DiaREAD MORE

Civil Protection sources have announced that Las Teresitas beach in Santa Cruz has been closed as a result of contaminated waters after tens of bathers complained of a stinging sensation and skin problems. Many required Red Cross attention on site. Santa Cruz Ayuntamiento says that the beach will be closed until tests taken have been analysed, and that the origin of the problem, and of some recently seen algae, is unknown. The Council has asked the public to stay away from the beach, but in the meantime, the area has been cordoned off.  Canarias24HorasREAD MORE

FURTHER UPDATE 2 October: National Police say that they have arrested the hit and run driver responsible for the death of one person and the critical injuring of another in El Botánico, Puerto de la Cruz, on Tuesday night.  Sources close to the investigation have confirmed that the arrested individual has a police record, and worked as a carpark guard in Puerto de la Cruz harbour. This was the place in which he was finally arrested, his face still clearly showing evidence of the lesions he had acquired during the accident. He has confessed to being the driver.  Diario de Avisos UPDATE 2 October: PoliceREAD MORE