Sadly, it has been announced that the German tourist who was critically injured has died from his injuries. The man was the most gravely injured of four tourists harmed when part of a palm tree fell on them in the pool area of the Tenerife Sol hotel in Calle Rafael Puig Lluvina in Playa de Las Américas, and he suffered a heart attack in addition. He had been transferred from Hospitén Sur to Candelaria Hospital due to the gravity of his condition, particularly his chest injuries, but ultimately, nothing could be done to save his life.  El Dia Original post 21 October: Four people wereREAD MORE

It has been known for some time that the Canaries have the highest unemployment of all Spain’s regions, but figures now released show that they also have the highest long-term unemployment in the country. It’s not a table that the Canaries will want to head, but almost 9% of Canarians fall into the group of long-term unemployed, defined as a period of at least one year without work, virtually double the national average of 5.3%. In real terms, this means that almost 100,000 of the islands’ inhabitants have not worked for more than 12 months. The figures were published yesterday, and come from a studyREAD MORE

Tenerife’s post offices have nearly half a million uncollected low-energy lightbulbs to give away free. In a measure announced at the start of 2009 by Spanish Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, all Spanish households were to be given a low-energy lightbulb to encourage the idea of energy saving. In the Canaries, however, the idea does not seem to have taken off, with 480,000 bulbs still to be collected, which represents a take-up rate of only 4%. The give-away period ends tomorrow, but is expected to be extended to allow people to get their free lightbulb. The bulbs can be collected from any Correos withREAD MORE

The Atalaya roundabout at the current Adeje end of the TF1 will be partially closed to traffic next week between 10pm to 6am from Monday until Thursday, 2-5 November. The closures are to allow the first of the beams of the new bridge over the roundabout to be put in place. The ramp leading up to the bridge is already clearly visible and will form the continuation of the first stage of the Adeje to Santiago del Teide part of the motorway extension. The beams for the second part of the bridge leading down from the motorway will be put in place in a coupleREAD MORE

Tenerife is the cheapest of the Canary islands for shopping, compared with La Gomera, which has come out the most expensive, according to data released by the Canarian Statistics Institute (Istac). The figures are based on September’s prices, which means a return to the top spot for Tenerife. In August, it came second behind Gran Canaria. Now the places are reversed, with La Palma coming in third place, followed by Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, El Hierro, and finally and most expensive as usual, La Gomera. Within the price ranges themselves, vegetables were the most expensive overall, followed by alcoholic drinks and tobacco. Not far behind were fishREAD MORE

The man has been identified as a 60-year-old German holidaymaker who was seen on some rocks near El Veril shortly before being swept away by a strong wave. The high tide all around the south of Tenerife yesterday resulted in stronger waves than seen in the last four years, and many people were attracted to the coast to watch the effects. It is not known whether this victim was one of such visitors, but it was one of the waves which swept him away. The alarm was raised by his wife, also German.   El Dia Original Post 27 October: The body of a 60-year-oldREAD MORE