Update 4 March: Santa Cruz Policía Local is charging the driver of the vehicle with careless driving and two counts of reckless homicide. The 24-year-old survivor has already been interviewed today and is expected to be processed in Court within hours. According to the driver, he lost control of the vehicle while swerving to avoid another car going in the same direction and collided with a tree. As a result of that impact, the car rolled over several times before coming to rest upside down on the other side of the carriageway. The male passenger died at the scene, while the young woman died whileREAD MORE

Canarian TV’s Sunday comedy programme Instinto Cómico ¡En Clave de Ja! (Comic Instinct in the key of HA!) is being filmed in Adeje on 4, 11 and 18 March. It’s a particular kind of humour, a mix between slapstick and parody, and it’s hugely popular, with viewing figures regularly over 145,000. The show’s website is HERE. Tickets for the recordings are now available in the Adeje Cultural Centre, at a cost of €5, and can be acquired between 9am and 10pm.  TinerGuíaREAD MORE

Update 1 March: Apart from the yellow alert, Aemet’s forecast for the entire week is not great. It seems there will be successive bad spells bringing showers throughout the week, and an “unpleasant” weekend. Aemet spokesman Ángel Rivera said that “the situation is not over yet”, with the coming week experiencing the follow through of the circulation of Atlantic winds, with their inevitable squalls and rain fronts. C7 Original post 28 February: Aemet has put Tenerife on alert again for strong winds. This time it is a Yellow Alert which will be in place for the Tenerife coastline from midnight Monday/Tuesday until 8am Wednesday. InREAD MORE

A 61-year-old man died today in Playa Jardín in Puerto de La Cruz. Emergency services were called around 4pm with reports that someone had been found floating in the water and had been dragged to the beach by other bathers. Medical teams could tragically do no more than confirm the death at the scene. National Police have taken charge of the investigation, which could suggest the poor man was a foreigner. El DiaREAD MORE

Update 1 March: The Guardia Civil has detained two members of the family of the young woman found dead in Güímar on suspicion of domestic abuse which resulted in her death. As a result both of the autopsy findings and the subsequent investigation, it appears that death was caused by multiple organ failure, which is said to be compatible with lesions found all over her body and indications of neglect. The couple arrested lived with the victim, and have been identified as M. A. R. R. and J. D. P. R., of 55 and 46 years of age respectively. The case has been declared subREAD MORE

A power failure caused a total blackout for Tenerife last night, the second in the last fortnight, and the third for the island in a year (fourth for the province in a year if one includes La Palma’s). According to Unelco-Endesa, the incident occurred at 1.19am and power was fully restored to the whole island at 6.30am. The power failure occured in the Candelaria substantion, in a part of 66,000 volts, which caused a knock-on disconnection at the Las Caletillas power station. This then caused a disconnection in the Granadilla “central”, and thus a blackout for the whole of Tenerife. Endesa is investigating the causesREAD MORE