The mayor of Santiago del Teide, Juan Damián Gorrín Ramos, currently embroiled in accusations of culpability for the Los Gigantes beach rockfall tragedy and adjudged to have a case to answer, has announced that he will not stand again in the next local elections in 2011. Mayor Gorrín stressed that his decision to step down was for “personal reasons”, having “served his time” for seven years at the head of both the Ayuntamiento and his party, the Coalición Canaria. He expressed himself “satisfied” with his group’s performance in the role, saying that he will be officially informing the party’s local committee of his “difficult andREAD MORE

The body of a 35-40-year-old man was found in the early hours of yesterday morning in the los Pocitos area of the Añaza coast near Santa Cruz. Police confirmed the discovery after receiving a call from a member of the public, and it seems they believe the man could have been dead since the early hours of Saturday. Tragically, the body was found at the bottom of a 7 metre drop, in a lane full of rubble and detritus carried along by the recent rains. At the top of the hill overlooking the scene, they found a note. It seems that it was a suicideREAD MORE

And it’s happened again, and in Playa de las Américas once more. This time it was on the Paseo de Las Américas near the Commercial Centres, at around 3.30 this afternoon. A male foreigner of 50 was taken to Hospiten Sur with serious multiple injuries. Clearly, with the high winds, any such falls are more likely. C24H Originally posted 16 December 2009: Only two months after a tourist died from being struck by a falling palm tree (as posted HERE), another two trees fell over the weekend in the same area of Playa de las Américas. Arona Policía Local has now commissioned an exhaustive reportREAD MORE

Update 12 February 2010: It transpires that the police were able to make such a rapid arrest because the two boys had a police record, and their fingerprints were already archived. It was a straightforward task for the fingerprints left at the scene of the crime to be identified as their own. They had previously been arrested for robberies both in houses and vehicles, though the 16-year-old Uruguayan had only one antecedent. The younger boy, however, is said to be a “troubled” individual, and the more dangerous of the pair. He has been detained on five previous occasions, and he had been due to appearREAD MORE

The Guardia Civil have confirmed that the body recently found floating in Santa Cruz harbour has been identified as 41-year-old C.J.M.M., who was apparently of no fixed abode, but who occasionally lived in a cave in the barranco de Santos. The poor man was identified by his fingerprints. C24H Original Post 9 February: A man’s body was found floating in the waters of the dock area of Santa Cruz harbour around midday yesterday. The body has apparently been in the water for some time, and is in an advanced state of decomposition. Forensic reports are still awaited, so there is no further information at theREAD MORE

A male foreigner suffered a cardiac arrest around 2.15pm this afternoon in Playa Montaña Amarilla in the Las Galletas area. At present, his age and other specifics are unknown. The emergency call was given in the first place by a fellow beach user, who reported that someone had collapsed and did not appear to be responding to attempts to bring him round. Helicopter rescue was arranged because of the difficult access to the area. When it arrived, the man was found to be in cardiac arrest, but attempts to resuscitate him both during the air transfer to Costa del Silencio and afterwards by ambulance personnelREAD MORE