Arona Policía Local arrested a 35-year-old British tourist, initials RMJ, at around 4am this morning after he had brutally beaten up his girlfriend. The attack happened in a disco in the Starco Centre in Playa de las Américas, and Police were called after he fled, leaving doormen to assist his partner. She was transferred to a Las Américas hospital to receive attention for her multiple injuries, and he was arrested shortly afterwards in an apartment in the Parque Santiago complexes where the couple had been staying on holiday. This follows the arrest of another 35-year-old Briton, initials EM, last Wednesday, after five cars were damagedREAD MORE

The Guardia Civil has broken up a large drugs ring operating in south Tenerife with the arrest of at least 30 individuals of various nationalities, including Canarians. Chief among those detained was a Guardia Civil officer based in TFS Reina Sofia. Investigations have been ongoing in this operation for several month under the jurisdiction of the courts at Güímar and the case was finally wrapped up yesterday, though police say the case has been virtually complete for some time. Some arrests have been made over the past few months, but yesterday the Guardia Civil officer was arrested at work. It seems that he had beenREAD MORE

Two El Médano youths are under arrest after a brutal beating of a 30-year-old British man in the Veronicas area of Playa de las Américas in the early hours of Sunday morning. National Police heard how the pair continued beating and kicking their victim even when he was flat out on the floor. He was taken to a local medical centre by emergency ambulance after his condition was stabilized at the scene, and remains in hospital with a several injuries, the most serious of which is to his head.  El DiaREAD MORE

National Police are seeking an Eastern European man who carried out an armed attack on the Sunwing Resort Apartments in Fañabe last week. Police think that the weapon might have been a fake, but the reception staff on the receiving end of it were sufficiently intimidated to feel unable to tackle the gunman, who made off with €6,000 in cash.  El DiaREAD MORE

A cayuco with an estimated 68 immigrants on board arrived at Los Abrigos shortly before 6.30 this morning. Residents of the area alerted the Guardia Civil, but 10 or so of the craft’s occupants fled before the authorities arrived at the scene. A group was later found, but police are still searching in case any have evaded capture. All on board seem to have been adult males, with around 10 requiring medical assistance. Sources indicate that they left Gambia some ten days ago.  Canarias24HorasREAD MORE

More than 18,000 Canarian schoolchildren will shortly have their own laptop as part of a national Government project to digitalize Canarian classrooms. The provision of a personal computer to all 9-10 year olds in the fifth year of primary school is the star measure of the project which is on the verge of final regional agreement. It is expected to be in full swing by March 2010. Computers will be specially adapted for the children’s use, having educational software installed, and filters to prevent access to internet content inappropriate for minors. There are still some minor details to be thrashed out, such as whether childrenREAD MORE