A cayuco with an estimated 68 immigrants on board arrived at Los Abrigos shortly before 6.30 this morning. Residents of the area alerted the Guardia Civil, but 10 or so of the craft’s occupants fled before the authorities arrived at the scene. A group was later found, but police are still searching in case any have evaded capture. All on board seem to have been adult males, with around 10 requiring medical assistance. Sources indicate that they left Gambia some ten days ago.  Canarias24HorasREAD MORE

More than 18,000 Canarian schoolchildren will shortly have their own laptop as part of a national Government project to digitalize Canarian classrooms. The provision of a personal computer to all 9-10 year olds in the fifth year of primary school is the star measure of the project which is on the verge of final regional agreement. It is expected to be in full swing by March 2010. Computers will be specially adapted for the children’s use, having educational software installed, and filters to prevent access to internet content inappropriate for minors. There are still some minor details to be thrashed out, such as whether childrenREAD MORE

The General Workers Union (Unión General de Trabajadores: UGT) has entered discussions with banks to close on Saturday mornings. The move will affect 4,000 bank workers in 1,200 branches in the Canaries. Barclays, Deutsche and Bankinter already close on Saturdays, and it looks as though others are about to follow suit. The Union’s argument is that savings and efficiency drives are necessary for the banks, and that workers need some recompense for the longer hours they have found themselves forced to work. The move to end Saturday morning opening would save the banks 85 million Euros a year, and give staff full weekends off, andREAD MORE

Dairy product firm Danone has released the heartwarming story of a Granadilla man, Fernando Moreno, who is to use his €5,000 winnings from the company’s prize draw to send his 9-year-old daughter to Madrid for an operation. The little girl suffers from the very rare Guillain-Barré syndrome, a serious but curable auto-immune condition considered to be one of the leading causes of non-trauma-based paralysis. The child was diagnosed with the illness at 3 years of age, and has progressively become weaker with paralysis in her legs. The family will leave for Madrid around the end of this year, and Sr Moreno said that the moneyREAD MORE

The Spanish tax office, the Agencia Tributaria (AEAT), has warned of an email fraud which advises tax payers of a non-existent refund. AEAT said that the email came from impuestos@aeat.es, and therefore looked official, and sent recipients to a website where they were required to input personal bank details. AEAT confirmed that access to the server which sent the email had been closed, but advised that it never requested confidential information, account numbers, nor card details via email.  La OpinionREAD MORE

They’re calling it the Canarian Madoff, after a financial advisor was arrested for a fraud involving €3,000,000 of investment monies. According to a denuncia made by Bankinter, Liberto M. R. offered fictitious financial packages to over 40 victims through his business Tax Finanzas y Mercados SL. Sums taken fraudulently range from €50,000 to €300,000, with one exceptional supposed investment of €600,000, all based on promises of 11% profit returns on a portfolio managed by Bankinter. At present, frauds have only been detected in Gran Canaria, but this firm has five offices throughout the Canaries, so further revelations might well follow.  La OpinionREAD MORE