The Met Office (AEMET) has increased the Yellow Alert for heatwave to Orange Alert. The Orange level had previously been applied only to Gran Canaria, but will now apply to Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Palma, and La Gomera as well. Temperatures are expected to reach 39º in Gran Canaria, 38º in Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, and La Palma, and 37º in La Gomera, with mid-altitude most affected, as currently, though as I’ve posted previously, we have exceeded that in Vera de Erques even under the previous Yellow Alert and it is currently 42º. Also as posted previously, the Fire Alert Plan remains in force with allREAD MORE

A cayuco with 68 immigrants on board arrived around 4am this morning at Los Cristianos, being towed to port by lifeboats and escorted by Guardia Civil. The craft was detected by the early warning system Sive, Sistema Integral de Vigilancia Exterior, around 3am near Las Galletas. Among the occupants seem to have been several minors (different reports say between 7 and 16), though this will need to be verified by bone tests to determine their real age. All appeared to be in good health except for one who was transferred to the El Mojón hospital with symptoms of hypothermia.  Canarias24HorasREAD MORE

The Met Office (AEMET) has extended the Yellow Alert for heatwave throughout Tenerife and the other Canaries. Temperatures are expected to remain over 30º on the coast, reaching high 30s at mid-altitude and altitude. In Gran Canaria, particularly, temperatures generally are expected to reach 37º today and 38º tomorrow, resulting in that island’s alert being raised to Orange. In mid-altitude on the West coast temperatures have not gone below 32º for the last several days, and reached 40.6º yesterday: it is currently 40.5º in the shade in Vera de Erques. The present Yellow Alert is said to be in place from midday today until 7pmREAD MORE

The Canarian Government has activated its Alert Plan throughout the archipelago as a result of the current very high temperatures and the high risk of forest fire which they represent. The yellow alert for heatwave and gusts to 61 km per hour had already been extended to Sunday, as posted below 23 July, but the Alert Plan means that all activities are now prohibited in mountain areas for the weekend. There will therefore be no access to the recreational areas in the forestal zone, no walking in forest track areas, no camping, nor hunting. Fires had already been banned as of 21 July, posted HERE.READ MORE

Arona Ayuntamiento has introduced a ban on residents of the municipality putting their rubbish out before 8pm. Residents who attended a recent meeting held in Cabo Blanco by the Council to announce the measures said that they held the local authorities alone to blame for the state of the area, and that the responsibility for Arona’s dirtiness was being transferred to the borough’s citizens. Those at the meeting were indignant that there will now be a fine for anyone caught failing to comply with the Ayuntamiento’s new regulations, and angry about what they perceive to be the Council’s manipulation in including pictures of piles ofREAD MORE

23 July: AEMET has this morning extended the alert, which will now be active over the whole weekend.  El Dia The Met Office (AEMET) has issued another yellow alert for high temperatures, this time with high winds, literally hot on the heels of the last one, and the second within a week. It is the high winds that are particularly dangerous in terms of fire risk, though it is thought that Tenerife will be less affected than Gran Canaria in this respect. The alert will last from midday on Friday until 7pm the same day, and will affect mid-altitude especially.  AEMET, Canarias7READ MORE