Temperatures in the Canaries will start to fall from tomorrow (Saturday), though the heat will continue, according to the director of the Meteorological Centre in Santa Cruz, Víctor Quintero. Sr Quintero said that today will be even hotter than the last few days, but that after that, there will be a slow and almost imperceptible daily reduction of temperature over the next few weeks, rather than a sudden drop back to normality, and it is likely that there will continue to be areas placed on Orange Alert. It seems that the cause of this heatwave is an area of high pressure in the Azores, veryREAD MORE

Thanks to the airport taxes discount recently agreed by the Canarian President, Paulino Rivero, and Spanish PM Zapatero, Ryanair has announced that it is to double its flights to Tenerife from 8 to 16. It will also offer 16 new routes to Gran Canaria and 15 to Lanzarote. The increase in flights is expected to generate two million new passengers, 2,000 new jobs, and a touristic income of around 336 million Euros, according to the company press release. Michael Cawley, Vice President of Ryanair, said that the continuation of these routes beyond 31 March 2010 will depend on the extension of the airport tax discounts.READ MORE

News programmes were interrupted around 10pm last night to advise that a forest fire had broken out in the Anaga Mountains just above San Andres. I’ll post updates as and when they’re available, but as of now, just after midnight, fire crews are battling the blaze. UPDATE midday: The fire has been under control since 9am after a sleepless night for many firemen and helicopter teams, and work is now continuing to extinguish it completely.  Canarias24Horas.  Thanks to Alex too for the comment confirming this.READ MORE

A horrendous situation unfolded this week when 65 dogs under the care of Phil Nelson and his charity Dingo Dogs were evicted from a plot of land near Guia de Isora. A court order was obtained by the owner of the land, and the Judge then instructed the Ayuntamiento of Guia de Isora to remove the dogs. By law, animals must be transported safely and kept in an clean area, with fresh water, food and access to medicines if needed. These dogs however were taken to a small place intended for goats, some 10 x 12 metres, with little shade, and no water or food.READ MORE

The Met Office (AEMET) has increased the Yellow Alert for heatwave to Orange Alert. The Orange level had previously been applied only to Gran Canaria, but will now apply to Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Palma, and La Gomera as well. Temperatures are expected to reach 39º in Gran Canaria, 38º in Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, and La Palma, and 37º in La Gomera, with mid-altitude most affected, as currently, though as I’ve posted previously, we have exceeded that in Vera de Erques even under the previous Yellow Alert and it is currently 42º. Also as posted previously, the Fire Alert Plan remains in force with allREAD MORE

A cayuco with 68 immigrants on board arrived around 4am this morning at Los Cristianos, being towed to port by lifeboats and escorted by Guardia Civil. The craft was detected by the early warning system Sive, Sistema Integral de Vigilancia Exterior, around 3am near Las Galletas. Among the occupants seem to have been several minors (different reports say between 7 and 16), though this will need to be verified by bone tests to determine their real age. All appeared to be in good health except for one who was transferred to the El Mojón hospital with symptoms of hypothermia.  Canarias24HorasREAD MORE