Update: After making firm assurances at the time that a tape was in place cordoning off the area at risk on the beach, Mayor Gorrín has now given evidence to the Guardia Civil inquiry, and says that he doesn’t know whether there was such a barrier or not, and that his assurances were based on finding out after the disaster on the day from the lifeguard on duty. The mayor also suggested that his hands had been tied in respect of closing the beach prior to the tragedy since municipal technicians had not recommended such a course of action.  El Dia Other whispers coming outREAD MORE

A shortage of lorries has meant that several areas of Arona have not had rubbish collected since last night, and it is unclear when the situation will improve since only five of the thirteen lorries available are working. The areas affected are parts of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Américas, Valle San Lorenzo, Parque la Reina, and Arona town centre. Refuse collectors say they have been telling Arona Ayuntamiento about the parlous condition of the vehicles since the beginning of last year, but that no notice was taken of the complaints. The operators say they will carry out the repairs themselves, if only theyREAD MORE

Three health services unions, Cemsatse, CCOO and UGT, have called a strike for Friday, 18 December, in protest at the reduction in Sanidad’s 2010 budget. The unions claim that thousands of workers will be affected by the cuts. Together, the three organizations represent around 75% of health sector workers, and the strike is likely to affect all health centres and hospitals in the Canaries. The unions see this as the first of a series of measures of increasing pressure, aimed at getting the Government to withdraw what it claims are the most harmful aspects of the proposed budget for 2010.  Canarias24HorasREAD MORE

Under Spain’s new traffic law, published in the Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE), seven traffic offences will no longer incur points on driving licences, though they can still incur fines. The new rules will apply from today, and the seven are: Driving on motorways or dual carriageways with prohibited vehicles Driving with over 50% more occupants for which the vehicle is equipped Parking or stopping on bends, hills, tunnels, junctions or any other dangerous places Parking or stopping in a bus lane Driving without lights when they are required Riding motorbikes or mopeds with under 12 year olds as passengers Reckless driving causing danger toREAD MORE

In the second sea fatality in south Tenerife this weekend, a 62-year-old man described as a foreigner died around 5pm this afternoon at Playa del Bobo, the beach next to La Pinta beach in Torviscas. He is suspected to have drowned. Other bathers managed to get the man out of the water, and Protección Civil staff attempted to resuscitate him, but the emergency services and Policía Local who attended were unable to do any more than confirm his death at the scene. The National Police are investigating the tragic incident. Canarias7 Only on Saturday I posted HERE about a body found in the sea atREAD MORE

The Met Office, AEMet, has put Tenerife on Yellow Alert for strong waves on the north coast. Waves of up 4 metres are expected. The alert also applies to the whole of La Palma, and the north coasts of all the other Canary Islands, and will be active from 6pm today until midnight on Tuesday. This might be a good chance to see some spectacular waves if anyone is in the north, or wondering what to do with themselves over the next few days … but do be careful.  Canarias24HorasREAD MORE