The origins of the population of the Canaries have at last been confirmed. Thanks to a genetic study carried out in the University of La Laguna by Spanish and Portuguese scientists, the original Guanche inhabitants of the islands are now demonstrated to have been Berber, a North African people originally from anywhere west of the Nile valley, but nowadays primarily from Algeria and Morocco. Perhaps one of today’s most famous Berbers is (French) Algerian international football star Zinedine Zidane. One further detail of interest has arisen from the research, namely that the European genetic line in the current Canarian population has come predominantly through theREAD MORE

A 59-year-old woman’s life was saved on Sunday evening after suffering a heart attack in a Los Cristianos street. She was taken ill at around 9.15, and the emergency services which attended deterined that she was in cardiac arrest. After carrying out resuscitation, the medics took her to Hospitén Sur where she is currently under medical supervision.  El DiaREAD MORE

The San Juan de Dios Hospital in Santa Cruz inaugurated yesterday the Canaries’ first Psycho-educational Centre for adults between 17 and 64 with intellectual handicaps, and behavioural and mental disorders. The Centre aims to improve the quality of life both of the sufferers and their familes. The new centre is large, of around 3,000 square metres over three floors, and with around 40 beds for residential patients. Its opening, at lunchtime, was attended by the President of the Canarian Government Paulino Rivero, and the Tenerife Cabildo President Ricardo Melchior, among other notables. Sr Rivero said that if things were simply valued by their budget orREAD MORE

Spanish mobiles have always begun with the number 6, but the numbers are now virtually used up, with only 25% of the 100 million numbers left to be allocated. A new allocation of 80 million mobile phone lines has therefore been announced by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, all of which will begin with a 7. Not the least consideration in the new range is the increasing use of mobile internet devices, increasing the requirement for lines exponentially. Of the 6xx numbers currently in use, Movistar has 29%, Vodafone 20.6%, Orange 19%, Yoigo 2%, and 2% with Virtual Mobile Operators at 2%.  ElREAD MORE

After two days stuck on a narrow ledge in a gorge in Mount Talavera, Los Silos, a 64-year-old man is home safe and sound tonight after being rescued by Guardia Civil Mountain Rescue. The man, who has been identified as C.C.V., tried but failed to regain safe ground, and ended up having to keep himself pinned to the wall of the barranco to stop himself falling into the abyss. Given his state of fatigue, the hiker had to be secured with security ropes to be lifted by helicopter, before being taken to Los Silos health centre. There, he was diagnosed with tachycardia, only to beREAD MORE

Bodega Cumbres de Abona in Arico carried out its second pressing of 2009 yesterday with a view to starting commercial production of olive oil next year. The oil is being called “Arico Pure Gold”, and for good reason! It has been analyzed by a specialist centre in Seville as “exceptional”, and equivalent to the very best that comes out of Andalucia. The bodega’s olive oil project began in 2005, and in 2009 so far the co-operative has collected some 3 tons of olives, and that figure is expected to reach 5 tons by year end. I actually don’t know whether other bodegas or co-operatives produceREAD MORE