National Police from Playa de las Américas have broken up what they call a national-level network engaged in the distribution of illegal pay-TV supply. This has been a national operation, but as far as south Tenerife is concerned, police say that they have dismantled an entire network supplying 3,000 users with various foreign pay-TV channels, charging a high monthly rental. In the operation, various hotel directors and residential community presidents have been arrested. The TV signal supply was organized through a network of cables arranged through individual terraces and facades of dwellings. Police say that the illegal supply was a very profitable business, which reliedREAD MORE

The Canarian Government’s Minister of Justice and Security, José Miguel Ruano, has announced that the La Palma fire, which has been raging since Friday evening, is now under control. With this announcement, the fire has been reclassified as Category 1, and the La Palma Cabildo resumes authority in the end game of extinguishing the flames, though this is itself no minor task and could take a full week. National level fire brigades will now be withdrawn, leaving the task in the capable hands of firefighters assigned to the Plan Forestal de Canarias, though for the moment these will be supported by air teams from otherREAD MORE

With temperatures falling and AEMet lifting the Yellow Heatwave Alert, the Tenerife Cabildo has lifted the ban on mountain activities. The taped-off recreational areas in the Forest Corona, Anaga and Teno will be re-opened, and farmers will once again be able to light agricultural fires provided they have Environmental Department authorization. Camping, hunting and walking will also be permitted again, as will fireworks, though some might consider this a step too far given the recent tragic events in La Palma. Despite the lifting of the Alert Plan, however, the Cabildo implored the public to take extreme precautions at all times in forest areas, and toREAD MORE

The western front of the La Palma fire is under control and stable, and work continues now to begin to extinguish it, but firefighters have been unable to stop the advance of the flames in the high area of Mazo. During the night, the La Palma Cabildo announced sadly that it had not been possible to prevent the fire rising from the Tigalate area towards Tiguerorte, where firefighting efforts are now being concentrated. The Cabildo said, however, that temperatures in La Palma were considerably reduced and more importantly that clouds and rain were beginning to assist efforts to control and extinguish the blaze. Above isREAD MORE

AEMet has finally lifted the yellow alert for heatwave throughout the Canaries. Temperatures in the last week have soared, regularly rising into the 40ºs. The arrival of cool air from the north has brought a notable lowering of temperatures, particularly at mid-altitude which was hit hardest by the heat.  Canarias24HorasREAD MORE

Another night’s firefighting is in store for the forces tackling the inferno in La Palma, but at last they are able to say they have it contained. Official sources are stressing that they cannot begin to talk of having the fire under control, but they have at least got it circled and hope, with continued improvements in the weather, that they might be able to announce tomorrow that they have it under control.  El DiaREAD MORE