UPDATE 9 October: The beach has been reopened now that the Public Health authorities have confirmed the absence of any patches of contamination. Future closures are still considered possible, however, if further appearances occur. Analytical tests are still being carried out on samples of the previous pollution, though it appears as if the problem could be microalgae which produce toxins at 26º or more capable of causing skin reactions. Professor of Plant Biology at ULL, Julio Afonso-Carrillo, indicated that in some tropical regions there are algae invisible to the naked eye but which cause skin and eye irritation. These have never been seen in theREAD MORE

CajaCanarias and Caja Navarra (CAN) have agreed a “model of integration” in the first consolidation that approaches a merger in the Canaries. Both banks appear to be intent on keeping their distinctive identities but will configure an economic group to integrate business and share risk policies. The agreement was signed by the Presidente of CajaCanarias, Álvaro Arvelo, and the General Director of Caja Navarra, Enrique Goñi. The combined new bank group will be the 9th largest savings bank in Spain in terms of total activity volume and the 6th in terms of consolidated attributes.  Diario de AvisosREAD MORE

The TF134 San Andres to Taganana road is out of action after an almighty rockfall yesterday morning in which several vehicles escaped by the skin of their teeth. The whole Taganana, Almáciga and Benijo area was completely cut off yesterday for nearly 10 hours, and even now the road is still being cleared. Authorities say it will be several days before access is returned to normal. The Anaga area is a very popular as a tourist route, and visitors are requested to steer clear of the area over the next few days.  El DiaREAD MORE

Details are rather confused at present, but a little boy of 7 is in Candelaria hospital with multiple serious injuries after being knocked down around 4.30 yesterday afternoon in C/. de Los Muros in Charco del Pino, Granadilla. A 30-year-old woman is also in Hospiten Sur after she too was injured, though less seriously, in the accident in which a parked car was set in motion when its sole occupant, a child, somehow released the handbrake. Granadilla Policía Local are investigating the incident.  Canarias24HorasREAD MORE

A 65-year-old swimmer died in the sea at Mesa del Mar, in the Tacoronte municipality of Tenerife, around 6pm today. Several fellow swimmers telephoned 112 to call emergency services, but despite the man being pulled out of the water and the attendance of emergency medical teams who attempted resuscitation, nothing could be done to help him. He was pronounced dead at the scene from cardiac arrest. Earlier, around lunchtime, another swimmer, of 55 years of age, drowned in San Agustín, in the San Bartolomé de Tirajana municipality of Gran Canaria. Again, basic cardiopulmonary resuscutation was attempted, but nothing could be done to save the man’sREAD MORE

The Hacienda has estimated that the recent rise in taxes announced by the national Government will result in Canarians paying an extra €494 a year on average. As an autonomous region, the Canaries will be contributing an additional 206 million Euros to the state, but this will not mean as much to an individual Canarian taxpayer as the extra €10 or so a week by which s/he will be directly worse off in 2010. The recent abolition of the €400 tax deduction, moreover, is expected to affect 96.3% of Canarians earning between 9,000 and 60,000 per annum. The Hacienda calculates that the removal of thisREAD MORE