In a joint operation that reads like something from a 1930s ganster movie, Police from the Santa Cruz Drugs and Organized Crime Unit (Udyco), together with officers from the Drugs Group from the southern Comisaría, have arrested ten members of cocaine dealership networks based in Cabo Blanco in Arona. The operation, of which details have now been announced, caught members of two such rival groups red-handed on 28 September. The investigation began at the end of April after police identified that violent robberies were being committed with drug dealers disguised as Police officers obtaining the drugs from other dealers in order to peddle them themselvesREAD MORE

A man has died after an explosion in the early hours of this morning in his house in the El Puertito area of Güimar. Emergency Services say that their Control Centre received around 50 calls at 6am reporting a loud explosion followed by a large fire in the property, in C/. Olof Palme. Bomberos attended immediately and managed to get the fire under control and ventilate the property, but were unable to save the poor soul inside. Police are working to identify him, and to establish the cause of the explosion.  El DiaREAD MORE

The long-lasting lack of clarity over the frontline Le Privilege pool complex in Callao Salvaje looks to be coming to an end, with the Canarian Government’s Environment & Territorial Organization Dept publishing an announcement that could well lead to its regularization. The Governmental Boletín Oficial de Canarias (BOC) indicates that a public information and consultation process is about to begin concerning the granting of public maritime territory to the project, as well as its permission to drain the salt water pool directly into the sea. The proposal will be available to the public for a period of 20 working days from Monday between 9am andREAD MORE

The Monkey Bar & Grill of Playa de las Américas and the Monkey Beach Club in Costa Adeje are celebrating victory in the Anzuelo de Oro (Golden Hook, or Bait) competition held in Madrid’s Hotel and Tourism College. Chef Iñigo Almenara won the shellfish section with a dish entitled “Sashimi templado de langosta con gelatina de guisantes, arroz con jengibre” (lobster sashimi with pea jelly and ginger rice – a type of warm sushi dish as far as I can tell). Managers Carlos y Javier Cabrera declared themselves well satisfied with the result, which they said was only possible because of a conscious policy ofREAD MORE

National Police arrested a young man in Santa Cruz around lunchtime yesterday for trying to throw his girlfriend off the Serrador bridge in the centre of the city whilst in the throes of an argument. Thankfully, a passer-by intervened and managed to stop him even as he was dragging the girl towards the edge. She managed to flee while another two passers-by called nearby patrol police. Police sources have confirmed that the girl was shaken, but not injured. Her boyfriend and aggressor was arrested at the scene and taken to the National Police Comisaría de Tres de Mayo, where proceedings have been instituted against him.  READ MORE

ATAN, the Tenerife Friends of Nature organization, has announced that the Dept of Costas is to take disciplinary action against the Abama Hotel for arbitrarily deciding to close the beach to the public while a private wedding party was being held. The wedding took place in July, and several people have complained that they were refused access to the beach, which they say is public property, and whose use must be guaranteed for all citizens. The Dept of Costas has clearly agreed with them. It won’t have helped that it was the Dept which had to turn up to re-open the beach, nor that theREAD MORE