The Health Department, Sanidad, has lifted the warning that was put in place recently (2 May post, immediately below) for fluoride in the drinking water in Guía de Isora town centre, as well as Aripe and Alcalá. The fluoride level is now again under the permitted maximum. Diario de Avisos Original Post 2 May: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento has issued a drinking water warning for children under 8 not to drink the tap water in Guía casco (town centre), Aripe, and Alcalá because of an excess of fluoride detected in the water supplies. The Guía de Isora mayor, Pedro Martín Domínguez, stressed that there wasREAD MORE

BBVA has lost an appeal against a court judgement which found the bank guilty of defaming the character of a Tenerife resident who found a sum of money had been deducted from her card without her knowledge. Upon refusing to pay for the transaction, a bill for a trip to France, the Bank gave her personal details to a debtors register. The initial court judgement was that BBVA’s action had injured her dignity, defamed her character, and attacked her self-esteem. BBVA appealed, of course, but now the Appeal Court has agreed with that earlier judgement. As such, this is now a legal standard for everyone:READ MORE

The Canarian Government has voted to change the text of the laws relating to the demolition of coastal properties. The vote was carried thanks to a Coalición Canaria (Nationalists) and Partido Popular (Conservatives) majority, with the PSOE (Socialists) voting against because they believe it will cause problems with the national Government. None the less, for the moment, the law will be changed to reclassify some coastal properties in danger of demolition from the category of rural, to urban. To qualify, properties will need to demonstrate an ethnographic, architectural or picturesque value, and be located in the coastal areas covered by the Dept of Costas, whoseREAD MORE

Loro Parque has announced the birth of three King Penguins, one of which is the daughter of Geisha, rescued in 2003 from a Japanese fishing vessel’s nets. She was at first taken to the Recuperation Centre in Gran canaria before finding a home at Loro Parque. Geisha’s chick is her first after two previous attempts where eggs were infertile, so the Parque is delighted about this success. The King Penguin is the second largest in the world, exceeded only by the Emperor Penguin, and can reach 1m in height, and weigh between 9 and 15 kilos. Canarias7READ MORE

Fred Olsen Express has presented a new system of tariffs comprising five options with different prices, services and conditions. They’re called Gold Class, Basic, Reduced, Mini, and Supermini. The Supermini offers discounts of up to 60%. It seems that the more flexible one can be, the more notice one can give of travel, and the more restrictive conditions one is prepared to accept, the greater the discounts available. The example given in C24H is of a 60% discount for a ticket bought a month in advance with no possibility of changes. This would mean that the Gran Canaria-Tenerife fare of €140,60 for a resident withREAD MORE

Central government is investing 67 million Euros in Tenerife between now and the expected recovery in 2013 to prepare the island for what it hopes to be a resurgence of tourism. The areas to benefit are the municipalities of Adeje, Santiago del Teide, Arona and Puerto de La Cruz. The monies will go towards renovations and new works, and will focus on beaches, walkways, gardens, motorway junctions to main tourist areas, and public areas in those locations. Adeje will get half of the money, 30.5 million Euros, because it is the municipality with the greatest number of tourist beds, being 46,283 compared to 40,324 inREAD MORE