North Tenerife’s hoteliers are in despair at the region’s worst touristic performance in recent years. July’s figures are devastating, with occupancy at 53.63%, a drop of 9.62% from July 2008. Ashotel’s north Tenerife Vice President, Juan Antonio Rosado, raised the alarm, expressing a worry that has now become the norm in the hotel sector. “The situation is not good, and we are extremely concerned with the tendency seen in July in places like Puerto de la Cruz”, said Sr Rosado. It is precisely this premier resort in the Canaries where the worst occupancy figures are being seen. Apartment occupation is also down 16.61%, which suggestsREAD MORE

A 77-year-old man has been pulled unconscious from the water after drowning at Los Cristianos beach. Emergency services were called out just after midday, and the Red Cross tried to resuscitate him there and then on the sand. Only when ambulance teams arrived, however, was it established that he was in cardiac arrest, and their advanced resuscitation processes were able to bring him around. He has been transferred to Hospitén Sur in critical condition.  Canarias7 The tragedy comes hot on the heels of two others at El Camisón beach over the weekend as posted HERE. On Saturday, a 26-year-old man nearly drowned and was foundREAD MORE

The San Miguel rubbish strike originally called for last Monday has been postponed until Friday. Amarilla Golf and Golf del Sur are expected to be particularly affected. Originally posted 15 August: A strike by refuse collectors in the San Miguel municipality has been called for Monday. Around 20,000 householders are thought likely to be affected. The strike comes after failure between management and workers to reach agreement, though the initial grievance of late wage payments has now been replaced by complaints over bonuses. The management company is Clusa, the same company involved in previous disputes in Arona. At the height of the tourist season, withREAD MORE

A little boy of 11 has become the third victim of AH1N1 flu in the Canaries. As with the previous two deaths in the islands, this one occurred in Gran Canaria, and again, there was an underlying chronic condition. This latest victim, who died in the Hospital Materno Infantil de Gran Canaria, brings to 12 the number of flu fatalities in Spain, a number which now sadly counts the first child victim. The Canarian Health Minister, Mercedes Roldós, made a press statement on this latest tragedy at 11am this morning. The Minister confirmed that the child had a serious underlying chronic condition, but that detailsREAD MORE

A 50-year-old woman died earlier today after suffering a cardiac arrest at El Camisón beach. Emergency services were alerted, but despite concerted efforts at resuscitation by ambulance staff, a doctor and a nurse, all attempts to revive her failed and she was pronounced dead at the scene. The tragedy is the second within 2 days at the Arona beauty spot. A man is still critically ill in hospital after nearly drowning there on Saturday evening, as posted yesterday (post immediately below).  Canarias24Horas Originally posted 16 August: A 26-year-old man is in a critical condition in Hospitén Sur today after nearly drowning in the sea offREAD MORE

Aqualand has announced with great delight the birth of a male baby dolphin on 12 August. His mother, Yemaya, was herself born in the water park 12 years ago, and the new infant, who is in good health, is her second baby. He is expected to participate in exhibitions when he is three or four years old. The baby dolphin weighed 15 kilos and measured 1.5 metres at birth, and is apparently very energetic, having started making dolphin calls within just 3 hours of being born. He is feeding well and regularly, and swims tirelessly alongside Yemaya. Yemaya’s first baby was born in the parkREAD MORE