Works to start on final stretch of ring road motorway in second half of November

Updated 1 October: Works on the final stage of the motorway ring road will start in the second half of next month, the Canarian Government’s Minister for Public Works, Sebastián Franquis, has announced. Franquis confirmed that of the 11 km stretch, 5km will be through the “Erjos tunnel”, the whole joining the current end of the TF1 at Santiago del Teide and that of the TF5 at El Tanque, with two junctions for Santiago del Teide itself and El Tanque.

Updated 6 August 2019: There were suggestions that a President from the south might make a difference in a few respects, and today, within weeks of the appointment of former Guía de Isora mayor Pedro Martín as President of Tenerife, comes the announcement that it’s now full steam ahead for the completion of the motorway ring road by closing the stretch between Santiago del Teide and El Tanque. The announcement was made at a press conference called by the insular chief along with Roads councillor Enrique Arriaga and the Canarian Government’s public works minister Sebastián Franquis.

The three said that from today they are planning, organizing and informing the public of what will be happening soon, with the priority on clearing technical and bureaucratic obstacles so that works can start at the end of November barring any unexpected problems, and thus utilising existing environmental permits. President Martín said that the plans he had inherited were for a three-lane road, like the chicken run between the Vera de Erques junction and Santiago del Teide, and that he would be working in parallel for a new projectto widen it.

Updated 26 November 2018: The Canarian Government has announced this afternoon that it has approved the finance for contracts to be awarded for works to close the island ring road. As I posted in August, contracts will be invited by tender before the end of the year, and today’s announcement provides the funds – some €365m to join the end of the TF1 at Santiago del Teide with the end of the TF5 at El Tanque. For his part, Tenerife president Carlos Alonso said that the works will include a tunnel, the Erjos Tunnel, which at 5km will be the longest in the Canaries.

Updated 9 August 2018: It’s a year and half since the original post below and at last we now have confirmation that works to complete the island motorway ring road – the anillo insular – will be put out to tender by the end of this year. The Canarian Government’s Transport Minister Pablo Rodríguez says that the work is one of the most important in Tenerife and has a €300m budget, with a project and environmental impact declaration already in place. As a “motorway”, funded by Madrid as part of national infrastructure, it will link north and south by closing the 11.3km motorway gap between the TF1 at Santiago del Teide and the TF5 at El Tanque, part of which will be a 5km tunnel at Erjos that will be the longest tunnel in the Canaries and one of the longest in the whole of Spain. The stretch will have junctions at El Tanque and Santiago del Teide, and the speed limit will be 80 km/h.

Original post 3 March 2017: There is only one stretch of motorway left to complete now before Tenerife can claim its anillo insular (island ring road), and that is between Santiago del Teide, where the TF1 currently ends, and El Tanque, where the TF5 starts. The road has been promised for years, and back in 2009 a firm commitment was given that it would be finished by 2015, but now the Tenerife Cabildo and Canarian Government have come to an agreement that should see the works completed.

The Government and Cabildo will work together, with the former overseeing and directing the works which will be carried out by the Cabildo, it was announced yesterday by the Government’s minister for public works, Pablo Rodríguez, and Tenerife President Carlos Alonso. Alonso explained that the Cabildo would finance half of the funding for the road, some €300m, with the other half coming from the regional Government’s Canarian Development Fund (Fondo de Desarrollo de Canarias (Fdcan)).

The legal agreement is now being drawn up, and the original technical project is being brought up to date. President Alonso said that he was confident that works could be put out to tender before the end of this year. Pablo Rodríguez for his part said that the agreement was simply “common sense” since the money was already in place for the project, and the Government would make it happen.


  1. Great, then we cyclists will have less traffic on the old road. I pay my taxes with great joy!

  2. I am sorry they didn’t give priority to the railway. Get the cars off the road! There are too many of them on the island. The jams are getting worse every day with N/S commuters. Daft.

  3. Janet
    Do you know if a plan of the route had been published? It will be interesting to see how the road will bypass Santiago del Teide and cross the valley.

  4. Author

    There are plans but I can’t think where to lay my hand on them right now … and they have to be updated anyway … BUT there will be a tunnel, I understand, for questions of land permissions and the political inability to do it by compulsory purchase …

  5. Pity he can’t spend some of the money on the stinking mess pouring into the sea off Puerto Santiago

  6. Delighted. I get the feeling that the Ejros tunnel could take quite a while though. Is going to cut the time to Puerto by a long way, from the South..

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