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  1. Paracetamol before AZ vaccination ???
    Thanks to all those that raised this issue as I am having my second vaccination next week!
    As Janet said there are variations of advice in different countries and helpful to know Canarian expert professionals viewpoint
    Tried to find out more using Google- international search- but most mentions were on UK sites about taking Paracetamol after rather than before!
    All very confusing but will have my second one as it’s better for me and my loved ones and friends around

  2. Author

    Thanks Else, I’ll edit my post to include the paracetamol info! Glad you’re both safely vaccinated and with a second dose to seal it so soon.

  3. My husband, at 84, had the Moderna 3 weeks ago, I had the Pfizer vaccine today, at our health centre in Puerto de la Cruz, we were both advised to take paracetamol, if we needed this, and I was also told I would have the second dose in 3 weeks time, while my husband will have his at a later date..It was very efficient and fast and we are delighted.

  4. Author

    You won’t be texted at the moment for the AZ because that’s only being administered to the 60-65 age group at present. In your situation I would call 012 again and say you weren’t on the list and can the explain why you were asked to contact your health centre.

    Marie, I won’t remove anything, it was just a reminder that conflicting information isn’t necessarily bad but can cause confusion when it’s conflicting simply because it relates to what another country is doing. I prefer to minimise confusion … at least by drawing attention to instances where another country is actually being referenced so that people don’t mistake it as local advice or information.

  5. Nervous wait. Long term Adeje residents; 67 and 74. Advised by 012 to call our Centro de Salud this morning. We are not on their list. We await that longed for SMS message.

  6. I actually thought I was trying to be helpful repeating advice I had been given but obviously not so I will say no more on the matter except to Sue – I wasnt told to take anything before the injection, only after and yes It was an actual doctor that told me this. Before the injection everyone is asked quite a few questions about allergies, reactions etc so it wasnt just random advice..It was identical info to what staff from my local hospital were also told when they were given their jabs as key workers so I am not reporting anyone. However Janet if you feel my info is not helpful then kindly remove it

  7. Author

    The hospital did say that anyone who couldn’t take paracetamol should speak to their GP to discuss an alternative … but bear in mind that the paracetamol might only be for the AZ vaccine. I guess it’s more than possible that paracetamol will be advised for Pfizer/Moderna too but if so then you speak to your GP.

  8. All this talk about taking Paracetamol before Covid vaccination is all very well but I’m unable to take
    Paracetamol due to allergy problems to a number of drugs – I had a very undesirable response on the two occasions I had been given it in the past and medics decided I was allergic (fortunately I was hospitalised at the time anyway) If I ever get called for vaccination I’ll have to try and explain this. I’m registered at my local health centre in Cristianos so I MIGHT be summoned at some time as I’m about five months off 70.

  9. Point taken – it’s reasonable to hope that all the advice given in all countries is correct and from reputable, evidence-based sources but recently there has been a surprising variability. I just want people to be safe, get their vaccines and have a good immune response wherever they live and whichever vaccine they are given.
    However, this study from Holland is concerning as it shows that Paracetamol taken around having a vaccination caused reduction in the immune response, more so if the Paracetamol was taken beforehand.

  10. Author

    I’m asking yet again for info from the UK not to be posted. It simply causes confusion because there is a different system here, and we have different advice – maybe not very different but still not the same. The best thing for everyone is to follow the advice that is available locally to them. To repeat: the Canarian Health Service itself – the actual health service so presumably capable of formulating accurate medical advice – recommends one paracetamol in advance of the AZ vaccine (I’ll be taking two out of what is now routinely called “an abundance of caution”). That is ALL that can be said at present. And I really do not want people confused between UK and Spanish/Canarian messaging. Thank you.

  11. Re reactions to vaccines and taking Paracetamol – Reactions to the vaccines are variable both with vaccine type and the individual. All the vaccines contain quite a cocktail of chemical stabilisers/preservatives which are probably the main cause of reactions. No-one should take Paracetamol unless they really have to, and certainly not in advance of proven need, as it is toxic to the liver. It is unlikely (I hope!) that whoever was speaking to Marie was truly a doctor as they should have known that the maximum dosage considered safe is only 8 tablets in 24 hours, so at 6h intervals (and even then there have been liver toxicity cases at that level).
    Marie – please can you inform the manager of the vaccination centre you attended about what you were told, as soon as you can.

  12. Author

    Quite a lot of paracetamol being recommended in the UK, then. Here it’s very clearly one before and then see how you feel and if there’s any reaction you get in touch with the doctor immediately. As to how one feels, I’m anticipating anything between no reaction at all and what one person said felt like having been set upon by a gang armed with wooden sticks … for 24 hours, and then fine!

  13. Janet, with regard to taking a paracetamol before your AZ vaccination – it may be of interest to you & others that when I went for my jab in the Uk the doctor givng it to me told me to take 2 paracetamol when I got home & then 2 tablets every 4 hours for 24 hours. I was a bit surprised at this but he said it was a precautionary measure. I was fine afterwards but one or two others I know felt feverish, headache etc the next day, but they werent told to take anything by the person injecting them so giving the info out doesnt seem general practice. I dont want to alarm anyone, just the opposite in fact – they do also say a reaction to the vaccine is a sign your immune system is kicking in and working!

  14. Many thanks. Appreciated. Regards, Charles.

  15. Author

    Understandable concern, but there is no clear answer I’m afraid. The Spanish Government has said that she can come in with that document, but enforcement is by individual border control agents and in some cases even a registration document has been refused because it didn’t comply with their understanding of what was to be accepted.

    It’s all very well fuming at the time of being confronted with a jobsworth, especially one who’s wrong, but of course it achieves nothing. I’m sorry I can’t say anything other than that she should be fine, the law says she can come in with that document, but it’s always sadly possible that some border control officer might refuse her entry. If that were to happen, it would be a case of either turning back or trying to get one’s rights in very difficult circumstances, I’m afraid.

  16. My daughter is returning from the uk on April 22. She has a rental contact in her name but does not have residency yet. There is not an issue about her leaving the uk and the main concern is whether she will be refused entry at Tenerife airport.

  17. Author

    They’re not being blinkered, but private patients are outside the state system and a new means of incorporating them has to be found, and that’s in the middle of an international health emergency where all the national state system patients have also to be vaccinated. They’re trying, and obviously want everyone to have the vaccine for everyone’s sake. I’m glad you’ve got yours, though!

  18. Regarding the Covid vaccination programme, my husband and self have on Friday had a call to attend our local health centre in Valle San Lorenzo for the Covid vaccine! So there is some movement at last -( we are in the state health system).
    I have been monitoring the system and it is a relief that we are now about to get the vaccine. We are both in group 5 – category B/ 70-79.
    I cannot understand why this government is so blinkered about giving the vaccine to private insurance
    people – Everyone should get the vaccine regardless, for the sake of the health of the population as a whole ,
    otherwise it will never go away!

  19. Following the 41-gun salute at Portsmouth this afternoon, President Macron has rung the PM Boris Johnson, apparently offering their surrender, just in case.

    (Well, I thought it was funny!)

  20. Author

    Jon, I couldn’t agree more!

    Luke, thank you very much!!

    Mary … I personally wouldn’t be waiting in your case but speaking to the GP ahead of any such call so that it’s absolutely clear in everyone’s mind that you need the Pfizer or Moderna which seem, after all, to be administered through health centres rather than vaccination centres like hospitals or recintos.

  21. Janet. Re HRH. Yes, I saw your two commenters…. How very, very sad they must be.
    You may not like him, you may not like the monarchy, you may not like what you see in the mirror! But.
    If you can’t say something sensible or at least, something pleasant, then keep the flapping trapdoor closed.

  22. Yes Jon and the lifelong dedicated support that he provided to our Queen and country was exceptional and rightfully deserves the fullest respect. May he rest in peace.

  23. Thank you so much for your response to my query re AZ vaccine and those over 60 with previous clotting episodes. I am a great believer in the quality of our health service, having seen it in action for my partner and have great faith in out own GP. What I we don’t want to be faced with, when called to have our vaccine, is a situation where we either won’t be advised which vaccine we are receiving or are offered the AZ. I am assuming the people who are administering the vaccine won’t have everyone’s medical history to hand. We would then feel we would simply have to refuse to have it. Like you and most other people I did, at first, feel that any vaccine would be fine, and as soon as possible but, now, for people with a history of blood clot issues, maybe not the AZ. Spain is rightly being very cautious, as you say, as in all things, so we will just wait and see and just hope all will be well..

  24. Great sorrow at the death of HRH Prince Philip.
    His acerbic wit and downright decency will be sorely missed by me!

  25. Author

    that’s right, as in the link I gave yesterday to THIS post from January.

    As it says: It is therefore a rather chaotic situation and currently something of a postcode lottery. Legally, anyone who can show residence that has been registered with the police should be entitled – even if their registration is only five minutes old, and as both UK and Spanish Governments have previously confirmed, legal registration documents are either the old Registro or the new TIE. It is a different matter, however, getting that entitlement when faced with a council gatekeeper’s refusal.

    At the moment, there is absolutely no change to the situation which remains a postcode lottery in this respect as in that of vaccination for privately insured patients. The bottom line is that the official resident discount is for legal residents within the EU: if they are nationals of a different EU country they are legally resident instantly, if they’re third-country nationals, as British nationals are now, then that legality only comes with permanencia.

  26. Hi Janet, I have been doing some digging regarding the travel discount for residents. It looks as though for British people it is now restricted to “long term residents”. We have had our NIE’s for over five years so when we exchange them for a TIE in the near future it should mean we can get the travel discount.

  27. Author

    I would fully expect that it would Mary. Given your own medical history and your partner’s covid history, this is a clear case where an alternative should be considered, I would have thought, and in your position I’d chat with the GP. Don’t worry … if there is any history of clotting or medication prescribed for related conditions, I wouldn’t anticipate AZ being given at all. Remember that although the EMA said it was overall safe for all groups (benefit outweighs risk generally), though it expressly advised an alternative being given to people with clotting issues, Spain still said no to it for anyone under 60. Spain’s being ultra cautious with AZ even though this slows down the administering of vaccines, which is the last thing they want … hope this is somewhat reassuring!

    Victoria, thank you for adding to the picture … Arona now joins Icod, San Miguel, and Arguineguín as good Ayuntamientos for vaccine accessibility for private patients.

  28. Hi Janet

    So excited at the outcome forgot the crucial part area. Los Cristianos

  29. Janet, I am very concerned with the announcement that the AZ vaccine will now be limited to the over 60s. Both my partner and I have a history of blood clotting problem: him due to the damage done when he had severe covid a year ago (and he still takes blood thinning medication even now, and myself having had two hospitalisations for thrombosis in my legs in the last six months. I would hope this would preclude us from having the AZ vaccine and needless to say we are very worried. I realise there are further details to come and I hope this is the case.

  30. Author

    which area, Victoria?

  31. Hi Janet,

    Success for us also registering at our local Medical Centre, but only after several visits, but non the less success at last. Sadly no thanks to our private medical insurer, not even empathy of the situation. Perseverance seems the word. Hopefully this situation will become less problematic for others as time moves on

  32. Author

    oh that’s fantastic, Paul, I’m delighted! Now let’s hope other Ayuntamientos follow suit!

  33. Hi Janet, following your advice, we visited the local centro de salud in Arguineguin. We took our Padron, TIE cards, passports, certificate of private health insurance and Spanish mobile phone number. I said that we wanted to register for the covid vaccine. The lady at reception looked at all the information and entered our data onto the computer. Finally our names and telephone number were added to a list “Lista de extranjeros para la vacuna Covind”. We were told to wait for a call on the mobile. Lets see.

  34. Author

    Non-compliance with covid measures is classified as a serious offence in a health emergency. That’s fines starting in the low thousands … practicalities are not the police’s problem. If someone has a problem storing their mask that’s not actually a reason not to comply. Masks never have been required for actually swimming in the water, and correct disposal is also a “covid measure” so non-compliance is a serious offence. It seems evident to me that “moving around” doesn’t include heading from a sunbed straight to the sea. They’re just talking about people strolling on the beach or standing around drinking and talking who must wear a mask. These rules are clear, just inconvenient. There’s an easy answer for those who dislike the inconvenience …

  35. Sadly the “Masks on Beaches” issue is still not entirely clear,

    masks can be removed while swimming in the sea or pools, as well as in rest periods before or after swimming provided physical distancing can be maintained. Masks must be put on when moving around resting places, changing rooms, or in the area of the water.

    This appears to mean that a mask must be worn while wading out from a beach but may be removed as soon as one starts actually swimming – and then donned again for the exit from the sea until stationary (at rest).

    a) Where is one supposed to store the mask while actually swimming?
    b) What is the effect on the efficacy of the mask if it is immersed in sea water?
    c) What is the culpability if the mask becomes detached whilst one is in the water and it is carried by the tide?

    Hopefully this nonsense will become ancient history by 9th May but will anyone be subject to denuncia in the meantime and will any prosecution be successful for not wearing a mask whilst wading in the shallows?

  36. Tomorrow’s announcement on the use of AstraZeneca vaccines…
    “Only those people wearing blue underwear and able to stand on one leg for 90 seconds will be given the vaccine, except on Tuesdays with an M in them, when Red underwear will be acceptable, but the standing-on-one-leg time is increased to 22 minutes at 220c and turning once.”
    Any bets?

  37. Author

    Thanks Stewart, there’s no real movement since I posted THIS in January. It’s a postcode lottery, like the vaccine, I’m afraid.

    As to the renewal, though, that’s another Brexit bonus … non-EU nationals have to renew more frequently than EU nationals.

  38. We went to get new Certificados de Empadronamiento yesterday. The lady said that because of Brexit we would now need to renew our Empadronamiento every 2 years. She did that for us and issued new Certificados. She also said that we were not entitled to Certificados de Viaje. I didn’t challenge her on that as we don’t have any travel plans at the moment. This seems to have been going on since January, it needs sorting soonish. This was in Guía de Isora municipality.

  39. Author

    mistaking the numbers, Jon … we’re talking “target population” in Spain, not the entire population … ie those being prioritised at the time in the main groupings, so not including children, eg. So the target population will be 70% or so finished by August, is the plan.

  40. Excellent news about the delivery of 38m vax doses over the next few months….. With what we’ve had already, that’s NEARLY enough for one each…..
    Oh drat! We need two each don’t we. Bugger.

  41. I fully sympathise with Victoria’s situation and hope some solution is quickly found. However, her comment about her being in the 60-65 age group really struck a chord. My partner and I are in the over 60s and 70 years age groups and it seems we are being left behind as the Astra -zeneca vaccinations have been carried out? This is despite the fact that this age group features highly in the deaths from covid. I know of the supply difficulties but I am hoping once the promised supply of the doses allowed for over 65s finally arrive, that the emphasis will once again revert back to the older groups, and we can follow the national plan once more.

  42. Author

    As we said on the podcast, every municipio is different and this is just the sort of ridiculous situation I’d expect to hear. Please just leave it with us for the time being … no promises but we are at least on the case … . Thanks for your info Victoria.

  43. Hello Janet

    I messaged you a month or so ago about CASA private Health and their refusal to take responsibility for our vaccination. We have since made further contact with CASA and finally spoke to a lady who was more sympathetic and told us to go the our local medical centre in Los Cristianos and request a temporary registration, which you referred to in your latest podcast, which we did instantly. At the administration desk of the local medical centre, they told us we would have to obtain a European Health Card which when researched it appears you need to be already in the social system. As you can see we are on a merry go round and we cannot get off Don’t expect a miracle, but not sure if you have heard this version and wonder if you have any more advice to give p,ease. PS. We have visited Granadilla D Abona and was turned away!! Additionally, we signed on the pardon October 2019 for our residency but rumours suggest you should sign on the Padron yearly, can you confirm if this is the case. Sorry if you are fed up of these questions but when you hear of the 55 to 65s receiving the vaccine and you fall in the category it is very frustrating. Just been allowed to register would feel like there is light at the end of a very long tunnel.


  44. Author

    I could not agree more, Nigel.

  45. Unfortunately for most pandemics in history, their endings have been messy, protracted and uneven. While we all might need a dose of optimism, rather than planning parties,beach boxing or holidays, perhaps our time now would be better spent thinking about what kind of future we want to look forward to and how we put the lessons we have learned this past year into practice maybe ?

  46. Author

    There’s no conflict, as such, though sometimes the Policía Local and Guardia Civil have a dispute about whose responsibility some particular incident is. Generally, though, it’s quite clear, please read HERE. The only question now is whether the Policía Local should be policing local behaviour relating to covid measures.

  47. Thankyou Janet
    Reading previous comments there seems to be a long running conflict as to who does the enforcement on the island . Local Council Officers follow up reports in the UK and other countries so is that a possibility on the island ?

  48. Thank you Janet for the link to the Adeje Passion. What a treat it was! Happy Easter!

  49. Author

    Policy is determined nationally and enacted regionally. Neither national nor regional Government thinks that we need a full lockdown with the full range of measures that are already in place. What we need are not more measures, but enforcement of the ones in place.

  50. Had it not been for Covid we would probably have been resident and feeling like the last commentators regarding irresponsible people ignoring Covid restrictions
    Since it appears to have some success in other countries could anyone tell me why there has not been a 2 week or more lockdown on the island so far ?
    Has it got something to do with politics, the economy, both or more/ other reasons?

  51. I can only confirm all of your concerns and comments that made about families coming from North with no masks of social distancing whatsoever. My frustration is their lack of consideration for others and residents who live on these complexes. Hate to bring the subject up again, but we would have to lock ourselves away for the foreseeable future as we are the unlucky ones who have private health insurance and nobody wants to listen from the authorities or help this large disadvantaged group, through no fault of their own, get vaccinated!!

  52. Mary I couldn’t agree more. I’ve just looked down at our pools. 4 very hefty people sat on one of the benches, no social distance (they’re too big to leave any distance and all fit on the seat) know for a fact they’re not from one household and surprise, surprise, even better, not a mask between them. Sadly a great number of the apartments are owned by Santa Cruz are families and, as far as they’re concerned we’re migrants and incomers so regarded as having no say. I’ve only been an owner in this building for the last 33 years or so (1987). Just wait a couple of weeks and see what happens to the numbers – like last September after they’d all been here for July and August. I’m keeping well clear of everyone for the next week or two at least!

  53. Author

    Agree Mary, it’s so frustrating, and the figures are particularly worrying when you consider, as you say, that they don’t include the inevitable rise for cases over Easter. The big concern is ICU capacity, of course, from a pragmatic administrative viewpoint but, again as you say, the human cost to that is something that people don’t see so much of in front of their eyes and so until they are struggling for breath themselves, they don’t begin to see what it might be like.

    Julie, I’ve just seen that BA High Life article! How marvellous for Tenerife, and exactly what we’ve been talking about!!

  54. So frustrating to see the latest Covid figures, Janet, and this is before the results Easter celebrations are factored in. From what I see on social media, with thousands travelling north to south and absolutely too few police about to ensure covid regulations are being followed, it looksinevitable that we will be further restricted soon.
    I have heard from some people that “oh it will all improve once more people are vaccinated” BUT do they not think about the people who will DIE in the meantime because people are just too selfish to stay away from other people? It will be many weeks before the younger age groups get vaccinated enough to stem the tide of illness and death, and yet it is these age groups that seem to be the main culprits in ignoring the rules. I am getting to the stage where I would now actually welcome a full lockdown until the vaccinations programme is more advanced. Just to save lives and help our struggling medical workers.

  55. Author

    We’re with Movistar because they have the infrastructure, and we didn’t avail ourselves of the special “urgent attention for over 75s” either! I am surprised and impressed even though I don’t actually think Movistar are that bad anyway!

  56. Janet – just what did you threaten them with? Goes to show telecoms people can get you back up and running very quickly if they want to. Excellent work from your providers.

  57. Author

    And I’m now back online. My experience is that when t’internet goes off at the start of a public holiday weekend then you don’t get it back until after the weekend … this was a surprise to be back online this afternoon!

  58. Author

    Janet has asked me to post that she has no internet connection at present, so there will be a delay until she is able to respond to any queries, and there will be no new posts until she is back on line. Thank you for your patience.

  59. Regarding private Covid vaccinations, my understanding is that none of the vaccine manufacturers (certainly not Pfizer or AZ) are selling to private companies or individuals, only to governments. So if you did find someone willing to sell you one, it’s almost certainly a scam, and/or illegal.

  60. Author

    no, the advice remains what it has been every time I’ve said it. Wait. If you’re a state patient, wait to be contacted. If you’re a private patient, speak to your insurers and unless they give a solution (as most aren’t or can’t) wait for further instructions. Either way, wait.

  61. We have private medical insurance for the last 25 years and of this moment had no contact from them, if we were willing to pay for the vaccination out of our own pockets is there anywhere available to do so.

  62. Author

    I’ve had people trying to print out posts I’ve made in order to show the police “Janet said” … I don’t know why people have such difficulty in getting the idea that if you meet a police officer in the course of their duty, they are god while performing that duty! Assaulting them, even verbally, is not “conveniente”, as they say in español …

  63. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at immigration…
    “But this video from PooTube says I CAN come in!!!”

    “Your flight home leaves in an hour Señor. Adiós”

  64. Author

    They are dates for UK announcements about UK measures … nothing to do with Tenerife. This is why I’ve asked people to stop posting about UK stuff because it causes confusion when we have our own announcements and measures here, and UK rules are irrelevant as far as Spain is concerned.

    As to sympathy, it’s admittedly rather difficult to sympathise with someone suffering the effects of their own wilful ignorance of all advice and well-publicized information! I’m aware of the situation you mention (and there’s a link to an article about it a bit below) but it does begin to appear that those from the flight who were refused entry had not brought the evidence required, or in some cases had no evidence at all.

    I don’t think people realise, still, that the pandemic has put countries on a war footing. That’s what a state of emergency is, really, and Spain is under a state of emergency. It applies to the Canaries as well but we are exempted from its measures, for now anyway. As a country on a war footing, it is obviously going to police its borders more thoroughly and rigidly than under peacetime conditions! And really, who actually thinks they can enter a foreign country in such a situation claiming a right derived from rules that only set the conditions for leaving their own, different, country?!

    The only logical assumptions, given the amount of publicity that’s been provided in a range of ways about Spain’s entry requirements, are that anyone claiming laws set by the UK about leaving the UK allow them to enter a country other than the UK is simply being silly, that anyone who knows that’s daft but tries to get in anyway is simply chancing it, and that anyone who just didn’t know has simply gone out of their way to avoid becoming informed … and in a public health emergency, that’s an offence anyway.

  65. One other thing. What is the significance of April 5th and May 17th please? Have I missed something?

  66. Interesting what you said about people travelling to Spain no matter what the law says, Janet. A person with a legitimate reason for travelling to Spain (ie. she is a legal resident) posted on another blog that yesterday on her plane arriving at Alicante 40 (!!) of those on board were refused entry when they claimed they were allowed in to visit their second homes! Obviously she didn’t witness them all saying that, but many were excitingly talking about it during the flight. It seems the airline will now have a hefty bill for their return flights after allowing them to board in the UK in the first place. It just beggars belief and I find it hard to feel any sympathy to be honest.

  67. Author


    The reason is that it’s an EU discount for legal residents of areas like the Canaries that are far flung from their centres of Government, the Canaries to Spain are like the Azores to Portugal. Any EU nationals are legal residents in such areas when they register, but if they’re not EU nationals then they need permanencia to be considered as such. As with every other disadvantage of Brexit, this is to be laid at the UK’s door, not the Canaries’ nor that of Spain, nor of the EU …

    Those British nationals resident here while the UK was still in the EU or in the Transition Period benefit from the discount immediately, while any Brits without permanencia at 11pm UK time on 31.12.20 don’t until they’ve been here five years. This was the situation before Brexit for every other third country national, it remains the situation after Brexit now that the UK is a third country by its own choice.

    Brits voted to become third country nationals with all the rules that existed for third country nationals. This is one of them. This is entirely the result of Brexit, which was the UK’s own choice based on, we are assured, full knowledge of what the country voted for. Where on earth is the problem?

  68. Is there a reason for those legal residents without permanent residency to be denied the travel discount? I’ve been living here more than three years, legally, working as an autonomo, paying all taxes and social seguridad etc. As a taxpaying resident I wonder why I would be denied this benefit?

    I intend to get the permanent residency as soon as I’ve been here 5 years, but I can’t understand why I wouldn’t have the same rights to a travel discount as any other legal resident in the mean time. I would understand if I was on a non-lucrative visa of some kind, but as a regular taxpayer it seems rather unfair.

    Have there actually been any clarifications on the issue from the Canarian government?

  69. Author

    I do know that councils are still adjusting to the UK and EU’s new relationship and I would expect that facility to disappear at some point. Some councils aren’t even issuing viajes to those with permanencia if they have the old Registro (still perfectly legal and valid) rather than the new TIE!

  70. Thanks for the reply Janet.

    In answer to the question as to whether someone with legal but temporary registration can download one is yes, because I have 🙂

  71. Author

    the question is whether those with legal but temporary registration can download one! Certainly the facility needs to be there for Spanish nationals and those with permanencia to download theirs.

  72. I just listened to yesterdays podcast from you and Clio in which it was stated that resident’s travel discount is not available to residents with ‘Temporal’ on their TIE.

    I had already heard this but it seems strange that the ‘Certificado de Viaje’ is made available for download via the Sede website if it has no benefit to residents until they are ‘permanente’?

  73. Author

    Any other paper and I’d wonder at its accuracy but as far as I’m aware, the Olive Press is completely solid. Assuming they’re correct, as I’d expect, this is a literally unbelievable report because the Spanish Government has issued a list of documents specifically including approved TIE applications which would be accepted. And Ryanair isn’t known for letting people fly when they can’t be sure they won’t have to cart them straight home …

    But as you say, I’ve said it myself, it’s down to the personal interpretation of the border control officer on the day, whatever the rules are!

  74. Author

    Just to say that the dates you mention are for UK announcements, not Spanish. As far as Spain’s concerned, the UK’s laws are completely irrelevant, and Spanish law is clear already. At present only residents may enter and those with essential reasons that are listed quite specifically and have been unchanged since this time last year. The law that contains them was extended yesterday to 30 April (see HERE) but it’s already been extended umpteen times and could very easily be imagined being extended again, several more times indeed.

    I must ask now that we stop discussing British laws … they are no use or application whatsoever here in Spain and just serve to confuse matters because we have arrivals from countries other than the UK and British laws are of no relevance to them at all.

  75. Regarding travel from the UK to Tenerife for whatever reason, ours is for property purchase/ residency, it is down to following UK and Spanish Government laws whatever appears in the media and social networks as Janet said
    April 5th may give us an indication of what will be allowed from May 17 ? In the UK but on its own is meaningless without information from the EU upon a Digital Certificate and the Spanish Government’s laws
    The only hope for those of us to arrive in Tenerife after May 17 is if we are allowed to leave and the criteria for entry is a PCR test or proof of vaccination
    Too early to say or waste energy speculating
    Best to continue keeping safe, looking after loved ones and following the rules

  76. Snowbird, when many people in these circles see that one can leave the UK to “prepare a property for letting” they automatically think of holiday lets. However, I believe the relevant section of the legislation is really aimed at people who are letting out property to long term renters as the Schedule also refers to “residential property” sales and rental. In the mind of the legislator I think it is the same as Estate Agents being allowed to stay open and residential sales and purchases being permitted being during lockdown. I understand that people might “get away” with preparing a holiday let but I don’t think that is the intended purpose of Schedule 5, Para 7 of the UK Statutory Instrument.

  77. Author

    I get that, snowy, but some are not in that position at all, they just want to come at any price because they “deserve” a holiday, whatever that means. You only have to look at the tabloids for two minutes to see the British obsession with getting out of their own country … and it is about getting out of the country not just a holiday beause you can see the reaction to suggestions of staycations which get short shrift when faced with “influencers” in Barbados, the Seychelles, or wherever, and the fury when “celebrities” appear able to jet off to Dubai or Melbourne with impunity when others are “stuck” in the UK.

    But as for letting people travel to prepare a property for sale or rental but not to check up on it, yes clearly it encourages travel but it’s a UK rule … I have no idea why they’ve done it when they’re trying to stop people travelling, so it’s more mixed messaging again, but it’s nothing to do with Spain. Here, no-one can enter for that reason, and to be fair to Spain, the messaging has been clear and uncompromising from the off: we want tourists but we want them to come safely and if not safely, then not at all. Health first. It’s been like that in Spain throughout the last year.

    People in your situation, with every right to be frustrated, are being stymied by others with no such justification, just selfishness. Their refusal to sit tight is keeping us all in these circumstances. I’ve had too many emails now from people who say they don’t care what I or anyone else says the law requires because they’ve found a video on youtube that says they can go and so they’re going. They feel they deserve a holiday and they’ve seen people get away so they’re not going to be stuck … the people they’re referring to are Dominic Cummings, Rita Ora, celebrities from something called Love Island … those who are example setters, but not setting the examples that are needed right now …

  78. I want to visit Tenerife Janet not because I have such a terrible life in the UK and want to escape, quite the opposite actually, but because I have hundreds of thousands of euros invested in property in Tenerife and am paying 5,000 euros a year in fixed costs to run it, even though I cannot visit. There are many non resident owners like me. We will obey the rules but we are extremely frustrated by the situation we find ourselves in. Some of the rules are difficult to understand, whether they emanate from the UK or Spain. For example an owner cannot visit an expensive property to check on its security or for maintenance, but if he wants to prepare it for letting he can travel. Surely the availability of properties to rent will encourage more holidaymakers to travel.

  79. Author

    You can present people with official information not just from two Governments but the two Governments specifically involved in the rules concerned, along with links to actual legislation, but it will mean nothing to the person who’s seen one video on youtube that tells them differently. It doesn’t matter that you give them any amount of evidence, that it’s official, and confirmed … they will go with the thing that confirms what they want to hear.

    A while ago now there was a series of short videos about misinformation that went viral on the internet, and they all centred on an imaginary actual person instead of the google screen. Someone would come into the room and ask a question just as we’d type it into google, and the person would give the answer that we would get from google. Obviously the series of videos was about misinformation and so there was one question about vaccine safety, and the person pulled out a huge pile of studies and reports showing vaccines were safe while only one single bit of paper showed they caused autism or whatever it was. It didn’t matter that it might have been written by a clown, or a fraudster, or that it had no official confirmation and wasn’t evidenced. It gave what the person wanted, and that was all that mattered.

    It’s the same with this whole issue of travel right now. People know full well they shouldn’t do it … or if they don’t it’s because they don’t believe in covid at all, or think it’s a scam for the Illuminati or Bill Gates or someone to take over the world and control us all. Apart from them, though, everyone knows really that they shouldn’t travel but they still look for the one thing that says they can … and when they find it, nothing comes close to countering it even if it’s in a hundred different places and from Government direct.

    What is it that makes someone like that? Are we in the position where some people are living in such awful situations that they spend most of their lives trying to get out of a country they seem to be intent on saying is wonderful … which suggests they don’t really think it is and are therefore presumably trying to persuade themselves. I think it’s very sad, the frustration it causes is far less of a thing for me than how terrible I would find it if I found myself spending so much time wondering how to get out of where I lived as quickly as possible.

    Isn’t it really the case that if we live somewhere wonderful then we just need an occasional break because our brains do need variety, and if we don’t live somewhere wonderful, or that we don’t feel is wonderful, then we need to find a way to change that in some form … whether by changing our own lives or lifestyles, or our own society, so that we feel we are living as or where we’re happy to be. Travel for a temporary escape in a pandemic with the cost and inconvenience involved, and the definite health and potential legal risks, hardly seems the most positive way to achieve that …

  80. I was quite relieved to hear in your chat today with Clio your clarification re people from UK being allowed in for specific reasons because they’re owners (and as long as they’ve been vaccinated.) I had quite a heated telephone conversation over the weekend about this. My argument was ‘you might have been vaccinated but here, unless you’re an inmate in a care home, we haven’t, even friends in 80s and 70s have not yet been done, to which they responded “tough” ‘. This was from people I thought were (I repeat – WERE friends)!! Me thinks I must chose my friends more carefully. I know they listen to your podcasts and read your site so I hope they fully digest what was said today.

  81. Those two birds at the top of your podcast page is perfect for your tWITTERING each week!!! No insult intended, I really enjoy your interaction each week and there’s always something of interest/importance for us residents. Keep it going ‘girls’ (you’re both younger than me)!!

  82. Well, at least we’ve not had “At the end of the day – she turned around and said…”.
    Those are tipping points for me. Immediately it’s “Why did you wait until evening to talk to the back of her head??”

  83. Author

    yes, I’m afraid that apart from when it’s real work, I’m as prone to generalizations as I am to mixed metaphors!! 😄

  84. OUCH! Generalisation Miss!!
    My Facebook, which I admit I control with an iron finger, isn’t full of cess, idiots or nasties…..! Crazies, weeeellllll, ok, a few… ok, ok, most of them! But only crazy zany crazies… the sort who look at life from angles that “Normal” people wouldn’t even contemplate.
    I like to think we are, as my favourite author Terry Pratchett says, “a gang of ringleaders”. But every one of them, even in the depths of an argument, leap to the right hand of anyone who is down.
    However, as one of Brits in Spain’s contributors, I have to admit, the worms do come out most frequently!

  85. Author

    Facebook is a cesspit full of idiots, nasties and crazies … I’ve already had emails about some vlogger who says come it’s fine no problem no restrictions now, and one person in particular going with that “advice” against official statements issued by the Spanish and British Governments. You can’t fix stupid …

  86. Dear Janet,
    Re. Spanish entry restrictions:
    Facebook is awash with posts trumpeting the so-called UK Gov travel “Property Loophole”!
    I have tried to spread the word about the Spanish side of the argument but it looks like some property companies have already got clients lined up to come!
    They are going to be very disappointed/surprised if they get turned back at the border.

  87. Mencey, as someone who is married to a farmers daughter and who also grew up in the countryside, I feel your remark about dairy cattle being slow to adjust to new milking times is derogatory.
    This issue lies solely at the doors of farmers themselves. Not one single dairyman we know has ever considered the simple fact that wristwatches are just too difficult for cattle! Even if they could read them, hooves are not designed to wind the hands forward or back….. and whilst there is, almost always, a huge clock on the wall of most milking parlours, they’re inside! The cows can’t see them until they’re inside, so they turn up early just in case….
    Well, it’s more fun than “Tracy from Bookface says it’s ok to go on holiday”….. No?

  88. Author

    I think the group with the biggest problem is dairy cattle, because they are very slow at adjusting to new milking times. They are, however, not known for intelligence, and even the USA seems to cope with different time zones within one country. Why this should be a problem I simply do not understand. I communicate with and (used to) travel to and from Germany, and the time difference is simply not a problem. If the EU ever gets round to making a decision, whichever zone they decide on is going to please some people and not others, so with winners and losers I suspect it makes no difference in the end. I strongly suspect that difficulties arising outside the EU (e.g. N.I.) because of time changes within it are hardly likely to be taken into consideration.

  89. Janet opined on the “time zone” issue on 22nd. A benefit at present is that UK time and Tenerife time are the same. Any change will bring difficulties to some groups.

    If Spain were to adopt the same summer time as most of Western Europe this would mean two hours forward for winter in Tenerife (sunrise at nearly 10am!), There were clearly good reasons for the Canaries to have exemption from 1942 Franco decision to adopt CET. Would it really be a good idea to adopt Peninsular time when geographically we are so far West?

    A further complication is to the Good Friday agreement as UK would retain GMT/BST whereas Ireland would adopt one or the other for the whole year – meaning a clock change at a supposedly non-existent border for at least half the year!

    We will need derogation for Canaries from Spain and cause of peace in Europe will need derogation for the Irish Republic.

    Clearly the issue has complications and is not a simple one that can be harmoniously resolved by edict.

  90. ❤️
    I shall bear thee in mind come the time!

  91. When I eventually get back to the island I’ll pack a bucket and spade as no doubt I’ll be able to build sand castles with all the sand various Calimas have deposited on my terrace.

  92. Author

    oh isn’t it bloody horrible? Hate it, hate the wind above all! But the prospect of a bit of drone footage from GC is tempting … when you have a bit of time, and a bit of clearer air!!

  93. Calima.
    Janet, there can’t be any sand left to come! If you’ve got half and, I swear, I have the other half in my house, how can there be more?
    Anyhow…. I’d like to apologise for this Calima. It’s entirely my fault.
    1. We took the duvet off the bed on Friday last.
    2. We painted the 1st and 3rd terrace floors Mon.
    3. The car had its first wash of 2021 Tues.
    4. Our new drone arrived yesterday, (Wed).
    Sorry folks!

  94. Author

    No-one can answer your questions right now and the advice remains not to travel. Sorry to be so blunt but this is not a travel website and we are not able to foretell the future. I wish we could.

  95. Thanks for the info and interesting interpretations. What also makes things stranger is that they launched the Easter restrictions and then after that raised the level so how to interpret the mix. I have found a nice deal flying to Tenerife March 28 and then fly back home to Sweden from fuerteventura April 12. But I don’t want to get stuck on Tenerife as lovely as it is. Also is there real danger of level 4 soon do you think?
    I know I am a somewhat unwanted tourist but I am so tired of being in my apartment (like the rest of the pandemic world).

  96. Author

    sounds like they were trying to get in before midnight last night when Level 3 came into force so that they’d be able to be there for Easter. Until last night Tenerife had no “perimeter restrictions”.

  97. Reading the posts suggests that travel between islands is
    restricted. Thus I was surprised at the number of motor
    homes that arrived on El Hierro on Sunday 21st. Have they
    come early to avoid Santa Semana regulations? There were
    eight parked up near the port and presumably more at
    other places on the island. I can think of no reason other
    than tourism as to why they have come.

  98. Stunning footage indeed of the Icelandic volcano but something I wouldn’t like to see bearing down on me! Generally I try not to dwell on the fact that I bought an apartment on the edge of a volcano in the middle of the Atlantic! 😂

  99. Icelandic eruption… (Sounds like some intestinal problem!)
    Speck-tack-you-lar! Beautiful drone sequence, even though it looked very much like a terminal flight there at one point.
    The webcam? Not so much. It looks like I used to when I was about 25 and had just had a burning-bum curry!

  100. So sorry Janet, I’m afraid I read the government’s restrictions and rules on travelling between islands and came to the same conclusion as you did. I am not sure the people who make these restrictions can do joined up writing, never mind joined up thinking!! I read it four times and just got more confused (and somewhat angry) each time.

  101. Author

    That might not be such an issue any longer because Spain’s added to the list of documents accepted for entry. Just be very sure that whoever wants to come back, if they don’t have a TIE yet, takes something to the UK with them that will allow them back in here, so a rental contract, Escritura showing their normal address is in Spain, eg. The main thing, though, will be the receipt of their TIE application … have a look at the 17 March update HERE

  102. Thanks for the speedy response. This isn’t actually a swallows case (as residenzia applications are in progress), just someone may be recalled by their UK employer. I agree it would be best for them not to go, not least because getting back here could be tricky before the application concludes.

  103. Author

    The rules apply to all not just UK citizens. As the law to which I gave a link yesterday says:

    “c) Circulación en tránsito. No estará sometida a restricción alguna la circulación en tránsito a través de los ámbitos territoriales en que resulten de aplicación las limitaciones previstas en este punto 2.”

    Passengers in transit are not restricted. Therefore if you can get out of La Palma and into the UK, the Lanzarote bit will not be restricted because it is part of the journey in which you are in transit. That is what the law says. What border control says might be another matter because they are interpreting rules just as we all are and, as I said in a comment just below, the rules are at least in some parts nonsensical. As Mencey said immediately below, Ashotel is furious about such ambiguity but the confusion is there, which is presumably why you couldn’t even get a straight answer from La Palma airport.

    The only safe thing right now is not to travel at all … for all sorts of reasons. I get that swallows “have to leave” within the next ten days but they’ve known about this for a very long time. This is very late in the day to leave it so there will be uncertainty I’m afraid.

  104. For those UK citizens having to return to the UK during the Easter period, do you think they can still fly between islands (LPA to ACE), staying airside, in order to connect with a flight from ACE to their UK airport? I’ve tried asking LPA but did not get a definite answer. The passenger(s) would have a negative antigen test because of trying to enter the UK.

  105. Author

    For what it’s worth, that’s how I read it as well. I mean they say (quoted above) “Se restringe la entrada y salida de personas entre las islas” then give a list of reasons which are acceptable. But then they say (or appear to say) that anybody else can travel as long as they have a negative covid test. In other words, the travel is NOT restricted, just conditions attached. This makes no sense, and Ashotel are livid at the lack of clarity generated by these official documents because they imply a restriction in travelling from outside Spain into the Canaries when they have no authority to do so.

    The document goes on to say that controls at airports are being intensified to prevent travelling for reasons other than their list, although it is beyond me to think of how you could prove some of the reasons they give. How could you, for example, demonstrate that you need to travel to help somebody with some disability?

  106. Author

    Yes, as part of the Easter measures which are in place from 26 March. The rules as published today are quite clear that movement between the islands is restricted regardless of their alert level, and the way I read the rules they say that a negative test is required for anyone travelling for a reason other than one of the listed essential reasons – an antigen test is acceptable. As a tourist you will also need to fill in the regulated accommodation form and to download the track and trace app.

    It makes absolutely no sense to me that on the one hand they say (pages 8 and 9 of the Easter regs … I can’t upload a file into a comment box but there’s a link in the latest update on the Living with covid post):

    “Se restringe la entrada y salida de personas entre las islas, independientemente del nivel de alerta en que se encuentren, con la exclusión de aquellos desplazamientos, adecuadamente justificados, que se produzcan por alguno de los motivos contemplados en el apartado 1.4.2 del Acuerdo de Gobierno de 19 de junio de 2020 y sus sucesivas actualizaciones, que son los que se transcriben a continuación”

    and then after the list of reasons for which one is permitted to move between the islands, the decree says:

    “Se podrá viajar entre islas fuera de esos supuestos siempre que se presente una prueba diagnóstica de infección activa (PDIA) negativa, que no tendrá la consideración de prestación sanitaria del sistema sanitario público. Por Resolución de la Dirección del Servicio Canario de la Salud se determinarán las condiciones y requisitos de esta medida.”

    So basically you can’t move between the islands other than for the permitted reasons but you can travel between the islands for a reason other than the permitted reasons if you have a negative test. So logically, if you’re travelling for a permitted reason you don’t need a test, but if you’re travelling for a reason that’s not permitted (how is this possible?!) then you do need a test. Happy if anyone disagrees. Please disagree, it would mean it’s my reading that’s flawed rather than it’s nonsense!!

  107. With the new restrictions, do I, as a tourist, need a COVID test to travel from Tenerife to Fuerteventura?
    Sorry it’s hard to find good info.

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