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  1. Hi all
    As Janet and others have commented extensively over the past 16 months enforcement of Covid restrictions has been a serious issue and alongside irresponsible behaviour has had a significant implication for many who are following the rules
    After viewing properties over a several weeks our Friday flight home was cancelled so we were overnighted in a hotel in Adeje
    20m from our room on a piece of waste land behind a bar the area was being used as a nightclub with 75/100 people partying beyond midnight- no masks, no social distancing
    The hotel was asked by ourselves and others to call the police but nothing happened. It would appear the hotel had given up reporting this regular occurrence
    In exasperation I have sent full details to the British Counsel with a video of the nightclub in action
    I hope readers of this will not lambast me for reporting it in this way as talking to elderly couples either side of our hotel room neither had slept properly over many days and one were in tears telling us this having had no help from the hotel

  2. I am delighted to say that I too won a holiday from the Cabildo and can’t wait to start choosing where to go. I was astonished to get notification of it on a difficult day. 😃🎉

  3. Sounds like a great event to be part of – that terrace with a view and excellent hospitality and company.

    Can we not meet up in groups of 15 or so and form a fighting force for good?

    If not, good luck anyway!

  4. Author

    Don’t see why I can’t use my own website for this …

    Question: If you were asked to suggest a place for an event that fulfilled the following requirements, what would it be?

    * Private terrace available to host up to 15 or so
    * can provide buffet lunch on that terrace
    * has nice view
    * is in west Tenerife – ie the west coast, Los Cristianos to Los Gigantes and all parts inland
    * has private and secure parking
    * is 4* minimum quality

    Thank you for any suggestions!

  5. Author

    I have approved that lovely comment, despite Janet’s possible embarassment.

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