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  1. unfortunately, I can see WHY the rumours leapt to life….

    El Pais has already decided that both Niñas have been killed and wrote their, (rather foolish), headline accordingly. My instant thought was “They’ve found Ana…” but common sense cut in and I thought perhaps read it all…. and so it goes on to clarify… a little, that no one else hs yet been found….
    I do wish “Journalists” would use just the tiniest bit of thought.

  2. Author

    Agree Ray, oddly I’ve been thinking the selfsame thing about the certificate to “prove” vaccination …

  3. Don’t see the logic of a covid passport unless you plan to travel during a global pandemic and if you plan to do that then logic doesn’t even enter the equation.

  4. It is impossible for me, as a father of two, to imagine the turmoil inside the head of a man who could “dispose” of his children with such coldness.
    Whatever happened to cause this dreadful tragedy must be understood, hopefully to head off another such event.
    My heart is heavy this morn on the receipt of such terrible news.

  5. Bravo a Salud Canarias. QR codes are now live.

    If you have miHistoria app on your phone… Log in, select miHistoria from the bottom of the screen and directly above is the Cert. Verde icon. Click and then “Obtener QR” or “Obtener PDF”….. simples.

  6. DigitalCovid Passport as an addition to my previous comment – if you have only had your 1st off 2 shots of Vaccine you can still get a Covid Passport Certificate – I downloaded my wife’s too .

  7. Janet, we love this website and use it all the time, we wish you all the best for your retirement. Hopefully by next March we might also be joining all of you in Tenerife. thank you for all you have done.

  8. Digital Covid Certificate – checked at 08:00 this morning on Mi Historia & Certificate+Qr is there – wonderful.
    Thanks for Info Janet .

  9. Author

    that is indeed what it says, so the answer is obviously that it does not count.

  10. “proof of vaccination – either of the complete required dose for the vaccine they received within the previous 8 months …” so if you got the vaccine 9 months before travel it doesn’t count? 🤦🏼‍♀️

  11. Author

    I haven’t bothered thinking about this too much let alone researching it but as an EU doc, it seems to me that the only impact the UK can have on it is to reduce numbers of tourists to the UK, surely that’s not desirable. The UK can’t take part in the EU scheme, of course, but if they don’t accept it then EU tourists will presumably go elsewhere rather than getting a test or whatever rules are in place, and that’s without the current press that British border control is getting re EU nationals …

  12. DGC
    However, I shall be stunned if the UK gov even recognises its existence never mind accepting it for travel!

  13. Janet, I wish you all the best for your retirement. Without all your help and information there is no doubt we wouldn’t be living on this wonderful and beautiful island. Thank you.

  14. Author

    Thanks Alan, there are some lovely sentiments behind that comment! One issue with this website is that the domain name is my name and so I’d be reluctant to let it carry on under this URL in my name but done by someone else. BUT I am more than happy to contemplate some sort of future, or training scheme … it’s rather flattering even to contemplate that it would take a team to replace me but I’m up for whatever training might be required and assistance with taking ideas forward. Open to any ideas, really, but for myself this now has to be a very part-time enterprise rather than the double-full-time/minimum-full-time-and-a-half hours that I’ve been putting in (not just on this website, naturally) over the past decade and a half.

    edit: I should have said …. thank you so much to everyone else who’s commented too, your words have been just lovely to read!

  15. Whilst we can all wish Janet a wonderful “retirement” (in
    a very appropriate setting) there is also in prospect a
    sense that this valuable community asset may be lost.

    The answer is succession. Is there anyone who would be
    willing to be trained by Janet to operate the site in future?
    More importantly, would Janet be willing to train someone
    to be her successor as host of “In Tenerife”?

    Of course Janet would be a hard act to follow. It has been
    truly amazing to observe the diligence for detail that she
    has applied to an inordinately wide range of subjects. Few
    of us would have the skills to follow and to understand the
    BoE or other pronouncements in Spanish and also to scan
    relevant material from English languages sources as well.

    Ideally someone will be able to follow in her footsteps but
    if necessary reinvention may be required or a team may
    be needed. In addition to addressing the material, there is
    also a need to understand how to control the software!

    We all owe a great debt to Janet for her initiative so many
    years ago – and for her ongoig commitment in ensuring
    continuity. The greatest memorial would be to ensure that
    a continued forum for community information will remain
    accessible to those who have an association with Tenerife
    and who have English as their primary laguage.

    Whilst we have “the Local” as a general source of information about Spain overall, Janet has provided
    a more locally-focused and interactive forum that must
    have proved of benefit to thousands.

    Speaking personally, it was this site that provided me
    with a understanding that my Registro is not JUST
    an NIE but also evidence of a right to residence. That
    alone allowed me to put other things into context.

    What can we do to express our appreciation?

  16. Thank you Janet, you’ve been (and hopefully still will be…) an invaluable source of information. I’d say put your feet up and enjoy your retirement but I know you won’t, but enjoy a glass or 3 on me…

  17. Thanks for your input and advice over the many years, your resources have been a wonderful aid tp many !
    Enjoy your well earned step back to sanity & me time & the chance to enjoy your choices !

  18. Hi Janet.
    Thanks for all your information.
    it has been very helpful.
    Holiday to Tenerife is booked for September so keeping fingers crossed, we have had two postponed so 3rd time lucky!
    Enjoy your well earned rest.

  19. Lady of the Community, Lady of Leisure, whatever, you are a Beautiful Lady having done so much for so many over the years….Stay Safe Janet

  20. Janet, Thank you for all your invaluable help and advice; the common sense and logic in this crazy world. Take the time to indulge living on these wonderful Islands – a much deserved rest. We raise a glass to you (and the chickens!)

  21. From Facebook to here you have helped so many decipher the at times confusing info and often misleading interpretations of the mainstream media.
    We thank you.
    Hope you enjoy the time ahead. Deserved. X

  22. I give it a fortnight! 😂😂
    Seriously though, as a “Gentleman of Lee-sure”, married to a Seventy-three year old teenager who has dragged me into severe insanity with her antics, (You’re not really supposed to turn cartwheels on the pavement at that age, especially when it results in kicking a cyclist in the ear coz you didn’t look first!), let me say, you deserve every minute of peace. So do the chickens, and it’s probably a close call on which of you will get fed up with the other first!

  23. Janet, your ‘me time’ is well deserved and well overdue. It’s time to chill with something chilled, time to take things slower, time to appreciate every moment of every day. You deserve it.

  24. I am glad that you have decided to take a rest.
    We have been wondering just how you much time you devoted to this demanding site.
    Enjoy your time , there will plenty to do,
    as in having fun and no dead lines for once.
    Eric and Veronika

  25. Take a deserved rest Janet. Thanks for all the time you have devoted to this web site .

  26. And well deserved it is, you have tirelessly put in so much time and effort to helping everyone get through such busy and worrying times.
    Time now to sit back, glass in hand, and relax.
    Enjoy your “Me time” and don’t forget that if you get too bored doing little, you can always write something to keep us informed or amused.
    Tenerife is a place to relax and unwind.
    Thanks again.

  27. Enjoy every minute of every day! There is nobody that deserves it more than you! Wishing you nothing but happiness and health as always xx

  28. Mr Varadkar is postponing restoration of the Common Travel area after advice from National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet). “The advice that we have is that there are real concerns about the prevalence of the Indian variant in Britain,”

    Are you listening Torres?

  29. No, no… I’m sure, the Earth is flat… Look! You can see the clouds falling off the edge…..

    Well, why not? It’s as likely as an ‘Honest Government”!

  30. I registered on the website 2 days ago to apply for the vaccination and received my appointment confirmation today via SMS for mid June at Mojon.
    As a 41yr old, I was surprised that my age group were being accepted so soon!

  31. Votes For Life!
    Bye Bye Boris!

  32. Votes for life, eh? And absolutely nothing to vote for. That’s a result, isn’t it?

  33. Changing to the TIE is fraught with problems for me it seems – they say I don’t have a property – I do, it was bought in 1987, the Escritura (28 March 1988) is old and out of date so I have to obtain Nota Simple and a few others odd complaints they raised. My Spanish is not up to legalities but an Escritura, when fully registered does not GO OUT OF DATE. I’m putting this on the back burner for a little longer! I’ve been registered with Ayuntamiento since 9 May 2002 (certificate to prove it and they confirmed this on telephone so I didn’t need to ensure property tax paid before I attended appointment for Certificado de Empadronamiento which I paid before meeting anyway) held Residencia since 16 July 2008 when it became absoutely essential. They just want me to jump through a couple of extra hoops. No doubt I’ll have to comply at some stage but I’ve had enough for this week!

  34. Author

    just to clarify … Spain didn’t say that. The EU and the UK said that, and it is embedded in the Withdrawal Agreement. Spain was merely repeating what the UK and EU had already agreed and contracted. And what that meant in this particular instance was that third-country rules (which the UK co-wrote when an EU member) would apply but that existing rights would be protected and existing registrations would not need to be repeated.

  35. Menus, because the Spanish government said that the Certificado de Registro, the “green card” was as valid as the TIE. But that is proving not to be the case now.

  36. Certainly, exchanging residencia for TIE was the easiest official process we have ever done and the card is just so much better. I have heard of people not wanting to bother and I find that puzzling too, but is up to them. Oddly, when I went for my vaccine, the triage guy asked for my “DNI or TIE”. May have been a slip of the tongue and other Brits with residencia were not challenged, obviously, but it does show that maybe officials can’t understand us not changing either.

  37. Stewart and others.
    ‘Not going to bother with TIE’ etc
    If you are legally resident WHY would you not bother?

  38. Author

    Canaries on yellow list? ornithologically indisputable, I say. Sorry, just a cheep joke.

  39. The Netherlands have Canaries on yellow list…. No quarantine and test voor return flight to Netherlands and till green certificate (first half july?) only PCR to the Canaries.

  40. We were not going to bother with getting a TIE but changed our minds for two reasons. The first was to get a document/card that specifically said we were permanent residents and the other was in response to our own and other people’s problems dealing with officials who were asking for a TIE rather than a Certificado de Registro. We did it in Santa Cruz and everything was very easy.

  41. Author

    I don’t know how reliable the reports are but I’m hearing many of these supposed flights are actually being cancelled very late on.

  42. Stewart, out of the 11 TUI flights scheduled from UK to Tenerife on Tuesday none landed according to flight radar. So don’t expect mass influx of UK tourists.

  43. I live in Cristianos and, fortunately for me it’s still very quiet, the rules still in force make it perfectly OK for me to be my usual anti social self! I know some of our Brit owners in my building are planning on visiting early June, and whilst bars etc. are in dire need of tourism – did I hear travellers from the peninsula are to be restricted, or was that just wishful thinking? – however, they don’t help bars and restaurants very much (according to Spanish owners of such places I’ve known for 30 years) Last year (July and August) they were the main cause of the spike in numbers in September from which we’re still recovering – I hope there will be no repeat this year! Hopefully this year WILL BE better with vaccinations etc. (even I got my first dose yesterday after a few words with the person administering it who insisted I was born in 1952 and didn’t want to accept I was actually born in 1951 – should have taken my birth certificate!) but when we’re all fully dosed up it SHOULD make life a little more, dare I say it, normal! Meanwhile I’m staying clear of busy places (not too many of them at present anyway!) Stay safe everyone.

  44. Stewart. Easyjet are operating very few flights during June. Jet2 are not flying until 24th June. I don’t think Ryanair have any extra flights so its unlikely that the place will be over crowded. The charges for tests together with quarantine restrictions will stop a lot of people travelling.
    I would imagine that the flights might be carrying retired people who aren’t too worried about quarantine and second home owners like us desperate to make sure our properties are OK. We have decided to wait a little longer until the rest of Europe have brought down their cases and more of the population have been vaccinated.

  45. Wonderful video from the flight deck! Proper flying by Pros. Thanks guys (And Gals), you do a fantastic job.

  46. I counted 13 TUI flights from around the U.K. to Tenerife today. I think I will stay well away from the popular resorts just in case. I’m waiting for my second vaccination.

  47. Thank you Janet. Agree 100%. Now the French are considering entry restrictions/bans on Brits and who can blame them. Current vacination progress doesn’t justify open travel yet and emerging varients add an extra layer of uncertainty. We all understand that we will have to learn how to live with covid because it’s not going to go away but the case for allowing intrnational travel at this point in time cannot be supported on medical grounds

  48. Author

    Have a listen to today’s podcast, Ray, I have a bit on there about this announcement by Spain, just hours before Germany closed the door on UK arrivals because of “variants”. To my mind Spain was bounced by its own hotel industry into this, and the announcement was politically and sectorially timed and placed to have maximum impact … for the benefit of the tourism industry. Not us …

  49. So Spanish law makers think it’s appropriate to allow Japanese visitors to enter the country whereas Reuters reports today; No one’s safe anymore: Japan’s Osaka city crumples under COVID-19 onslaught.

    How many people are they prepared to let die in the race to support the bloody tourist industry?

  50. Ken Shade exempifies a brewing problem and Janet is to be
    commended for consistent emphasis that travel between
    UK and Tenerife has rules at BOTH ends and that compliance
    with BOTH is essential for a successful outcome.

    The Spanish rules from 24th May will allow travellers from
    UK to enter Spain easily – but will they get back into UK?

    The return journey will require THREE tests. The two back
    in UK (days 2 and 8) are easy to arrange but what is being
    done to assist normal UK tourists to arrange a PCR-test
    on Tenerife – especially for those with low proficiency in
    use of Spanish? Will they wish to spend their vacation
    researching test providers?

    The tests involve an overhead of around £250 per person
    which is a significant cost. Even transfer of Spain to the
    “green list” would reduce this only by eighty pounds or so
    but would also avoid need for quarantine.

    UK context is that vacations to green list are OK – but
    are all potential passengers aware of the rules? Will
    we soon be reading of UK residents being denied
    re-entry or facing huge fines for non-compliance?

    Thus, despite it not being the function of this site, it is
    important to refute any suggestions such as those
    made by Ken that travel will be easy. I came back
    from TFS to UK this week and am now in ten-day
    quarantine in UK having paid £189+€90 for tests
    – far more than the cost of the transport! Moving
    Spain onto a “green list” would not remove such
    costs – only reduce them somewhat.

    This is sad for the tourist industry but realistic and
    potential travellers need awareness before they
    commit to international travel.

  51. This site is not about travel as such but many residents
    of Tenerife will travel occasionally outside Spain and so
    it is useful to know what to expect.

    On Friday I travelled from TFS to UK. There were only
    twenty passengers (giving us three rows each!). When
    we arrived at BRS we were faced by eight desks for
    Border control – although only four were in use. I was
    the last of the twenty in the queue.

    We cleared the process within fifteen minutes – some
    passengers taking more time than others. I was asked
    for my proof of PCR test but not questioned about the
    “Locator” form as, apparently. it had been pre-checked
    by association with my passport details.

    Thus I was able to catch a ‘bus thirty minutes after the
    time of touchdown. However, this would not have been
    possible had the flight been full – even with all eight
    desks being used. Mathematics suggest that a flight
    with nearly two hundred people would have taken
    over an hour to process.

    Our flight was the sole international arrival on Friday
    but “normally” there would be several flights due to
    arrive during each of most daylight hours. Implied by
    this would be a long wait to cross the border. Tales
    of hours waiting at Heathrow gain credibility. With
    a large number the scope for social distancing in the
    queue would be limited – with a likelihood of there
    being an overwhelm of the facility.

    Had I needed to wait for a couple of hours, it is
    likely that I would not have had time to reach my
    place of quarantine that same evening and so a
    Plan B would have been necessary.

    Conclusion – be prepared for a long wait at UK
    border once travel restrictions are substantially

  52. Regarding how to get evidence of vaccination. We were vaccinated last Sunday (16th) and were advised to wait”a few days ” then visit local health centre. We went to Consulorio in Los Cristiano’s on Wednesday (19th) and were issued with certificates. Remember to take your TIE with you.

  53. Mary. Vax certificates.
    IF you have a digital certificate, go to
    Sign in with your digitificate
    Select “Vacunas” from the top line
    Select Cartilla de Vacunación
    Save it as a PDF or Print it or admier it for a few minutes etc. Ours was there within hours of second vac.

  54. Ken Shade – it’s almost like they are deliberately confusing things. FCDO advice is separate from the traffic light system and does not overrule it.

    Spain, including the Canary Islands, is still on the amber list so, unless and until that changes, you would definitely need to follow those restrictions (testing, quarantine, etc) when travelling to and from the Canaries.

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