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  1. Dear Janet,
    Known affectionately as “Janet the Oracle”, I am sure there are many of us who want to thank you for your hard work and dedication in keeping us all informed especially during the pandemic. You have been the ‘go-to’ person to get accurate and independent information where many have not been so. Once again, thank you x

    1. Author

      I have approved that lovely comment, despite Janet’s possible embarassment.

      1. Author

        Don’t see why I can’t use my own website for this …

        Question: If you were asked to suggest a place for an event that fulfilled the following requirements, what would it be?

        * Private terrace available to host up to 15 or so
        * can provide buffet lunch on that terrace
        * has nice view
        * is in west Tenerife – ie the west coast, Los Cristianos to Los Gigantes and all parts inland
        * has private and secure parking
        * is 4* minimum quality

        Thank you for any suggestions!

  2. Would be even better if the police had a multilingual page where members of the public could report rulebreaking.

    1. Author

      they have this already (effectively, not a specific page) … they just can’t enforce … note “can’t”. People need to start asking why.

  3. An unelected body prohibiting/stifling the wishes of a democratacly elected body. Now who would have thought it.

    Some may be thinking that the courts must be ‘incentivsed’ in some way for their decision making but I could not possibly comment on that. However what is is clear to me is that certain elements of the economy are more than happy to see any measures that may threaten thier bottom lines stopped in their tracks despite any possible adverse consequences to others.

    1. Author

      Certainly one might ask why the lead story in Diario de Avisos yesterday was police despair at whatsapp groups telling people which businesses were not enforcing regulations, which were indeed encouraging people to go there precisely because there were no rules … rather than being a lead story about police using those whatsapp messages to identify businesses to sanction …

  4. I know it will irritate a few that the courts have denied the regional gov the ability to control.
    I know there are those who see it as a disaster.
    But I also know that SOMEONE has to make the move back towards normality and it might as well be us.
    As I said before, Oz tried the Hard Way of locking the whole country down until no-one had the virus and they then sat back and laughed at all of us as we struggled. Experience shows that wasn’t the best idea. They are now at the stage we were in March 20 and the dung is very much hitting the wind machine out there because of it.
    We may yet be a good example. I sicerely hope so!

  5. Dennis.
    Unfortunately, there’s that word again…. “Enforced”, and our enforcers just won’t.
    I suppose the structure here is part of the problem. Three/four ‘Police’ organisations doesn’t help. Municipal police, little better than security guards and treated as such.
    Policía Local, paid for by political masters who in turn are paid by business taxes and thus hamstrung.
    Policía Nacional, who seem obsessed with immigration and little else, and,
    Guardia Civil, who appear to feel that anything less than foul murder or double parking is beneath them.
    I oversimplify, but you get the gist.

    As to the cafe scene…. There appears to be quite a large cultural difference between our respective Islands. We have been ‘out’ tonight also. A cafe then cinema. Cafe was busy, cinema was not, but not a soul without a mask, worn properly I might add, and whilst the Young were heavy in presence, they were all happily masked and seemingly completely at ease with continued sensible behaviour. Elbow greetings and reasonable space betwixt. I have no answer to the conundrum.

  6. I do agree Jon.
    Perhaps a curfew enforced in just one really big effort and the whole lot of the fined would stop others coming down in the first place.
    Oink, oink, oink.

    Was sitting outside a small cafeteria this lunchtime in Puerto de Santiago. EIGHT Spanish young people turned up and marched straight into the cafe (which has no seating inside). The owner eventually got them out into the street. They were clueless.

  7. I’d say the Supreme Court feels exactly as I do.
    No point in a bigger trowel.

  8. Dennis
    A “Curfew” would make zero difference to those who are not respecting of common sense. The Young are not capable of being restricted. There are far more of them and far fewer of the “Enforcers” than could make the math workable. You can’t arrest a generation! Where would you keep them?
    No. It’s unworkable in any form. Curfew has come, failed and gone. These islands are once again, open for business. We must accept that education is the only possible way forward. Unless the Young can see the effects of their actions, they won’t care. They won’t see those effects because, in the main, the death and destruction is over.
    They aren’t interested in vaccination. They aren’t getting sick. It’s also not workable to make it compulsory! For the same reason curfew can’t work, that would fail.
    What we need is one heavily media-trumpeted, Super-Woke, desperately sad, engageable death, caused by obvious links to the young and which affect the Young in a meaningful way…. Evil, but true. The media is all today. If it ain’t on TokTick, Bookface, FoolTube or whatever the latest IT craze is, then it ain’t real to them.
    You cannot engage the youth of today with the silly little videos produced by government.
    Sorry. I’m not the droid you seek. My death? No one cares. Yours? No one cares. Some youth-icon? Yeeeeeeaaah, maybe that one might just shake ‘em..

  9. Even if it can NOT be regulated, a suggestion or recommendation, say, that one person from one household in a supermarket at a time might help to save lives….if the 5 people who quickly exitied the supermarket as I mentioned earlier were indeed ‘positive’ cases then how much would the Covid likely be carried and spread far and wide?
    Regulate and enforce if you can, if not, at least publicise and advise good practice?
    The curfew would make a big difference though; not for me to spoil people’s enjoyment, but, it makes full sense for the community at large.

    1. Author

      Then lobby the supermarkets. They are private businesses not run by Government. Customer power is the answer … assuming enough want action. That is the problem. Too many are selfish sods, the “all rights, no responsibility” brigade.

  10. Mary.
    No. Me neither. Because however the Supreme Court rules, “enforcement” is required and there will still be none.
    Giving the builder a bigger trowel will not get the house built faster if he couldn’t lift the first one.
    So finding another way which the Young can respect and will engage with is far more important. God knows what though!

  11. Interesting question, Jon. The way I see it is that the State of Alarm gave the national government wide ranging powers to control the health crisis, but many of the powers involved controlling the people too, and thus infringing some of their human rights ( curfews, restriction of movements etc. ) for the greater good of us all. When the State of Alarm ended, the national government basically put the decisions regarding such rights into the hands of both local courts and then the supreme court. So, if local government wants to impose such restrictions they have to apply via the courts. As usual in Spain, different sets of judges in different courts are making different decisions. Some allowing curfews etc, some refusing, as here in the Canaries. A proper mishmash, as my mother used to say. Tenerife government feels that the only power left open to it is to have a curfew to prevent younger people from being out and about at the very times their illegal parties etc are being held. Having a full level four would not have made an iota of difference to the young people (who even the government has finally acknowledged are driving the rise in infections). They don’t care if bars close early; they don’t go in bars. They don’t care how many can be inside/outside either; it doesn’t affect them. But a curfew would. Without the curfew, it would be down to enforcement, which is basically what the courts said last time we asked for a curfew – that we have all the means necessary to deal with the people breaking the law already in place, (ie. laws and the police) without having to restrict the rights of everybody to control a few. A conundrum and I wouldn’t like to be the one having to solve it.

  12. But if the Regional Government is “Waiting for the Supreme Court”….. but failure to follow rules is the problem, what solution does the Supreme Court ruling actually achieve?

  13. Agree with you, Janet. This is the big question. No easy answer to this. We have the rules, people understand the situation and most people follow the rules. The answer is enforcement, now.
    Thank you.

  14. There is no need for machine guns, army in front of shops or roadblocks.
    There is also no need for whole families doing their shopping together. This has nothing to do with democracy but with common sense. I am sorry but I had similar experiences not only in supermarkets which really made me very angry, no distance, masks down at the chin, screaming at each other.
    I really believe that it is now time to enforce the rules, otherwise this will never end.
    Everybody is free to live their lives. However, if some people are not able to follow the simple and few rules which are in place, then the authorities will have to take action.
    I am sorry but over the last few weeks, I have seen too many very relaxed people and the soaring number of cases bears witness to this.
    Sorry for the rant, it is time for me to see some positive change.
    And yes, there are plenty of people who are at their best behaviour.
    Best wishes to everybody.

    1. Author

      The question is what one does in a democracy if public consent is needed for governance but the public won’t behave?!

  15. Janet,
    I do of course appreciate that rules are rules and the powers that be here in Tenerife or the Canaries generally have to follow them.

    However what I was arguing really , I suppose , is that the result of this ‘top level’ 4 is that we are now at much bigger risk from the virus, whether it be as a result of overseas tourists generally (although they arrive here having had Covid tests) but more so from non-tested holiday makers from the North area of Tenerife where I believe the virus has a hold .
    Enforcement , yes. But if we had rules before why can we not have them again, for the good of the people?

    For example can we not/ should we not try to have entry into supermarkets restricted again to just one person at a time?

    I just believe that Level 4 is not strong enough, even if it were fully enforced , to give adequate protection to the people? And the Police surely have a tough job as it is.

    In other words if the Authorities really don’t have the full power to be able change things for the better, why can’t they lobby to get the power they might need?

    This is not a complaint against those authorities!

    1. Author

      The reason is that the rules were part of a national state of emergency which only a national government can impose. The Canarian authorities have asked Madrid for more powers, as you suggest they do, but they have been told quite correctly that they have all the power they need already. They just need to enforce the rules. They have the power, for example, even to impose curfew … but removal of personal liberty has to be constitutionally valid and legal because we live in a democracy not a dictatorship, hence waiting for Court approval. As to supermarkets, there is a limit in a liberal democracy as to how much one can legislate behaviour in private businesses, which is what supermarkets are.

      If you are saying people are generally no better behaved than animals and need the army to enforce rules with tanks and machine guns, well fine, but that’s what it would take to do things differently. Most wouldn’t accept it, and in a democracy, government is by consent. Whether democracy serves thr purpose right now is an entirely different question …

  16. Re Level 4 imposition I agree with Ellen, and also see Janet’s point that the Canarian authorities are in something of a difficult position.

    I am unclear though why something more useful and sensible not be done to assist the covid spreading
    It seems not so long ago that we all were under strict lockdown, and we all went through it to help.
    Remember when us over 70’s could only go for a walk between 10.00/12.00? We did it.
    Remember when we could only walk within the parish boundaries, when we could only visit a supermarket (the nearest one) for urgent supplies, and inly one person at a time. We did it. Etc .
    It was tough, but it worked – and our Covid cases were almost wiped out. Thousands of people have since been double-jabbed via an excellent programme. We should be relieved, and grateful.

    But where are we now? Younger people coming down in heir droves for ‘family’ holidays in the South of Tenerife. Presume many have not yet been fully jabbed, if at all.
    No Covid tests or locator forms or declarations of where they are staying.

    In our road there are more than 2 apartments (in non approved or legal facilities obtained via air bnb or such sites) seemingly constantly occupied holidaymakers.
    In one of the letting of nearly a month appears to be to Spanish people including young people, including 2 dogs, and we see 3 and sometimes 4 cars involved, and up to about 12 tenants,
    Clearly this is from one family and friends.

    Good luck to them, they want to have a holiday, who can blame them. It is a bit like half the UK heading off to Devon & Cornwall, or Blackpool; etc. But what about carrying and spreading the Virus to all and sundry? Where is the ‘maximum of 4 people from 2 households being applied?

    When you visit a supermarket you see it immediately when the beaches have quietened down. Groups of leggy bare chested youths and their generally scantilly dressed girls picking up the fruit and bread and the cans of beers etc.etc. No ‘Mrs English lady’ doing the essential shopping whilst ‘Mr English person’ waits down the road to carry the shopping..

    This is true.
    Last week a dear friend of ours was shopping in a major supermarket when she came across a shopper who she knew had, a couple of days before, tested positive.
    Alarmed, she spoke to Manager who did what? He asked, over the tannoy “Would the person who has recently tested positive – we know who you are – leave the store
    immediately. GET OUT OF THE STORE NOW”

    What happened? FIVE people immediately made for the exit. Now there is no proof that all five were positive, perhaps 4 of them just wanted out, away from the risk…we might never know.

    But, as Ellen suggests many people may feel that things are ‘normal’ just because they have been jabbed, it makes you wonder.

    Surely there must be some restrictions that could be considered to protect the islands. How about asking or ruling that holidays must be taken within a reasonable local area?
    How about enforcing the ‘number of people in an apartment’ rules?

    I’m not talking about fining people with say 5 people having dinner together, I am suggesting it for 8,10, or 12+ people renting private accommodation.

    May I say that this is not a NIMBY stance. I can see the virus getting a hold in the South and who knows the suffering of people and the Heath Service costs which will surely occur.
    And all the good work of the past compliance will be wasted.
    Thank you

    1. Author

      No sure what you mean, Dennis, “surely there must be some restrictions that could be considered” … we’re in Level 4! Top restrictions within the legal constitutional limits of devolved powers and awaiting a regional Supreme Court ruling on curfew. Masks, distancing, covid passports required … we have rules. Problem is enforcement. Have said so time and again. Problem is enforcement … and people being people.

      1. Author

        Clio and I have just recorded a podcast which has a link now on the CanaryCast page … it’s the last one this summer, we’re taking a break through August.

  17. Tenerife into level 4…
    From what I read, we are essentially going into a soft level 4. Hospitality open until midnight! Unfortunately now that many people have had both vaccinations, some seem to assume that they are now invincible and somehow completely immune from anything and everything. There are far too many people not using common sense at the moment. In my opinion a soft level 4 will achieve nothing…

  18. Just want to say that both Armas & Fred Olsen could give us residents discount on our recent sailings with our TIEs obtained last year.

  19. hello janet.i have been retired and lived on the island 6 april 2020 i fell from a pair of steps breaking my back and shoulder.many x-rays and scans since and if anything i am in more pain now.i applied for my residency this year in march and it is not through yet.even though i have my s1 certificate i cannot get regestered at the doctors,therefore i cant get the operation the doctors at the hospital tell me i need urgently.what can i do.thanks.ian tiffin

    1. Author

      If you have an S1 you will be able to register with a doctor as soon as you’ve completed your residency registration. I don’t see a faster way of resolving this I’m afraid other than going privately.

      1. Author

        Just uploaded another CanaryCast with Clio today, with guest Diana McGowan (McGlone).

  20. Hi Janet , thanks for coverage despite “retirement” !
    In response to your comment on Magma as Mass Vaccination Centre – my wife had her 10 week 2nd Vacc appointment there on Saturday at around 17:00 hrs – there was a Queue under a Gazebo that accomodates around 50 people , with not much distancing , that seemed to be for walk-ins .
    As a 2nd Jag my wife was signalled forward on arrival , ckd her appointment ,seated inside in a queue where there were about 9 tables being utilised – after about 7 mins she was called , vacc’d in abou 4 mins & we were out by 17:20 with resting time . Covid Certificate was on line by midnight !
    Just a pity at present UK don’t recognise it !

  21. On 4th July, Julie reminded us that EU approved double vaccination is one of the acceptable “proofs”.
    However those ineligible for such “proof” have to rely on
    a negative PCR test and so the 48-hour rule becomes an
    almost insuperable obstacle.

    Earlier this year I was “stranded” on El Hierro – but I did
    manage to get back to UK and quarantine in late May.
    This led also to a delay in vaccination. Despite my age
    (74) I have had only the first inoculation – with second
    booked for mid-August. Hopefully I will be able to get
    an NHS “confirmation” letter in September – but, if not,
    the 48-hour rule will be applicable. In that case I will be
    resorting to internet enquiry as to how to manage the
    process of getting documentation confirming a PCR test
    within 48 hours of check-in at Tenerife accommodation.

    1. Author

      Alan, you should find any reception at any regulated tourist accommodation will have a list of the nearest ones.

  22. Re the courts rejecting the application of ovrnight curfew. Absolutely well said Janet. You have been saying (and I have been agreeing with you 🙂 ) for many months now that it is up to the police to enforce the law. Not just the Police Local, either, as there are just too few of them and the areas they have to patrol are just too vast for them to be in any way effective. However, if all three police services talk to each other, work of the same hymn sheet etc, surely to goodness they could work together to get the issue of younger people blatantly flouting the law under some sort of control. They may have to change their operational orders, areas of work etc and share intelligence and information but it can be done. This IS purely a police matter. The local and national governments are responsible for policing. It is indeed time, as you say, for them to take on this responsibility. It seems that now, albeit obliquely, the courts are trying to point this out ie> “you already have the means and the power to deal with this problem, so use them!”

  23. Janet – I have just woken briefly from my summer hibernation to discover your podcast with Clio yesterday. I wait with baited breath to hear next week’s news about the situation here generally. It seems to be getting worse everywhere! You did mention the UK government and their stupid idea for freedom day etc. – they quite obviously don’t give a “tinker’s cuss” about the population at large, anyone with an iota of grey matter between the ears will continue with masks, distancing etc. As for here I’m going nowhere and doing nothing (it’s too darned hot anyway!) In my building we have approx. 90% of the owners (second homes) from the Santa Cruz area generally and they have all their families over from the peninsula and, like last year, come September our figures will be off the scale. I keep completely out of their way. I’ll listen in next week to hear what’s happening. Thank you both so much – so don’t take a holiday just yet please.

  24. A friend of mine, a property owner in Tenerife, has travelled to Tenerife over the weekend, as otherwise his Bank was going to freeze his account. Luckily all sorted out now. On arrival at Tenerife airport all he was asked for was his locator form, nothing else.

    1. Author

      They don’t check everything every time. What concerns me is when people take such experiences as the norm. Since you posted that another three have posted that the same thing happened to them. Others, however, have posted different experiences. This is not a travel site so I am not allowing them all because I know what happens when I do. The fact is that they do spot checks and anyone can be stopped at any time.

      The rules is the rules … obey them all and consider yourself lucky if you get through with no checks. Individual experience is anecdotal evidence, and as such, worthless in terms of the actual legal situation which is that arrivals from the UK must present proof of vaccination or negative test result or recovery. The antigen test is not accepted unless the visit is for essential purposes.

      1. Author

        There’s a new podcast on the CabaryCast page … Clio and I might take another week or two off in August but with everything that’s been going on we thought we’d do a couple during the summer so did one yesterday.

  25. If the underlying purpose is to know where third country nationals are staying and for how long (an immigration issue) and such travellers can satisfy that merely by producing a print out of the confirmation of a hotel booking, then it doesn’t follow logically that if they are staying in a private home that should be possible only if the home owner (resident or otherwise) is also present there during their visitor’s stay. It would seem perfectly simple, if one wished, to slip away from tourist accommodation where the traveller has no link whatsoever with the faceless corporate owner of a hotel. I had a quick look at the regulation in the original Spanish and will have to read it again properly with a dictionary to hand as my Spanish is not what it once was. I caught a reference to staying in a resident owner’s second home but was unsure whether the expectation was that the owner would also be staying there with their visitor. This will need a fresher brain than I have at present and I will have another go in a morning and fortified by coffee. I fail to see how immigration control over my brother and his wife cannot be satisfied unless I am with them in my flat. I would have to go through hoops to obtain a government issued Letter of Invitation which would provide, I should have thought, much more robust immigration controls and reassurance than if my brother were to enter Spain waving a print out from In that particular instance, which is the one bugging me, my brother and his wife can’t travel to Tenerife to stay in my flat unless I am in Scotland to look after their grandchildren. Accordingly I can’t be in my flat to host them, quite apart from the fact I was hoping to afford them some time to themselves. Hopefully by the time anyone is inclined to travel It will be clear what the requirements imposed by Spain will be. Heaven help us all if Spain’s attitude is dependent upon U.K.dealings with the EU.

    1. Author

      Well I do actually think it’s pretty dependent on the UK in fact, not so much its dealings with the EU but its treatment of EU nationals in the UK, especially now that the Settled Status application deadline has passed. I think it’s very much down to the UK. But the legal situation is that someone entering Spain from outside the EU (because club rules apply to travel within the EU) needs to show they have somewhere to stay and, more importantly, that there’s someone who will fork out for them if they become an economic liabiliy to the state. This is a legal tool to achieve that … it’s essentially making the property owner guarantor for the visitor and so it is logical/inevitable that the person has to be resident here to be able to give such a guarantee. And we all know that they consider “resident” as “permanent resident” as in really lives here, not part-time.

      Spain’s view is that people coming here have to stay somewhere. If they’re not staying with a friend or familly, the alternatives are that they stay in tourist accommodation – which means their details are automatically lodged with the police, or in a legal rental – which means there’ll be a contract with a landlord who has a copy of it too … or … there are not many other alternatives to be legal here. It is not legal just to enter Spain with no accommodation or plans to be homeless, for example, or to come just to be under the radar with an informal agreement rather than a registered rental contract. Yes, I know …

  26. Ok, yes I do understand what you are saying Janet but then this law about basically not allowing a guest into your own apartment unless you are yourself a resident means this already applies to other third world owners, such as Russians, Americans or anyone outside of the EU? Didnt realise if that was the case.

  27. Moira I do agree with you regarding the invitation letter. Am I reading the rules correctly in which the gov seem to be saying that you need to be a resident home owner to be able to provide the letter of entitlement to enable your personal guests to stay in your own holiday home, which you own quite lawfully? I find this impossible to be correct surely

    1. Author

      Yes, you need to be a legal resident to get such a letter if it is required. This is not impossible to be correct because if someone is “coming to stay with you” logic alone decrees that you are going to be in that place for them to stay with. It is a means of stopping foreigners buying property and acting illegally, whether that is holiday letting or travel/stay of third country nationals. Do bear in mind that Spain like any country is concerned with people it doesn’t know entering the country and possibly overstaying their legal welcome. Of course this does not apply to EU nationals because of freedom of movement, but that is precisely why it could now be an issue for the UK … but as I posted, we still await confirmation on Spain’s statement that such a letter “may or may not” be required for British nationals to enter.

  28. Alan, re-read Janet’s article. It states that EU approved double vaccination is one of the acceptable “proofs”. Just need to have the appropriate means to display your vaccinations or negative test results, etc. I hope you can soon get over.

  29. Re spain entry from the UK and pretests. I thought Spain already allows fully vaccinated UK people in and a pcr test is only required for those who are unable to provide vaccination documentation.

    1. Author

      correct, it is either vac or recovery or negative test result. I try to keep THIS page of restrictions up to date and it is all clear there.

  30. Oh dear! After seeing Janet’s signpost to the answer to Dolly’s question about Letters of Invitation, I read the the information in the link. What I read has alarmed me and, to some extent, angered me. Firstly let me say my second home is in a residential building where, in recent years, short term tourist lets have become an issue. The Community, with my full support, has taken all lawful steps to address the issue. Secondly, while I appreciate that many non-resident home owners do abuse the rules by passing off commercial tourist lets as use by friends and family I, and am sure many others, have never done so. In actual fact, there has been very little use of my flat by anyone other than myself over the years. Early on my elderly parents travelled with me but never used the property on their own. Similarly initially my nephews travelled with me or visited while I was there. As they grew older they had holidays there with a pal, then a girlfriend then with a wife. However this use was infrequent. As children have arrived they have been too little to easily travel to my flat as a family and now COVID has intervened and none of us has travelled at all. I have heard that it is legitimate with proper friends and family use to accept a contribution towards utilities. However I have never taken a penny when my family has used the flat, they are there entirely as my guests. My brother has had some health issues and I had been encouraging him and my sister in law, once we can travel safely, to use the flat while I take over their childcare responsibilities. In all the years I have owned the property they have never visited. Previously I had thought that I would have to obtain a Letter of Invitation should a family member not be travelling with me to use the property. However, now on a closer reading of the link, I see that in order to obtain a Letter of Invitation from the relevant Spanish government department, one must be legally resident and that as a non resident I cannot request a Letter of Invitation to allow a family member to quite properly and lawfully enjoy the use of my property. Certainly I wouldn’t wish to expose any family member to the risk of being refused entry to Spain because the didn’t have the necessary paperwork. I know that frequently the commentary on this site is ‘that is the law so live with it’ but clearly this is a flawed piece of legislation if it denies property owners the legitimate enjoyment of their property. Also the legitimate enjoyment of my property does include genuine use by family members where all the costs of such use (cleaning, laundry, utilities) all are borne by me. I can’t decide if the consequences merely are as a result of poor drafting or as a result of a misplaced belief that all non-resident owners are abusing the system. Either way I am beyond irritated.

  31. John T wrote that
    > many UK airports now have facilities for Covid tests of
    > various types, including antigen. Collinson offer antigen
    > tests for £40 with results in 45-60 minutes.

    These are no longer relevant for Spain with the new rules
    from 2nd July removing antigen tests from the list of tests
    acceptable for entry to Spain.
    Sadly the PCR test conditions also have been amended
    with only 48 hours allowed for test before arrival. This
    makes it almost impossible logistically to visit Spain as
    24 of those hours are taken waiting for a certificate and
    then one has to print it and travel to the airport and
    take the flight and get to any booked accommodation
    all within the remaining period of less than 24 hours.

    Hopefully, by the time that I need to travel, Spain will
    accept the NHS letter confirming double vaccination
    at least two weeks before arrival. If not, even having
    my Registro may not enable to enter.

    Why, I wonder, is a 72-hour period for PCR no longer
    acceptable? Perhaps the Spanish authorities have no
    experience of the logistics of the process!

  32. Janet can you tell me if as a UK citizen I have to have ‘A Letter of Invitation’ in order to stay at a friend’s residence in Tenerife.
    Many thanks for all your knowledgeable responses.

    1. Author

      As I have asked HERE, please just try to use the search box. I’ve just done it myself with “letter invitation”. First result is THIS one. It answers your question entirely. I hope it will be understood that from now on I have to delete any questions where this request has quite obviously been completely ignored.

  33. Oh Mary.
    I’m so sorry. I was unaware that the devastating, foreseeable result of Brexit and it’s effect on vulnerable people was of no concern to Tenerife. Possibly this “Head in the sand” attitude is one cause of the vast increase in positive Covid cases there also?

    As to a truce? I wasn’t fighting a war.

    1. Author

      enough now, peeps, please … as Mary asks, truce, war or not 🙂

  34. Oh Jon. You really need to take a step back and have a word with yourself now. What on EARTH has Janet’s retweeting of a twitter post (which I agree tells a shocking story) got to do with In Tenerife? I would assume the reply would be better placed on Twitter itself? Particularly, as , you posted about it on here without giving any other reader a clue as to what you were talking about, again. Thankfully, Janet took the time to help her readers by posting the relevant link as an explanation. I think we have now made our points re monotony, repetitiveness, anti Brit bias and so called humour now. Clearly, I am not the only one who often struggles to make sense of your ramblings either, so let’s not prolong the thing by arguing about it. Truce!!

  35. “Oh the gift that God could give us, to see ourselves as others see us.” Robert Burns.

  36. My thoughts too John and Delta will certainly put every nations vaccine rolout to the test. A rise in Delta cases is inevitable but a rise in hospitalisations and deaths can be significantly suppressed as proven by the British experience.

    1. Author

      This is the hope, for me. That “living with it” won’t be like Moira said earlier where everyone just abandons all restraint but we have things in place like distancing and masks – living with them for good – but where the vaccine programme at least contains the damage, and where that damage isn’t quite so devastating mortally.

      I agree too about the Delta variant already being here and behind the rise … it’s confirmed here, but it’s not the only factor, I think, behind the rise in our numbers which are across the archipelago so it’s not just Tenerife. We have different factors at play in this island too, specifically.

      I’m going to turn into Nora Batty, I think, having identified both that my broom is 1.5m long and that no-one will comply with distancing!

  37. “Sometines people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.’’
    — Friedrich Nietzsche

  38. I suspect the rising infection rate in Tenerife may be evidence of the delta variant having arrived. It really is massively more infectious than previous variants, as can be seen in UK numbers.
    Hopefully, with the majority of the most at-risk people in the Canaries already fully vaccinated, it won’t turn out to be as catastrophic as it could be.

  39. It’s called monotony Jon. Not to be confused with the board game …… which is entertaining.

  40. Mary
    How things must have changed since your comment of 15th April

  41. Your retweet of Mike Gouldens…

    My God! Surely that deserves to be on the front page of every newspaper and headline news throughout Europe and beyond?
    What an utter disgrace.

    1. Author

      Yes. It does deserve that, and it is an utter disgrace. For those who don’t know what Jon’s referring to, you can see it HERE.

  42. Sorry to say (as I am a great believer in free speech) that I also have had my fill of Jon’s alleged “humour”.
    Not once have I found him getting even close to being funny, instead it gets increasingly irritating to see the same kind of comments from him just rejigged and then labelled as “humour”, but only by Jon himself! If you don’t mind Jon, by all means post your opinions (without always repeating yourself) and leave the humour to the professionals.

  43. Well yes, yes we do have the same parties and get-to’s…. Every weekend since May/June 2020 we have had gatherings and parties here. The really odd thing is, we are STILL without a case, even though we have plenty of folks visit from both Northern and Southern hotspots.
    It’s fairly normal to see 30 people on a Saturday night. Singing, dancing and drinking until 4 or 5am. It’s always a mix of all ages from near-death to toddlers, but somehow…… nothing! Not even a cough.
    And yes, it does lead to even closer encounters. Hence the buttock shaped dent in the back wing of my Merc! I guess he banged it in and I had to bang it back out..🤣
    The only plus side here I can see is that the air off the presa comes directly up from the ocean….?

  44. Janet, only 109 in Santa Cruz? Add another 50 to that in the North, La Laguna with 34, so only 50 in the rest of Tenerife! Do you think that ONLY 109 is acceptable? This as been going on in Santa Cruz for the last two months,and never been addressed.The majority of new cases in the South are of immigrants who have been transferred to the South from Santa Cruz! Stop backing the North!

    1. Author

      That is not correct, Dw, the majority of cases in the south are NOT of immigrants, nor of anyone from the north, but confirmed as south generated and south contained. And for what it’s worth, I’m not “backing the north” whatever that means. It’s not a competition between parts of the island. This is a global pandemic … what does it matter the distribution in a pinprick like this island?! I am backing safe behaviour, respect for the virus rather than disrespecting the cautious for being “scaredy cats” …

  45. It rather looks as though our infection rates are going to go off the scale again this summer, as in 2020. Already galloping away and, in my community, the Santa Cruzites (majority of owners) will be arriving in their droves this weekend – and their families from the peninsula! What fun!! I’m going into a summer hibernation to avoid them – anti social or sensible?

  46. Dammit! I didn’t check GC yesterdays figures as I was in the Cinema, but 97 cases spread over two days as opposed to last week when over two days we managed just 12 cases….?
    Schools out! And yet, shopping in Vecindario today, many, many children out, but evdery one of them masked.
    It can’t be just the kids. There’s gotta be something else at work here.
    Fortunately, like yourself, my mountainside is pretty well secured.

    1. Author

      General view seems to be that it’s the under-30s with the botellones and the over-30s with the family get-together outbreaks. But why so bad here? Don’t other islands have youngsters and families?! Or is the demography really genuinely that different here in Tenerife?

  47. we are permanent residence in tenerife wonting to visit family in portugal do you have any information regarding travel we have had both injections

    1. Author

      Nothing stops you leaving Spain nor returning as a legal resident but do take your residence documents with you to be able to prove your status when you return. As far as Portugal is concerned, however, you will need to ask the Portuguese authorities or advisers.

      1. Author

        As to humour, there are all sorts … no-one’s getting banned …

        meanwhile, we have strawberries whatever they have or don’t have in SW19, the sun’s high in the sky and outdoors is generally safe in SW19 and everywhere else! And all sorts of interesting things are happening without moving around the planet. Batley and Spen tomorrow, for example, very interesting times in UK politics whatever one’s stance right now, and football’s coming Rome or something …

        The Germans have taken their defeat in the spirit you’d expect. “Crap team anyway” seems to be the general view, with “we didn’t expect to get out of the groups actually” … !! They have been very generous to England’s win last night, are keeping sport as sport. Let’s all try to do the same.

      2. Author

        And today’s figures, released while the regional President was in a meeting with the catering sector to see what could be achieved safely since he wasn’t allowed to close their interiors, show that Tenerife continues to steam ahead with regional- and even national-beating figures. Over 300 today in the Canaries, 209 of them in Tenerife alone, and of those 209 only 109 were in the Santa Cruz area.

        It is everywhere in Tenerife and getting worse, but the Courts have tied the Government’s hands over one of its means of control while police despair at their inability to control the under-30s who understandably are frustrated and seeking to vent their feelings in botellones. Apart from the obvious solution of actually enforcing existing measures before introducing new ones, what can be done in the face of intransigence, (cov)idiocy, selfishness, holiday obsession and travel fixation? For my own part, I can enforce personal lockdown, complete private border contrrol, and restrictions to a social bubble of just a handful of other households! But where does that leave Tenerife?

        I’m angry about these figures because these are human lives. One fatality today in the Canaries. Tenerife of course. And those infected but still alive are burdening the health system, in severe discomfort and considerable danger, but told that they should just think about tourism, travel, and “livelihoods”. How about we fix the situation for lives before we worry about livelihoods?

  48. Snowbird & Marie, totally agree.

  49. Snowbird.
    If my “Puerile humour” and, unfortunately accurate, reflections of perceptions here offend you so much, why not appeal directly to Janet to disbar me from her blog instead of your current strategy of hinting that I’m ruining her life and yours?
    I respect all views, even yours, but I’m not about to become someone I’m not just for you to score points.

  50. Regarding the entry requirements from the UK I’ve been trying to get my head around what was published yesterday, specifically the testing option. As you say, Janet, the order says “certificados de diagnóstico” recognized by Sanidad and detailed in Section 7.1 of the 4 June Public Heath Resolution but, as far as I can tell, Section 7.1 is NATT (PCR etc.) whilst the antigen test is Section 7.2. It seems to me, therefore, that antigen tests are not acceptable from the UK. Am I wrong?

    1. Author

      they will accept antigen tests that are approved by the EU, and those are detailed HERE.

  51. Marie, I think there are quite a few of us who follow Janet, who are tired with Jon’s constant jibes about his former countrymen and puerile attempts at humour. In Tenerife used to be so much better pre Jon.

  52. Whilst the necessity for a negative test may be welcome some may not notice that the time span from test to arrival has been changed from what was 72 hrs , to 48 hrs . This may cause some confusion & difficulty/stress , my test at beginning of year took 38 hrs giving not a lot of time to append or organise paperwork , an Antigen test appears acceptable & is much quicker/cheaper .

    1. Author

      Let’s wait and see what they publish, John, before deciding what the rules definitively are.

      edit: and indeed that is the case … and I’ve tried to highlight that change from 72-48 hours for the test before arrival because it could easily catch people out given the previous requirement was 72 hours!

  53. I agree that despite now having had both doses of a vaccine I would much prefer, if travelling, to have the added security of knowing that everyone on the plane with me had had a negative PCR test in the previous 72 hours. Neither the vaccination nor the test result represents 100% security. I am now at my most despondent, despite the relief of being fully vaccinated, given that cases are going through the roof at present. I listen to the mantra that we now must learn to live with COVID but for many that seems to mean abandoning all the safety measures. Unlike the sensible requirement previously in Tenerife to wear masks outside, that has never been a requirement in the U.K. However many did wear masks outside. Now hardly anyone does and fewer are careful about social distancing. Like Janet and Theresa I will continue to wear a mask despite facing possible mockery or worse from strangers. I am assuming that on aircraft the mask requirement will remain indefinitely. However should such a requirement be lifted I still would wear one on an aircraft Looking back at pre-pandemic times, I always seemed to catch a cold or chest infection on a plane.

  54. Blimey Jon, cant you give it a rest with your constant Brit poking and caricature of the British holidaymaker? Every country has its own rules – the Uk at present insists visitors from Spain take covid tests before arrival and quarantine afterwards so we’re not vastly different from others. We’re all in this together, so
    same as the vast majority I am quite happy to wait until everyone is safe before travelling abroad.
    Some holidaymakers are idiots, same in every country, but they dont speak for most of us.

  55. Great news about needing a negative PCR test. What I don’t understand is why someone who has had a vaccine needs no test, can they not pass on covid? Surely it would make sense to make sure everyone has a negative test if they are travelling.

  56. “Spain won’t shut US out! They can’t cope withoiut the Brits…” (As I recall a few muppets saying OVER a year ago.)

    Well, it seems that, yes, yes we can.

  57. I see that the mask situation is being lifted a little but I’ll just continue wearing one whenever I go through my front door – you can’t guarantee someone else won’t come within 1.5 m – I’ll feel semi undressed without one anyway!! Let’s see how things progress after next week when we’re invaded by people from the peninsula!

    1. Author

      I’m the same Theresa, it will make no difference at all to me! Covid is confirmed now to be airborne and as such will remain in the air even if the carrier has moved away. Any of us could walk through droplets left by someone coughing in that precise spot just minutes before. It’s the principle behind the apparently “correct” way to put on perfume … spray the air in front of you and then walk through it … and the scent in the droplets sticks to you! Masks, or scarves at the very least if they lift the measure entirely, will be part of my life from now on, and I have no problem with that!

  58. Respecting others and being compliant. Now wouldn’t that be nice ……. for a change.

  59. Alan Rayner – many UK airports now have facilities for Covid tests of various types, including antigen. Collinson seem to be the main operators, and offer antigen tests for £40 with results in 45-60 minutes.

  60. > All national and international visitors to regulated tourist
    > accommodation in the Canaries must present at
    > reception on arrival:
    > proof of vaccination
    > OR negative test – antigen acceptable.

    How can one achieve this?
    Negative PCR tests are confirmed by official certificates
    but antigen tests are self-administered.
    Is is permissible to conduct a “lateral flow” test at the
    reception counter and wait there for result?

    1. Author

      There must be some antigen tests that are not self-administered, Alan … they are only accepting certificates about authorized tests from authorized labs, but explicitly include antigen. It¡s all increasingly focused on vaccination proof now, anyway.

  61. unfortunately, I can see WHY the rumours leapt to life….

    El Pais has already decided that both Niñas have been killed and wrote their, (rather foolish), headline accordingly. My instant thought was “They’ve found Ana…” but common sense cut in and I thought perhaps read it all…. and so it goes on to clarify… a little, that no one else hs yet been found….
    I do wish “Journalists” would use just the tiniest bit of thought.

  62. Don’t see the logic of a covid passport unless you plan to travel during a global pandemic and if you plan to do that then logic doesn’t even enter the equation.

    1. Author

      Agree Ray, oddly I’ve been thinking the selfsame thing about the certificate to “prove” vaccination …

  63. It is impossible for me, as a father of two, to imagine the turmoil inside the head of a man who could “dispose” of his children with such coldness.
    Whatever happened to cause this dreadful tragedy must be understood, hopefully to head off another such event.
    My heart is heavy this morn on the receipt of such terrible news.

  64. Bravo a Salud Canarias. QR codes are now live.

    If you have miHistoria app on your phone… Log in, select miHistoria from the bottom of the screen and directly above is the Cert. Verde icon. Click and then “Obtener QR” or “Obtener PDF”….. simples.

  65. DigitalCovid Passport as an addition to my previous comment – if you have only had your 1st off 2 shots of Vaccine you can still get a Covid Passport Certificate – I downloaded my wife’s too .

  66. Janet, we love this website and use it all the time, we wish you all the best for your retirement. Hopefully by next March we might also be joining all of you in Tenerife. thank you for all you have done.

  67. Digital Covid Certificate – checked at 08:00 this morning on Mi Historia & Certificate+Qr is there – wonderful.
    Thanks for Info Janet .

  68. “proof of vaccination – either of the complete required dose for the vaccine they received within the previous 8 months …” so if you got the vaccine 9 months before travel it doesn’t count? 🤦🏼‍♀️

    1. Author

      that is indeed what it says, so the answer is obviously that it does not count.

  69. DGC
    However, I shall be stunned if the UK gov even recognises its existence never mind accepting it for travel!

    1. Author

      I haven’t bothered thinking about this too much let alone researching it but as an EU doc, it seems to me that the only impact the UK can have on it is to reduce numbers of tourists to the UK, surely that’s not desirable. The UK can’t take part in the EU scheme, of course, but if they don’t accept it then EU tourists will presumably go elsewhere rather than getting a test or whatever rules are in place, and that’s without the current press that British border control is getting re EU nationals …

  70. Janet, I wish you all the best for your retirement. Without all your help and information there is no doubt we wouldn’t be living on this wonderful and beautiful island. Thank you.

  71. Whilst we can all wish Janet a wonderful “retirement” (in
    a very appropriate setting) there is also in prospect a
    sense that this valuable community asset may be lost.

    The answer is succession. Is there anyone who would be
    willing to be trained by Janet to operate the site in future?
    More importantly, would Janet be willing to train someone
    to be her successor as host of “In Tenerife”?

    Of course Janet would be a hard act to follow. It has been
    truly amazing to observe the diligence for detail that she
    has applied to an inordinately wide range of subjects. Few
    of us would have the skills to follow and to understand the
    BoE or other pronouncements in Spanish and also to scan
    relevant material from English languages sources as well.

    Ideally someone will be able to follow in her footsteps but
    if necessary reinvention may be required or a team may
    be needed. In addition to addressing the material, there is
    also a need to understand how to control the software!

    We all owe a great debt to Janet for her initiative so many
    years ago – and for her ongoig commitment in ensuring
    continuity. The greatest memorial would be to ensure that
    a continued forum for community information will remain
    accessible to those who have an association with Tenerife
    and who have English as their primary laguage.

    Whilst we have “the Local” as a general source of information about Spain overall, Janet has provided
    a more locally-focused and interactive forum that must
    have proved of benefit to thousands.

    Speaking personally, it was this site that provided me
    with a understanding that my Registro is not JUST
    an NIE but also evidence of a right to residence. That
    alone allowed me to put other things into context.

    What can we do to express our appreciation?

    1. Author

      Thanks Alan, there are some lovely sentiments behind that comment! One issue with this website is that the domain name is my name and so I’d be reluctant to let it carry on under this URL in my name but done by someone else. BUT I am more than happy to contemplate some sort of future, or training scheme … it’s rather flattering even to contemplate that it would take a team to replace me but I’m up for whatever training might be required and assistance with taking ideas forward. Open to any ideas, really, but for myself this now has to be a very part-time enterprise rather than the double-full-time/minimum-full-time-and-a-half hours that I’ve been putting in (not just on this website, naturally) over the past decade and a half.

      edit: I should have said …. thank you so much to everyone else who’s commented too, your words have been just lovely to read!

  72. Thank you Janet, you’ve been (and hopefully still will be…) an invaluable source of information. I’d say put your feet up and enjoy your retirement but I know you won’t, but enjoy a glass or 3 on me…

  73. Thanks for your input and advice over the many years, your resources have been a wonderful aid tp many !
    Enjoy your well earned step back to sanity & me time & the chance to enjoy your choices !

  74. Hi Janet.
    Thanks for all your information.
    it has been very helpful.
    Holiday to Tenerife is booked for September so keeping fingers crossed, we have had two postponed so 3rd time lucky!
    Enjoy your well earned rest.

  75. Lady of the Community, Lady of Leisure, whatever, you are a Beautiful Lady having done so much for so many over the years….Stay Safe Janet

  76. Janet, Thank you for all your invaluable help and advice; the common sense and logic in this crazy world. Take the time to indulge living on these wonderful Islands – a much deserved rest. We raise a glass to you (and the chickens!)

  77. From Facebook to here you have helped so many decipher the at times confusing info and often misleading interpretations of the mainstream media.
    We thank you.
    Hope you enjoy the time ahead. Deserved. X

  78. I give it a fortnight! 😂😂
    Seriously though, as a “Gentleman of Lee-sure”, married to a Seventy-three year old teenager who has dragged me into severe insanity with her antics, (You’re not really supposed to turn cartwheels on the pavement at that age, especially when it results in kicking a cyclist in the ear coz you didn’t look first!), let me say, you deserve every minute of peace. So do the chickens, and it’s probably a close call on which of you will get fed up with the other first!

  79. Janet, your ‘me time’ is well deserved and well overdue. It’s time to chill with something chilled, time to take things slower, time to appreciate every moment of every day. You deserve it.

  80. I am glad that you have decided to take a rest.
    We have been wondering just how you much time you devoted to this demanding site.
    Enjoy your time , there will plenty to do,
    as in having fun and no dead lines for once.
    Eric and Veronika

  81. Take a deserved rest Janet. Thanks for all the time you have devoted to this web site .

  82. And well deserved it is, you have tirelessly put in so much time and effort to helping everyone get through such busy and worrying times.
    Time now to sit back, glass in hand, and relax.
    Enjoy your “Me time” and don’t forget that if you get too bored doing little, you can always write something to keep us informed or amused.
    Tenerife is a place to relax and unwind.
    Thanks again.

  83. Enjoy every minute of every day! There is nobody that deserves it more than you! Wishing you nothing but happiness and health as always xx

  84. Mr Varadkar is postponing restoration of the Common Travel area after advice from National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet). “The advice that we have is that there are real concerns about the prevalence of the Indian variant in Britain,”

    Are you listening Torres?

  85. No, no… I’m sure, the Earth is flat… Look! You can see the clouds falling off the edge…..

    Well, why not? It’s as likely as an ‘Honest Government”!

  86. I registered on the website 2 days ago to apply for the vaccination and received my appointment confirmation today via SMS for mid June at Mojon.
    As a 41yr old, I was surprised that my age group were being accepted so soon!

  87. Votes For Life!
    Bye Bye Boris!

  88. Votes for life, eh? And absolutely nothing to vote for. That’s a result, isn’t it?

  89. Changing to the TIE is fraught with problems for me it seems – they say I don’t have a property – I do, it was bought in 1987, the Escritura (28 March 1988) is old and out of date so I have to obtain Nota Simple and a few others odd complaints they raised. My Spanish is not up to legalities but an Escritura, when fully registered does not GO OUT OF DATE. I’m putting this on the back burner for a little longer! I’ve been registered with Ayuntamiento since 9 May 2002 (certificate to prove it and they confirmed this on telephone so I didn’t need to ensure property tax paid before I attended appointment for Certificado de Empadronamiento which I paid before meeting anyway) held Residencia since 16 July 2008 when it became absoutely essential. They just want me to jump through a couple of extra hoops. No doubt I’ll have to comply at some stage but I’ve had enough for this week!

  90. Menus, because the Spanish government said that the Certificado de Registro, the “green card” was as valid as the TIE. But that is proving not to be the case now.

    1. Author

      just to clarify … Spain didn’t say that. The EU and the UK said that, and it is embedded in the Withdrawal Agreement. Spain was merely repeating what the UK and EU had already agreed and contracted. And what that meant in this particular instance was that third-country rules (which the UK co-wrote when an EU member) would apply but that existing rights would be protected and existing registrations would not need to be repeated.

  91. Certainly, exchanging residencia for TIE was the easiest official process we have ever done and the card is just so much better. I have heard of people not wanting to bother and I find that puzzling too, but is up to them. Oddly, when I went for my vaccine, the triage guy asked for my “DNI or TIE”. May have been a slip of the tongue and other Brits with residencia were not challenged, obviously, but it does show that maybe officials can’t understand us not changing either.

  92. Stewart and others.
    ‘Not going to bother with TIE’ etc
    If you are legally resident WHY would you not bother?

  93. The Netherlands have Canaries on yellow list…. No quarantine and test voor return flight to Netherlands and till green certificate (first half july?) only PCR to the Canaries.

    1. Author

      Canaries on yellow list? ornithologically indisputable, I say. Sorry, just a cheep joke.

  94. We were not going to bother with getting a TIE but changed our minds for two reasons. The first was to get a document/card that specifically said we were permanent residents and the other was in response to our own and other people’s problems dealing with officials who were asking for a TIE rather than a Certificado de Registro. We did it in Santa Cruz and everything was very easy.

  95. Stewart, out of the 11 TUI flights scheduled from UK to Tenerife on Tuesday none landed according to flight radar. So don’t expect mass influx of UK tourists.

    1. Author

      I don’t know how reliable the reports are but I’m hearing many of these supposed flights are actually being cancelled very late on.

  96. I live in Cristianos and, fortunately for me it’s still very quiet, the rules still in force make it perfectly OK for me to be my usual anti social self! I know some of our Brit owners in my building are planning on visiting early June, and whilst bars etc. are in dire need of tourism – did I hear travellers from the peninsula are to be restricted, or was that just wishful thinking? – however, they don’t help bars and restaurants very much (according to Spanish owners of such places I’ve known for 30 years) Last year (July and August) they were the main cause of the spike in numbers in September from which we’re still recovering – I hope there will be no repeat this year! Hopefully this year WILL BE better with vaccinations etc. (even I got my first dose yesterday after a few words with the person administering it who insisted I was born in 1952 and didn’t want to accept I was actually born in 1951 – should have taken my birth certificate!) but when we’re all fully dosed up it SHOULD make life a little more, dare I say it, normal! Meanwhile I’m staying clear of busy places (not too many of them at present anyway!) Stay safe everyone.

  97. Stewart. Easyjet are operating very few flights during June. Jet2 are not flying until 24th June. I don’t think Ryanair have any extra flights so its unlikely that the place will be over crowded. The charges for tests together with quarantine restrictions will stop a lot of people travelling.
    I would imagine that the flights might be carrying retired people who aren’t too worried about quarantine and second home owners like us desperate to make sure our properties are OK. We have decided to wait a little longer until the rest of Europe have brought down their cases and more of the population have been vaccinated.

  98. Wonderful video from the flight deck! Proper flying by Pros. Thanks guys (And Gals), you do a fantastic job.

  99. I counted 13 TUI flights from around the U.K. to Tenerife today. I think I will stay well away from the popular resorts just in case. I’m waiting for my second vaccination.

  100. Thank you Janet. Agree 100%. Now the French are considering entry restrictions/bans on Brits and who can blame them. Current vacination progress doesn’t justify open travel yet and emerging varients add an extra layer of uncertainty. We all understand that we will have to learn how to live with covid because it’s not going to go away but the case for allowing intrnational travel at this point in time cannot be supported on medical grounds

  101. So Spanish law makers think it’s appropriate to allow Japanese visitors to enter the country whereas Reuters reports today; No one’s safe anymore: Japan’s Osaka city crumples under COVID-19 onslaught.

    How many people are they prepared to let die in the race to support the bloody tourist industry?

    1. Author

      Have a listen to today’s podcast, Ray, I have a bit on there about this announcement by Spain, just hours before Germany closed the door on UK arrivals because of “variants”. To my mind Spain was bounced by its own hotel industry into this, and the announcement was politically and sectorially timed and placed to have maximum impact … for the benefit of the tourism industry. Not us …

  102. Ken Shade exempifies a brewing problem and Janet is to be
    commended for consistent emphasis that travel between
    UK and Tenerife has rules at BOTH ends and that compliance
    with BOTH is essential for a successful outcome.

    The Spanish rules from 24th May will allow travellers from
    UK to enter Spain easily – but will they get back into UK?

    The return journey will require THREE tests. The two back
    in UK (days 2 and 8) are easy to arrange but what is being
    done to assist normal UK tourists to arrange a PCR-test
    on Tenerife – especially for those with low proficiency in
    use of Spanish? Will they wish to spend their vacation
    researching test providers?

    The tests involve an overhead of around £250 per person
    which is a significant cost. Even transfer of Spain to the
    “green list” would reduce this only by eighty pounds or so
    but would also avoid need for quarantine.

    UK context is that vacations to green list are OK – but
    are all potential passengers aware of the rules? Will
    we soon be reading of UK residents being denied
    re-entry or facing huge fines for non-compliance?

    Thus, despite it not being the function of this site, it is
    important to refute any suggestions such as those
    made by Ken that travel will be easy. I came back
    from TFS to UK this week and am now in ten-day
    quarantine in UK having paid £189+€90 for tests
    – far more than the cost of the transport! Moving
    Spain onto a “green list” would not remove such
    costs – only reduce them somewhat.

    This is sad for the tourist industry but realistic and
    potential travellers need awareness before they
    commit to international travel.

  103. This site is not about travel as such but many residents
    of Tenerife will travel occasionally outside Spain and so
    it is useful to know what to expect.

    On Friday I travelled from TFS to UK. There were only
    twenty passengers (giving us three rows each!). When
    we arrived at BRS we were faced by eight desks for
    Border control – although only four were in use. I was
    the last of the twenty in the queue.

    We cleared the process within fifteen minutes – some
    passengers taking more time than others. I was asked
    for my proof of PCR test but not questioned about the
    “Locator” form as, apparently. it had been pre-checked
    by association with my passport details.

    Thus I was able to catch a ‘bus thirty minutes after the
    time of touchdown. However, this would not have been
    possible had the flight been full – even with all eight
    desks being used. Mathematics suggest that a flight
    with nearly two hundred people would have taken
    over an hour to process.

    Our flight was the sole international arrival on Friday
    but “normally” there would be several flights due to
    arrive during each of most daylight hours. Implied by
    this would be a long wait to cross the border. Tales
    of hours waiting at Heathrow gain credibility. With
    a large number the scope for social distancing in the
    queue would be limited – with a likelihood of there
    being an overwhelm of the facility.

    Had I needed to wait for a couple of hours, it is
    likely that I would not have had time to reach my
    place of quarantine that same evening and so a
    Plan B would have been necessary.

    Conclusion – be prepared for a long wait at UK
    border once travel restrictions are substantially

  104. Regarding how to get evidence of vaccination. We were vaccinated last Sunday (16th) and were advised to wait”a few days ” then visit local health centre. We went to Consulorio in Los Cristiano’s on Wednesday (19th) and were issued with certificates. Remember to take your TIE with you.

  105. Mary. Vax certificates.
    IF you have a digital certificate, go to
    Sign in with your digitificate
    Select “Vacunas” from the top line
    Select Cartilla de Vacunación
    Save it as a PDF or Print it or admier it for a few minutes etc. Ours was there within hours of second vac.

  106. Ken Shade – it’s almost like they are deliberately confusing things. FCDO advice is separate from the traffic light system and does not overrule it.

    Spain, including the Canary Islands, is still on the amber list so, unless and until that changes, you would definitely need to follow those restrictions (testing, quarantine, etc) when travelling to and from the Canaries.

  107. I agree with Ray that we still are in the midst of a global pandemic and I personally don’t understand this rush to leisure travel. At present any sense of normality seems very far removed as I sit in Glasgow where in my postcode case rates are running at over 1000 per 100,000 and I can’t leave my local authority area. So once again, after only a couple of weeks of visits, I can’t visit family 40 miles away, let alone fly to Tenerife! So I think Spain may regret allowing tourists to enter from the U.K. with zero requirements, at least initially. All the more so since Germany has now banned entry from the U.K. other than for returning residents. Also all the confusion over what I might be required to produce to enter Spain is frying my brain. The very earliest I might be returning to Tenerife is the end of November when I have a flight rolled over from 2020. Perhaps by then, if I decide I am ready to travel, it will at least be clear what would be required. I was thinking this morning of how I might have to ask my key holder to retrieve and scan an electricity bill so I had something to show at border control to prove I was going to stay at my own property. This isn’t a complaint about having to comply with border control requirements, not a problem, just a plea for clarity and certainty which hopefully will exist by the time I’m ready to don a full hazmat suit and board a plane!

  108. Hello Janet
    Thanks again for providing an excellent website. In relation to the confusing travel advice, regarding the Canary Islands. I have noticed that the FCDO stated on their website “Foreign Travel Advice” “Spain” dated 21 May 2021, they say ” The FCDO advises against all but essential travel to Spain, including the Balearic Islands but excluding the Canary Islands, based on the current assessment of Covid-19 risks”. So does this latest advice from the FCDO clarify that it is now ok to book flights from the UK to Tenerife? and return back without any need for quarantine back in the UK?

    1. Author

      Good question, Ken. Spain is on the UK’s amber list so my understanding is that quarantine will be required even though the UK currently excludes the Canaries from its travel advice. But that’s my understanding and not confirmed by the UK. To support my understanding, only two or three days ago the Canarian President was arguing for the Canaries to go on the green list so I do not believe we are on it at present. Certainly he was saying that Tenerife and Lanzarote were holding things back with their case figures so even if some islands were green, Tenerife won’t be.

  109. Following the statement from Pedro Sánchez concerning “British tourists” being allowed into Spain after midnight on 24th May without the requirement of producing a negative PCR test result. It appears that a fear factor has come into play by way of potential British travellers worrying as to how the Spanish Border Force may apply their interpretation to the ruling.
    I include myself amongst the concerned British travellers as to how things will play out on arrival to Tenerife. I have had the two “jabs” last month and although I have had to cancel a PCR test 4 times recently due to changing restrictions…I will still be having a PCR test carried out prior to travelling to Tenerife on 3rd June…hopefully this will cover most, if not all, eventualities concerning entering Tenerife.

  110. And, to state the bloody obvious (yet again), we are still in the midst of a global pandemic so tourisim and any other unnecessary international travel should not even be on the agenda.

  111. Janet, I realise this question might not be within your remit to be able to answer, but do you know how we can get written evidence of having had both vaccines? All I was given after mine was a plaster lol.

    1. Author

      Yes, apparently we are to leave it a fortnight and then request one from our health centre.

  112. Agree Janet but as we have seen and said many times, it’s the first point of contact (border force personnel) who make the decisions and clearly they were not satisfied in the case you mention. Job offers are fine but work visas are the requirement as far as i am aware.

    As for visitors, bit like the Italian NHS consultant who complained when his niece was detained after she arrived from Italy, she should have had a letter of invitation. EU and UK should have the same entry requirements. That’s my point.

    1. Author

      This is what worries me about the latest confusion about British visitors to Spain … from 24 May with nothing and then only if vacced from 7 June? Makes no sense, and no response from authorities … and it’s border control at the sharp end, with the tourists … :/

  113. The requirements for entry to Spain, or any other EU nation state, by a 3rd country national should and must be respected. Fully agree with your comment “it should keep very clearly in mind that reciprocity is baked into every part of every agreement that formed part of Brexit.” Quite right. I only wish that the UK rigorously implimented/upheld reciprocity such as ‘letter of invitation’. If they did that then the nasty practice of detenton could rightfully and legally be replaced by refusal of entery by UK border staff. That would see off any compaint of unfair or unjust treatment to 3rd country nationals from the EU, or anywhere else come to that, who are attempting to enter the UK illegally.

    1. Author

      Totally agree, Ray. But when the UK imprisons a Spanish 16 year old seeking au pair work without a visa – when a visa is not required for the au pair interview she was attending – the UK needs to look to its own rules and abide by them. You don’t win friends as a country by insisting on rights you deprive everyone else of. I imagine it’s fair to say that all countries need to ensure that their border control staff are up to speed with their own national requirements.

  114. Janet. Thankyou for your 5pm update today regarding the return of UK tourists to the Canaries
    With all the confusing comments today in the UK media it is brilliant that you bring clarity to the situation

  115. Seen and heard nowt. Nothing on the news…. Just celebrating yours as “El Primer fuego forestal del año”… Honestly, it makes a change from the norm. but you have to grin.
    The presenter is currently trying to convince the audience that “Televisión es magia”…. I looked in the back of ours but I’m damned if I can find the wizard 🧙‍♀️.

  116. I can see the smoke from the Arico fire over Guía de Isora. Maybe also smell a little smoke in the air here in Playa de San Juan.

  117. Keep a bucket of water handy and get some crumpets out ready!
    Stay safe over there.

    1. Author

      You have one in GC too Jon, today, I think.

  118. Arrived early for 12.30 appointment for second Pfizer shot at Magma Centre. Long queue. Still no shade. The girl providing security was very helpful, but it’s wait in the sun or go home and call 012. Why oh why has it proved impossible to mitigate this?

    1. Author

      All anyone can do is take their own shade. This really is feeble by the Magma management.

  119. In the CanaryCast of 17 May, mention was made of the
    delights of spending part-year working from “home” in
    these Fortunates Isles. This is indeed an appealing prospect but – is it legal for UK nationals?

    UK nationals do not require a visa for 90/180 trips that are
    for tourism/leisure purposes but this is for the purposes
    of work – and not just incidentally so (eg taking a telephone
    call or responding to an e-mail whilst on vacation) – which
    probably means need to comply with social security and
    similar legislation in Spain and could have implications
    in UK as well (I am not an employment lawyer!).

    Are there any general principles applicable to these sorts
    of arrangements? Under terms of reciprocity might such
    arrivals be despatched to a detention centre in Spain?

    1. Author

      If a non-EU national is coming here for work they need a visa … whether they’re British or not. EU nationals can come here without restriction. That the UK is in the former category was the UK’s choice, and legally is something they now have to sort out with added complications. I note your assumption that the post is for the British but in fact my posts have always been for any English-speaking person to read, not just the British who have made their own situation well-nigh impossible but, as I say, that was their choice. The Canaries are not trying to tempt the British specifically to come here to work as teleworkers but anyone, especially EU nationals for whom there are no added complications … and so you could say they were trying to attract anyone BUT the British! C’est la vie de brexit …

  120. With Spain being Amber on the UKs Travel list and people booked to travel from May 30 (possibly)and with the prospect of Green status looming one’s thoughts turn to tourism returning to Tenerife
    Despite not being able to become residents last year we appreciate existing residents will have mixed feelings about this!
    Reading that Spain’s Tourism Minister is talking about entry to Spain without a PCR test is worrying, although we seem to remember that Minister’s comments being somewhat anticipatory and we still have no announcement regarding those who are fully vaccinated from both Governments although I understand it may be part of the EUROPEAN travel Certificate?
    Then we have the UKs requirement for a PCR test to return to the UK and the many questions around this!
    All something to look forward to ?
    We’re not convinced yet!

    1. Author

      All interested parties are trying to talk up tourism in the midst of a situation that is fluid and unpredictable. I prefer to wait – and ask that everyone else does to – for firm announcements rather than engage in speculation which generates confusion … and then generates queries and confusion, and I’m not dealing with travel confusion any more, I’m afraid.

  121. Dunno about putting shade up at Magma….. I would imagine anyone with an umbrella there today would count themselves lucky not to be accosted for their red shoes in Kansas.
    By The Lord Harry, tis draughty today!

  122. “Fears loom in Spanish tourism industry as restrictions in Britain, Germany threaten summer rebound”
    (Headline from El País.)
    So, it seems it wasn’t JUST the UK who thought that only their problems and restrictions mattered. It seems the Spanish too thought that as soon as they said ok, everyone else would too. This world gets pottier every single day.
    Seems no one else, certainly in the Regional government wants to try my idea. Can’t say I’m shocked. Not easily shocked any more….. At my age waking up each morning comes as a pleasant surprise!
    Hope “El Señor” is less broken than he was?

    1. Author

      mucho mejor hoy 😉

      And yes, the world has gone for full potty mode …

  123. Hi Janet,
    Thank you for the information about Leroy Merlin opening in Adeje in September. This is a major boost for people looking for jobs in Adeje as well as for us future customers. (My husband has been waiting for the last 10 years for this store to open in the South). We have seen the building which we think is to be Leroy Merlin taking shape over the last few months when we drive up from Callao Salvaje towards Adeje town. It seems our assumption was correct.

  124. Good morning
    I have read this thread with amazement.
    This is our HOME.
    We took the simple (and legal) route by having NIE/Green certificate – and learned (passible) local language. Registered, of course, with S1 and find Health Service very, very good. In fact EXCELLENTE.
    Had appointment phoned from surgery in Las Chafiras for yesterday at San Isidro – my wife was due at 5.30 and i was due at 3.30(??). Went at 3.20pm and they gave both of us our vaccine. 3/4 weeks for second.
    Friendly and professional people

    Nothing but praise for Spain and their dealings with immigrants (us) and other people happy to be here and follow Spanish/European rules in their Spanish home.

    1. Author

      I agree and with that, and with that and the fact that the system now seems to be working, albeit with a few teething problems, I think we can move on now and not just keep repeating the same things because the information is confirmed and clearly effective.

  125. You can get appointments quite easily in Santa Cruz but Las America’s is difficult. I think we had to wait about three weeks for our appointment in Santa Cruz which we attended last Tuesday. There was no queue and as soon as we arrived two people came out and confirmed our names and appointments and took us in 20 minutes early. They were very pleasant and it only took ten minutes to complete the process. You can book an appointment online, go tonDiana McGlones website the one stop problem shop where there is an explanation of the process and a link to the appointment website.

  126. How long does it take to get an appointment with the police to commence residencia process?

    As property owners we already have an NIE number. We have been living here since before the Brexit deadline & applied for residencia early March via a gestor providing all the relevant documentation. As UK pensioners we have our S1 forms therefore we have no requirement to have private healthcare.

    We are being told by the gestor that calls are being made to the police every morning and afternoon seeking police appointments however to date none are available & we are advised it is an unknown how long this situation may continue.

    In the absence of a TIE we are unable to register for state healthcare and accordingly are in a state of limbo in relation to COVID vaccine protection which is a matter not covered in any previous posts on this site.

    Grateful if you can offer any advice and support

    1. Author

      Appointments are like hen’s teeth, I understand. I’m afraid that since I don’t do this work I am as reliant as you are on those who do do it for their reports, and as you are being told, none are available and it is unknown how this will proceed. Sorry but they are dealing with a rushed backlog because of people needing to legalize their situation because of Brexit and then covid came too.

  127. Janet just to say applied for registration to Salud on Sunday 9th online .Accepted monday Tarjeta on Tuesday and vaccine today.
    What more can I say
    First class treatment from start to finish
    Thank you Espanol Salud
    Tom Reid
    Great service you do
    Pity it is being abused by people for there own self opinionated purposes

    1. Author

      Thanks Tom, that is so good to read!

  128. My wife (51 y.o.) and I (60 y.o.), are new residents, having arrived here last September to settle permanently, and getting ‘over the line’ just in time before the Brexit deadline. We are not yet eligible for state healthcare here, so having been alerted by this site (many thanks) of the latest vaccination developments, today went to register for vaccination at the Botanico clinic in Puerto. After a bit of a ‘Pythonesque’ attempt on the part of the staff member who dealt with us to obfuscate what we were actually after, I (hopefully) was registered, but, alas not my wife, who was told to return in due course, so a surprise to read of ARI’s success in registering as a 42 year old! Good work! Obviously there are still some discrepancies between centres in how to process registration.

  129. I’m 42 years old with private medical insurance. Registered today in los Cristianos urgencias for covid 19 vaccine with my NIE, pasaporte and empadronamiento. They put me in to vaccine list and sayd that they will call me when it’s my turn to get injection. So, for now on this should work for eweryone who’s with private insurance. Hope this help those who need to get vaccinated sooner than later.

  130. Am I alone in feeling it somewhat a waste of time and money appealing the High Court ruling?
    Figures all over Europe suggest the end is nigh and the rate of vaccinations has risen to a very respectable level now. Hospital admissions and UCI levels have dropped and should continue to do so as us near-death people become immune.
    At some point, realistically, we have to start some form of experiment along the lines of trusting the population to be sensible. A difficult one I know… “the population” doesn’t lend itself to being trusted, nevertheless it’ll have to eventually be so.
    Is now the right time? Perhaps a month down the line? Maybe a year? Hmmmm. Well, why not now. It’s the only way to tell if it’s going to be viable.
    I’m not suggesting a wholesale hugging festival as appear to be the (Mildly insane) press-pack howl in the DUK*, but some gentle attempt to discover if we are fit to return to “society”. Man is a convivial beast and does like to be touchy-feely but, on the whole, inclined to be sensible if challenged to it.
    I know full well that I live in an almost empty village on the side of a volcano on an island surrounded by ocean with a prevailing wind that keeps my air clean and fresh……. Apart from the occasional airborne camel flown in on the back of Calima!
    What better place to test the theory? Hold an online vote if necessary, just to shift the blame from the governing bodies. Must be possible in this digital age.
    Perhaps the general view is still otherwise. I’m just disputing the need to spend money no one has, to achieve an end that may not be required.
    As always, I’m happy to be called the names that many will throw.

    DUK: DisUnited Kingdom

  131. Narry a thing. One bruise between us and taking good care of that. Thanks.

  132. Great news that there is now a system in place for people with only private insurance to register to get the vaccine. It will be a huge relief to anyone 60 or over, I’m sure, and will reassure anyone under 60 that at some time Sanidad will extend this arrangement to them also.

  133. Fair play to him. That’ll be the microchip settling in…. You should be able to tune him to Radio Gates shortly…. Or possibly, Radio Boris!
    You’ll know if that happens…. his hair will turn yellow and fly all over the place.
    Give him my regards eh? Tell him He’s got a lot to look forward to… Speaking in Parliament, selling Microsoft products…. 🤣🤣

    1. Author

      Thanks Jon! Hope you and Sheila haven’t had after effects from your own jabs!

  134. Morning! (Just!)
    How’s the patient this morn?

    1. Author

      Very sore arm, feverish, feels 300 years old, achey … real reaction this time!!

  135. Now how much of your husbands fever is psychosomatic? “You might feel bad….” Yup, feel like poo!
    Mind you. Even though I felt nothing, I still have quite a bruise nearly a week on!
    My sympathies to the man.

  136. Janet. I’m just waiting for the first one to say “But that’s in Ireland, not the UK”.
    Heh heh heh….( Evil laughter)

    1. Author

      Yeah well … boys will be boys, in Ireland and anywhere else! That at least is not behaviour particular to the EU or any third-country!!

  137. Author

    A bit of personal feedback of my husband’s second Pfizer vaccine this morning at our Health Centre. Pfizer requires three weeks between injections and he was allocated three weeks to the day by the health service. Nurse asked him if he’d had a reaction to the first vaccination and he replied that he had not felt the jab nor had the slightest reaction, and wondered at one point if he’d even been injected! She replied that he might well get a reaction this time then, and sharpish. He didn’t feel the jab but has been home just an hour and is already in bed, feeling feverish, sore arm, etc …

  138. Jon you gratuitously in your post referred to Britophilic “clowns” and to the 30 percent of Brits who took us out. We apparently have made “us” look like fools and are an embarrassment according to you. I think the conclusion I drew was fairly obvious and logical. Anyway that is all I have to say to you.

    1. Author

      Don’t know if you saw my retweet of that, Jon, but I am so tired of such behaviour … I know that’s not what the discussion is about but I’m a committed Europhile and everyone knows that anyway. But this sort of male loutishness, it’s just so uncouth, so lacking in any sort of respect, even self-respect.

  139. Snowbird – this could become a habit – agreeing with each other!! A number of Spanish think the EU is a good thing but there’s also quite a lot who don’t. I just wish Neddy Heath had kept us out of it in the first place – it could have avoided such a lot of **** hitting the fan since the country was actually given a say. Spain, and some other slightly less well off countries are not quite so enamoured with it now, without the UK not quite so much ‘cash to splash’.

  140. Why Snowbird, why? WHY do you immediately jump to Britains departure from participation in Europe? That’s over, at least until someone braver than Johnson takes the reigns in what little of a United Kingdom is left in a few years.
    So no, i don’t mean ‘A person who voted for Brexit”. Several people I know voted to leave. Many have now realised what a disaster that is turning into, some have become more and more radically charged about the issue due to the anticipated flood of removals of Johnny Foreigners which hasn’t happened, never will happen, and will in fact become exactly the opposite of the longed-for result.
    Gratuitous insults? Do you feel insulted? How odd. Why, exactly do you feel that way? Anyway, I prefer the 2nd definition of the word. “Free and Gratis”. It is certainly that.

    As for “Developing Country”….. I’ve never been ANYWHERE on this Earth where a country, any country, wasn’t developing. It’s what evolution is. We continue to strive to improve. Personally, I find the Spanish, at least, the Canarians here, to be considerably more “developed” than much of the British population.
    To be quite honest, I find the UK to be somewhere near the bottom of the development league.

  141. Hi Jon

    Britophilic Clown here, whatever that means. Gratuitous insults not really necessary are they? More suitable for Facebook. Perhaps you mean someone who voted for Brexit?
    Anyway the real reason in my opinion why so many Spaniards love the EU is that in 35 years due to the money being pumped in by net donors like the UK, Germany etc Spain changed from developing country status to the developed country it is today. My sister in law emigrated to Spain in 1970 and the developing country description is her description.

  142. Canarian chickens??
    We’ve got a lot of land here and we were wondering about chickens… Sheila being a farmers daughter, albeit a pig farmer. She had chickens as a little girl…. back before I caught her and corrupted her!
    Biggest problem with chickens is, I like chicken(s) AND I like eggs. Chickens stop laying them after they’ve been eaten.
    Ahh well. We do get given a few eggs from neighbours… Probably best not to tempt fate, or my waistline, wherever THAT has gone!

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