• Official free 24 hour helpline for any and all enquiries about covid in the Canaries is 900 112 061  
  • If you have covid symptoms or think you could be infected, do NOT attend a medical centre. Stay in your home/accommodation and call that free helpline or, in emergency, 112

Spain’s response to the covid pandemic is conducted through the autonomous regions’ health departments. In the Canaries, the regional Government has set alert levels 1-4 for the islands depending on case numbers and hospital and ICU admissions as well as fatalities. These data are all assessed by the Government frequently and regularly. Additional conditions may also be applied sometimes as necessary.

As a result, this is a complicated picture because apart from islands moving between the levels, the criteria for each level change too as needed, sometimes changing within days, if not hours, Everyone has to check, therefore, what the situation is in their particular case at the specific time that matters to them. These are the links for accurate official information:

  • Complete information for the public from the Canarian Government about covid19 in the Canaries including relevant phone numbers, links of interest, documentation, etc HERE.
  • Canarian Government law on measures in place until end of pandemic declared HERE 
  • Canarian Government official figures for covid in Canaries HERE
  • UK FCDO for travel advice concerning entry to Spain and return to the UK HERE
  • Passenger Location Form required for all arrivals HERE 
  • EU-defined high risk country arrivals information HERE   
  • Travelling to Spain HERE
  • Travelling to the Canaries HERE 

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