Last updated 29 July.

  • Official free 24 hour helpline for any and all enquiries about covid in the Canaries is 900 112 061  

Spain’s response to the covid pandemic is being conducted by the health departments in the autonomous regions within the framework of the national Government’s health policy. The Canarian Government has put the islands here in individual levels of alert depending not just on their case numbers but, increasingly, particularly on hospital and ICU admissions as well as fatalities. These data are all assessed by the Government frequently and regularly. The levels rise from 1 to 4, and there are also various additional conditions eg curfew, applied sometimes in different regions.

Since this is a complicated picture that not only alters as islands move between the levels but also as the criteria are adapted as required for the changes applied to each level, it is essential for anyone wanting to know the situation to check for themselves what applies to them because sometimes things vary from even one municipality to another. Now that the response is highly developed and rapidly changing as rules relax and tighten depending on variants, it is no longer possible to give a one-size-fits-all picture nor, more importantly, to act as an info desk in the slightest hope that the answer given will remain true in coming hours, let alone days.

So these are the links that will give you accurate and official information to know for certain at any given point what the situation is so that you can make decisions on your own behalf from your own confirmed reading.