7 January.

I know it can seem confusing with a state of emergency on the mainland, not applicable in the Canaries, but with Tenerife alone in the Canaries under Special Measures, and with Further and now Extraordinary Restrictions …

This is an attempt at keeping an up to date post for CURRENT restrictions in Tenerife – and only Tenerife. Whenever you might be looking at this post please check the date at the start of the post because that is the date it was last updated, and so will be the date of the restrictions as they are at that point … in case you see an earlier version screenshot of the post with outdated restrictions. These restrictions are in place until at least 14 January.

  • curfew between 10pm and 6am – public may not be out of doors within these times except for “essential activities” (effectively medical need, work requirements, going home, genuine need). 
    • travel between municipios is not actually banned but we advised not to go outside the one in which we live
  • groups of all kinds for all purposes limited to people living together unless using hotel or restaurant-type hostelry where service will be outdoors and with max 4 to a table 
  • bars or restaurants close at 10pm every night 
  • face masks must be worn by everyone of 6 years of age and above at all times and places regardless of distancing. Fabric masks are legal but if attending a hospital or doctor’s surgery, masks must be of the hygenic or surgical type from a chemist or sanitary provisions supplier
    • exemptions exist for swimming, sunbathing in a designated zone, eating, private vehicles occupied singly or by members of the same household, medical conditions (medical proof required – in Spanish because it will be Policía Local who’ll stop and fine you), working or exercising which makes wearing a mask impossible but mask must be carried to put on as soon as exempt activity stops  
  • Physical distancing of 2m wherever possible 
  • late night bars, nightclubs & discos closed, and crowd events banned  
  • sports and physical exercise in the open air can be carried out individually and provided that a 2m distance can be maintained at all times. No team sports, practice, or exercises may be carried out where a 2m distance cannot be guaranteed at all times 
  • entry to Tenerife is limited by a Spanish ban on non-resident UK arrivals to 2 February, by a Canarian decree restricting travel to and from national territory, and by the UK’s lockdown to at least March 

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