25 February.

This is an attempt at keeping an up to date post for current restrictions in Tenerife and the above date shows when it was last updated. Currently, Tenerife is in amber level 2 until 24.00h on 7 March, and the principal rules in place are as follows:

  • Curfew of 11pm to 6am, and although travel around the island is not banned, the public is asked to restrict movement as much as possible
  • face masks must be worn by everyone of 6 years of age and above at all times and places regardless of distancing. Fabric masks are legal but if attending a hospital or doctor’s surgery, masks must be of the hygenic or surgical type from a chemist or sanitary provisions supplier
    • exemptions exist for swimming, sunbathing in a designated zone, eating, private vehicles occupied singly or by members of the same household, medical conditions (medical proof required – in Spanish because it will be Policía Local who’ll stop and fine you), working or exercising which makes wearing a mask impossible but mask must be carried to put on as soon as exempt activity stops. 
    • anyone using catering establishments must wear a mask except at “el momento de la ingesta de alimentos y bebidas exclusivamente” (the point of eating and drinking exclusively)
  • social groups limited to six 
  • physical distancing of 2m wherever possible 
  • private cars can be occupied to a maximum allowed to be in a social group depending on the level. Masks must be worn if the occupants are from different households, and windows open or aircon switched on but with air drawn from outside, not recirculated interior air
  • time and capacity restrictions, distancing & hygiene rules apply in shops and offices including Government departments, bars and restaurants, cinemas, museums, churches, beaches, markets, gyms, casinos, etc. Prior appointments/pre-booking may be required 
  • catering establishments close by 11pm. Restricted service (indoor 50% capacity, terrace 75%), maximum six at a table, two at a bar
    • smoking banned outside bars, restaurants, etc., and in any outdoor public spaces unless smoker is alone, stationary, and with 2m cordon (smoking already banned by Spain in enclosed public spaces and outside schools, hospitals, etc)
  • late night bars, nightclubs & discos closed, and crowd events banned
  • sports and physical exercise in the open air can be carried out individually or up to a maximum of six in a group

To enter Tenerife:

  • all visitors must have previously completed a passenger location form (digital or paper, English or Spanish – see HERE) with their personal details including where they will be staying in Spain
  • all visitors from a high risk country must have a PCR or TMA test before they fly (see HERE)
  • in addition, anyone including residents checking into any regulated tourist accommodation in the Canaries – hotels, apartment complexes with receptions, rural hotels etc – must present a certificate showing a negative test result – this can be an antigen test but if arriving from outside the Canaries with a PCR test result evidently this can also be used for checking into the accommodation provided it is still no more than 72 hours old. Canarian residents can sign a formal declaration instead if they haven’t left the islands for at least a fortnight prior to checking into a hotel. Those checking into regulated tourist accommodation will also be required to download the track and trace RADAR app (see HERE)
  • all visitors from any other part of Spain outside the Canaries must have a PCR, TMA or antigen negative test result; residents in the Canaries returning home will have the test cost reimbursed (measure already extended more than once and currently in place to 24.00h, 5 April)
  • British nationals may not enter Spain by direct air or sea routes because of Spain’s ban on UK arrivals who aren’t resident which is in place currently until 5pm, 16 March; air arrivals from Brazil and South Africa have been added to the ban. The UK has also imposed measures which ban international travel except for essential reasons which do not include holidays: these are currently in place until further notice

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