Rosie’s diary

Here’s Rosie’s page … she has quite a few fans, so simply had to have a page of her own! Rosie is our podenco cross, and the diary below starts at 10 June 2012, the beginning of her life with us when she was just 6 weeks old. I have to say that we just love our Rosie – other people have i-pads, we have an x-pod! This is a breed (or a cross breed anyway) that people say is unhomeable. We’ve found ours to be a stubborn, pig-headed, opinionated, disobedient little madam … and loyal, loving, gentle, calm, affectionate, and incredibly intelligent!


These are the first two photos we have of her, taken 10 June, at 6 weeks old, just after moving in with us!

Just 12 days later, looking like she owns the place!

A week later she’s found one of the softest places in the house …

… which she enjoys while listening to music … this is a dog that SINGS!

By 18 July she’s doing guided tours of the garden ….. that monkey was one of her first toys, and it’s still loved!

and the latest, today 5 August …

22 August, trying to find some shade in the heatwave …

7 September, a rare bit of sunbathing … Rosie normally prefers shade, but after a couple of misty days in the hills, a bit of warmth was much appreciated!

18 September, Rosie has been to the vet today to be spayed. She’s fine, and is now home, though not liking her plastic hood thingy …

27 September, and she’s now very much back to normal, and is just back from the vet having had her stitches out and the hated lampshade removed!

12 October, very pleased with herself, and very rightly so, after being perfectly behaved on her first evening left alone in charge of the house.

28 October, Rosie has just experienced her first rain! She was playing in the garden when the heavens just emptied and the next we knew was that she was hammering ( literally!) at the door to come in. Frantic runs around the living room, attempts to dry her off with a towel. She’s had a shower before … but never in the garden! Life’s full of surprises when you’re a little poddy cross!

19 November, just 7 months old and her proud Podenco stance clearly shows the dog she’ll be as an adult. What a gorgeous girl surveying her territory!

23 November, Rosie has her own little patch of garden which she’s adopted as a treasure dump. It’s where she takes everything she finds while out exploring and which, being the hunting dog she is, she must bring home! We have a little pile of treasures, including an old plastic bottle, a brush head, a broken brush pole, various bits of wood, occasionally a plastic chicken (!)  … an “outdoor playthings” pile! Here she is like a dragon in its lair guarding its treasure!

18 December, Rosie now has a guard outpost, the end of our top wall at the lane, so one corner of our boundary, where she likes to sit keeping watch. It was only the other day after some shopping that I told her Father Christmas was coming soon: perhaps that wasn’t the cleverest idea  …..

26 December, Rosie has, um, overindulged … with (now) two Christmas dinners, presents, guests … . Here she is, feeling like she never wants to eat again, but with her new rabbit and ball, and in the second picture, that new collar.

12 March, we used to have a sofa, before it became Rosie’s bed/den/day lounger …

4 April, it’s coming up to Rosie’s birthday soon (the 20th), and I hope to have a comparison photo of her to post, but meantime, for a sense of scale, here’s one I’ve just found that we took when she first came to us in June last year.

20 April, it’s Rosie’s birthday today, and we have a cake, and walk by the sea to look forward to. Here’s a side-by-side of her at 6 weeks when she first came to us, and the other day in the nearest we could get to the same stance in the same place. Happy Birthday Rosie!

Rosie, 20 April 2012 – 21 April 2013. Descansa en paz y amor, angelito mía. Siempre estarás con nosotros.


  1. Janet,

    Thank you so much for putting Rosie on show! Having had dogs all our married life (almost 50 years now) we have to rely on enjoying other peoples, without the work!


  2. How Rosie has grown! Judging by the size of her paws in the last picture she’s going to grow a lot more before she is finished!!

  3. Well done for giving Rosie her own page, she deserves it, she looks simply adorable.

    Look forward to the regular updates.

  4. Author

    Thank you all 🙂

  5. Rosie has beautiful eyes. I have enjoyed looking at her pictures and reading her story. I am pleased that she has been given her own page.

  6. Love Rosie’s diary!! she’s a little star xxx

  7. Author

    ah thank you!!

  8. How lucky Rosie is to have found you. These dogs are badly treated in some areas of Spain. Looking forward to lots more photos

  9. Author

    Thanks Catherine, and of course, this is one area of Spain where Podencos are very badly treated. While they’re hunting it’s bad enough, but once they’re redundant, old or ill, their life is appalling. I would say the majority are dumped, and end up roaming in the countryside scavenging for food, or getting run over on the motorway … perhaps the kindest end really given the tragedy of their lives.

    Part of the problem seems to be the belief that they’re unhomeable. I’ve heard that said by an animal refuge here. There is also a belief, as expressed by our Canarian neighbour who owns Rosie’s mother, that they don’t make good pets, are just hunters, and as such aren’t really to be viewed with affection – they’re half starved to make them eager to hunt, only treated medically in so far as it makes them efficient, and live with only the most basic of comforts.

    It’s heartbreaking to see.

  10. I am involved with animal rescue on the island and have 7 Podencos at the moment. It is indeed very difficult to home them. People do not seem to realise they make wonderful, affectionate pets. I have friends in the UK and Luxembourg who have taken multiple rescued Podencos from me and are absolutley delighted with them. Yes, they are hunters but so are terriers! They are certainly the most used and abused dogs on this island.

  11. Hello Janet, Rosie is absolutely gorgeous! Shame that a lot of people, especially here in the Canaries, have a completely wrong image of Podencos. A friend of mine had a Podenco-Schnauzer mix, not exactly the most attractive dog ever, but this dog was one in a million. Found as a puppy in the mountains, full of fleas, maltreated by whoever had left it bound to a tree before it could free itself, a broken tail, the vets had given up on it. Cross-allergies, wild, would not tolerate kids or men with beards around it to start with, no way this dog could have been re-homed. Expected to live maximum 2-3 years.
    Against all odds, Yaiza lived til the age of 14 years and had to be put down due to severe arthritis and a beginning tumour. Yaiza was one of the most intelligent, caring, loving dogs I have ever met, so protective towards my daughter through all the years.
    Which shows how underestimated Podencos are.

  12. Author

    Hi Nic, and thanks! On lifespan, yes, I’ve heard exactly that. They can live up to 14 years … but their average lifespan in the Canaries is just 4. It’s distressing beyond measure.

  13. I LOVE Rosie’s Diary! I’m so glad she now has a dedicated page on your website – she’s such a gorgeous little lady 🙂 🙂

  14. Author

    She likes you too! 😀

  15. Rosie is lovely. We too have adopted a podenco, this is our second and we find them so loving. All they want is attention and care.

  16. Author

    Isn’t it so ironic that so few get homed? I agree completely – a little bit of care and affection is all it takes to make them absolutely contented.

  17. With all this upsetting news about the fires in Gomera and Tenerife give us all another picture of Rosie to make us smile. Thanks

  18. Author

    OK, will try to take one over the next few days 🙂

  19. Oooo, she’s grown so tall!

  20. Little Rosie is quickly becoming a beautiful and elegant young lady! 🙂

  21. Just love all the pictures of Rosie, she’s growing so fast and is so glossy and healthy! she’s had a traumatic few months with the fireworks and fires and calimas, all HEAT! let’s hope it all cools down soon xx

  22. She is looking beautiful

  23. Author

    Thanks all! She is a total joy, and I’m hoping at some point to get a video uploaded somehow of her singing … only ever to classical music, it seems!

  24. She’s just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing her with us! x

  25. She is simply beautiful and growing so fast. What a lovely young lady she is (and I bet she knows it!)

  26. Just looked through all the pics of Rosie, how she has blossomed! absolutely beautiful dog, and what a life ahead of her, lucky girl. Any news of her siblings? they won’t have been as lucky as Rosie, but hope they are thriving.

  27. Author

    Funnily enough we’ve seen them lately, at least we saw two sisters the other day, the black one and another brown one. They’re similar, but their coats don’t shine and they’re clearly less well grown. Her little brother we see almost every day – he’s a little thing, about half Rosie’s size, so quite stunted, but tough! He has stayed with the neighbour who owned the mother, and that neighbour keeps seeing Rosie and saying how beautiful she is … and we keep talking about vets, and “how much she eats” and how she likes the pillow in her bed … I don’t think he gets the message, though.

  28. Oh dear, well you can but try i suppose.I try to do the same thing with a neighbour who is quite clueless with her dogs.Even if it helps a little bit its worth trying.

  29. Poor Rosie she does look sorry for herself but I’m sure she will get lots of love and attention

  30. I also have an x-pod and she, like Rosie, is a beautiful animal and is very loving and intelligent.
    However, 9 months after getting her, she is still terrified of strangers having been very badly treated (and beaten) before being rescued.
    The only problem I have with her is that she does not like any dogfood and only wants to eat catfood!
    I go through a daily ritual of putting dogfood in the cat’s dish and trying to trick her into eating it.
    However, most times, she is too intelligent to fall for it.
    I would welcome any suggestions.

  31. Author

    Do you have a cat? If so, you might try putting it out of the dog’s reach. Maybe it’s the smell she likes, and so it might be worth warming up dog food slightly – food always smells more strongly when warm. Alternatively, or additionally, since cat food apparently has higher protein and fat content than dog food, try adding something to dog food with protein and fat … maybe some fatty cut offs from your own meat. Once you’ve established she’ll eat it, then you can reduce the human meat content bit by bit. Having said that, I always add some human food, maybe pilchards, chicken or egg, to Rosie’s second dried food meal of the day. Hope this helps …

  32. Has Rosie experienced any raindrops yet? 😀

  33. Author

    just a bit of drizzle, not a real downpour. We’re really looking forward to that!

  34. any updates on this little beauty? x

  35. Author

    Well the last photo was just 12 days ago … will take another one soon 🙂

  36. Thank you Janet….I´ve had a long hard day….just had a glass of red wine & read all about Rosie…..absolutely uplifting !!

  37. Thank you for your suggestion as to how to get my x-pod Amber to eat dog food instead of catfood. Warming the dogfood worked at first but she soon cottoned on! Now I am putting a bit of catfood on top of her food but that is not wholly successful – too clever for her own good.
    She was more curious about the rain than frightened, it was the cats who were disgusted (as expected).
    Give Rosie a cuddle from me.

  38. hahaha, absolutely funny, her first rain experience. kiba would not even consider to put one paw out when it rains. ( terrace door open, just the head goes in and out again…)

  39. Can we have another picture of Rosie to cheer us all up a little bit please?

  40. Author

    Yes, I was thinking about it only the other day. We’ve been lighting the fire the last few evenings so I thought to take one of her in front of it, but she doesn’t seem to be a fire-hugging dog! Will try over the next day or so.

  41. My young x-pod has boundless energy and is bored with the garden.
    Where can I safely and legally let her run free off her lead?

  42. Author

    The reality is that you can’t, at least not legally outside of your own property. There is no provision in the law for animals to be loose in public spaces, in fact there is specific legislation which I’ve linked to before prohibiting it. Further, if the animal is a dog, and it’s classified as potentially dangerous, being on a lead is not enough: it must also be muzzled.

    In practice, though, people frequently let their dogs loose for a run, usually on beaches. Even there, though, I’ve heard of police becoming more noticeably present, and more proactive in warnings and, in some cases, fines.

    We live in the mountains so Rosie runs freely on land that she considers hers in its entirety! If you have a dog that’s guaranteed to come when called (not a poddy’s strongpoint!) then I’d say the mountains were safest … at least in terms of you not being caught with her off her lead.

  43. Rosie looks very Regal and proud of herself!

  44. Author

    I’ve just added a couple more today …

  45. She is definitely guarding her treasure here and daring you to try and take it away! As per my previous comment, she just looks so proud. Beautiful dog.

  46. Rosie IS a very beautiful girl – I can’t believe how much she has grown.
    Obviously not the same litter as my x-pod Amber who seems much smaller.
    She is also different in that she comes when she is called but buries a bone the minute she gets it – never to be seen again. Oh, well, you can’t
    win them all!

  47. Oh she’s gorgeous! I’m sure Rosie is on Father Christmas’ good girl list. Maybe she can hear the sleigh bells already 😀

  48. I hope these pictures encourage more people to have one of these lovely dogs. She looks like a real character.

  49. Author

    Thank you both, and Catherine I so agree! I remember seeing the wonderful Accion del Sol and being very impressed, but so saddened by the sight of a pen full of Podencos. People don’t think they’re homeable, and indeed they are proud, independent, individual and characterful … but that can make for a wonderful companion pet, if not a lapdog, and the love and affection they offer is second to none.

  50. Author

    I’ve updated the page with a couple of photos taken today, Boxing Day … Rosie feeling full to the brim with Christmas food and excitement …

  51. She’s a beauty, Janet. I’d lost track of you for a few months, so this is the first time I’ve heard about her. I know someone else who has one which was abandoned, though young, and he is very lovable compared to many of the dogs I meet when out dog-walking! If I ever decide on another dog then I would definitely put podencos top of my list!

  52. Author

    that’s excellent to hear, Linda! I hope Rosie’s page, apart from getting her the fame she deserves 😀 will serve to make podencos familiar to people, and let them discover how wonderful these dogs are!

  53. Happy New Year to you all. Thank you so much for Rosie’s page, every year I ask for a whippet for Xmas and no luck so far. It’s a pleasure to share in Rosie’s story looking forward to more in 2013.
    Regards carolmac

  54. Oh, what a gorgeous dog! Have a great 2013, Janet.

  55. Hope Rosie will be OK!!

  56. Author

    she’s on the sofa, disgusted with the weather, which has now soaked her twice … 😀

  57. For the first time have just viewed Rosie’s pictures and they are really lovely. Thank you for your efforts to share your obvious joy with us and having read of some of the abuse these dogs are subjected to, hope eventually some of these poor animals fare better than at present.

  58. Author

    Thanks Angie … it’s coming up to time for another photo I think!

  59. Author

    I’ve updated Rosie’s diary with a photo I took last night. She’s taken over the sofa completely now, and my poor husband has to ask permission to sit in his own place! Thanks to him for agreeing to me posting a photo of his subservience … ! 😀

  60. Rosie has definitely taken over and now rules OK!! As I have said before, what a lucky dog she is and I’m sure you are totally besotted.

  61. Author

    Thanks Catherine. Yes, she is, and yes, we most definitely are! 😀

  62. Author

    I’ve updated with a “baby Rosie” photo today … more to come in 16 days, when it’s her first birthday!

  63. Very Happy Birthday Rosie, hope you have many more.

  64. Happy Birthday Rosie, I hope you’re going to be spoilt rotten today because you deserve it 🙂

  65. Hi Janet

    I am so sorry to hear the sad news of Rosie’s demise. Please accept my heartfelt condolences I know the agony you and Jeremy will be going through. xx

  66. Author

    Thanks Sal … literally “unbearable” right now. I couldn’t post yesterday because I just couldn’t do anything yesterday other than cry, but sharing it today is helping, even if only by the sympathy causing even more tears.

  67. I am devastated to hear about Rosie. I hope you try to find who laid the poison. If anyone can find out, it will be you. They should be brought to justice. Deepest sympathy.

  68. Author

    Our neighbour, her “granddad” is a Canarian born and bred in the village where we both live. He is on a mission now, and in such a community, he’ll find out. He is devastated at the loss of his little dog, Rosie’s brother, too. And of course he never lost touch with Rosie. He saw her every day when he went from his house in the village to his finca above our cottage. This was the route the two pups always played together on. It will be discovered. And then it will be Canarian revenge. I just want to watch.

  69. So sorry about Rosie, you must both be heartbroken. Words fail me.

  70. I am so so sorry about Rosie, it is heartbreaking to lose a dog but in these circumstances it is even more devastating. I hope the “mission” is successful – anyone doing this to defenceless animals needs hunting down.
    I have so enjoyed all your wonderful pictures of Rosie.

  71. Rosie sweet thing rest in peace. My husband and I are both in tears to hear such sad news. We are just so pleased that you had such a fun and loving life, you will be greatly missed. Xxx

  72. Janet that is so awful. What a tragedy. You gave her a wonderful life and she was so content. You never know what is in store from day to day do you!

    Christina is very upset to learn about this and sends you her best wishes as do I.

  73. Author

    Thank you all so much. We’re just heartbroken, but we know that she lived ten years in that one, with so much freedom and love. We will miss her so very much.

  74. rip little rosie… the only consolation is possibly that she lived a wonderful life thanks to you two. xxx

  75. Dear Janet,

    Words cannot express the sorrow we feel reading about your loss. We had been so delighted to see Rosie’s first birthday picture and now this. I sincerely hope the person who put down the poison is caught. The only consolation is that she had such a very happy short life.


  76. bonjour, je suis un Français de la région parisienne, retraité de la banque et qui passe une grande partie du mois de janvier à Tenerife depuis 15 ans maintenant. il s’agit pour mon épouse et moi de nos
    ” grandes vacances” loin de la grisaille et du froid de Paris. Je consulte votre blog régulièrement, étant très interessé par tout ce qui se passe sur l’Ile. votre blog est très bien fait et je vous remercie par avance de continuer ainsi. J’ai été profondément choqué ce matin en apprenant le décès de Rosie, surtout de la façon dont cela s’est produit. Ce ou ces individus ont fait preuve d’une grande lâcheté et ils méritent une punition exemplaire. ayant eu nous aussi des chiens, je comprends votre douleur surtout que Rosie n’avait qu’ un an. je tenais a vous témoigner toute ma sympathie a cette occasion.
    Bien cordialement,

    Jean Cordier.

  77. Author

    Jean, merci beaucoup de tout mon cœur, il est très apprécié. Thank you all for such kindness.

  78. I enjoyed reading about Rosie’s short but happy life. Thanks for that Janet. She obviously returned the love you gave her. x x

  79. Sorry Janet, could only admire the lovely photographs, my tears did not allow me to read the diary…………x

  80. Dear Janet, how very very tragic. Your heart is broken, but please try to focus on how happy little Rosie was with you for her all too short life. I have rescued animals for many years, it´s incredible how they blossom with love and compassion. In time you will look at Rosie´s photos and see the joy she had in her eyes. She couldn´t have been happier than when she was with you. I´ll be thinking of you Janet. XX

  81. So sad so many emotions Can only hope there is some positive outcome from this horrible event for you, your family and friends.

  82. Janet, I have looked at all of Rosie’s photos. What a beautiful, beautiful dog. She reminds me, very much of my own Molly, that i adopted from Live Arico, at 8 wks old. Full of mischief, stealing all sorts of things, but like Rosie the most beautiful, loving dog you could wish for. She is now 5 months and we have grown to love her so much, it would break my heart to lose her.
    My question is one about the poisions that are used here, I have lost too many animal’s over the 20 yrs that I have lived here, and I do not see the situation improving. You mention that there will be canarian justice done. My vet sees so many cases like your beautiful Rosie, and she is sickened and sad, that the Goverment do not control the usage of poison AND HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS DIE, each year. Can we not start an awareness campaigan to try and change this.We have a lot of animal lovers here on the Island. Can we not all come together to change what is happening on a daily basis.

  83. Author

    Thanks Janice. Well, I hope Rosie’s story will raise some consciousness, and of course it’s been all over Facebook, and in Tenerife Weekly. The poisons, though, are illegal, and have been for some time. You can’t even buy a decent weedkiller here now … though the councils still use them and I heard of a puppy the other day who nearly died from chewing some leaves that the council had sprayed … this was Arona or Adeje, not sure which but it was one of them.
    The people in the village where I live are talking about “mala gente”. When you have bastards using illegal poisons, I don’t know what can really be done.

  84. Janet, There are too many “mala gente” illegal !!, they will always find a way TO GET IT, and carry on spraying without any though for any animals. Recently I had a problem with rats, that were in the fruit garden with my chickens, I could have bought any type of rat poison I wished over the counter, with no questions asked. I waited until my dog caught it. The Cabildo were also laying poison for rats, just outside my vet´s house, where families and dogs are walked !!
    I do not know what the answer is either, but I do know something has to change !! There are too many innocent animals being killed !!

  85. Just one other point, my Vet also told me that the poison that they use for the rats and the lizards, is so strong that a cat only has to walk on a wall, where there has been poison, then lick their paws and it is enough to kill them. What are they waiting for.

  86. Author

    It’s a mentality that I just fail utterly to understand.

  87. Janet, i have shared 2 photos of Rosie on F.B Page Paws4thought to make people more aware of poisons, and to be extra careful with their pets. if it even saves one life,Rosie will have helped to raise awareness.
    I still have tears in my eyes when I look at her photos, I can only imagine the pain you are going through. i have been here over 20 years and will never, ever understand the mentality. Once again i am so, so sorry for your loss.

  88. Author

    Thanks Janice, it’s very much appreciated.

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