Now that the UK has left the EU, EHICs have been replaced by the new UK GHIC. Those with an EHIC may continue to use it until it is out of date. The new GHIC, like the EHIC, is not a replacement for travel insurance, and is only for those who need medical attention during a temporary visit outside of their home countries. It is to be used either in an emergency or for repeat or sudden treatment required for a condition that cannot wait until the patient returns home. It is also only for UK residents, not those who are legally residents in Spain, who must either be registered with a state doctor or have private medical insurance, or visit doctors privately. Please see HERE for further information on the new GHIC. Those living in Spain with a UK EHIC because they have a registered S1 need a new EHIC for cover to continue after 1.1.21: please see the 10 November update of the Brexit post HERE. Legal residents in Spain who don’t have an S1 should apply for a Spanish European health insurance card – a Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea. There is also further information at