The following list is kept to within a couple of months or so for ease of reference. If you’re looking for information about an older event please use the search box to the right. At the top of the diary’s events are general links to posts about groups of events like public holidays, arts and crafts fairs, meteor showers, etc., but the rest of the entries are reverse chronologically ordered links direct to posts about the events themselves.


2020 public holidays and local fiestas


2019 public holidays and local fiestas

Meteor showers in the Canaries

Tenerife motor racing rallies

Arts and Crafts Fairs

4-8 December: 35th Feria de Artesanía de Canarias 2019

10 November: Santa Cruz marathon 2019

4-10 November: The biennial Agatha Christie Festival back in Puerto de la Cruz

25-27 October: Feboda 2019

22 September: Annual Swim for Life at T3

20-22 September: Natura Salud 2019

1 September: Los Abrigos’ fiestas patronales de San Blas – Romería Barquera

19 July: Tenerife Symphony Orchestra concert in Adeje Golf

16 July: RFB Ballet de Moscú’s Swan Lake in Los Cristianos

14 July: Chirche Day of traditions

12 July: Jadel in concert in El Médano

6-7 July: Despacio Museo Market – Tenerife museum arts and crafts shopping “in the slow lane”

6 July: Travesía a nado – bay swim – between Playa La Arena and Puerto Santiago

4-6 July: West Side Story in Santa Cruz auditorium

July & August: Sansofé 2019, Granadilla’s annual summer season of culture

28-30 June: Festival Jazz Roja 2019 in Los Cristianos

28 June: Peter Pan the musical in Los Cristianos

27 June: La Orotava Corpus Christi carpets

23-24 June: Bonfire leaping and goat bathing as Tenerife celebrates midsummer with the fiesta of San Juan Bautista

22-23 June: Corpus Christi carpets in south Tenerife

22 June: Ritmos del Mundo in Adeje Golf

21-22 June: Taucho fiestas and Ethnographic Days – rural Tenerife as you’d dream it

21 June: Summer solstice at Güímar Pyramids

21 June: Annual Costa Adeje Cocktail Competition

18-23 June: Keeping up with … Arona Summer Festival!

18-22 June: International Festival of Latin Jazz, Clazz Continental Latin Jazz in Adeje Golf

15 June: Arona en colores 2019

15 June: Il Divo concert in Adeje Golf

8-9 June: Fenautica 2019 in Las Galletas

8 June: Tenerife Bluetrail extreme mountain race

8 June: VI Imoque Festival in Plaza San Sebastián, La Caleta

7-9 June: Subida a Guía de Isora rally 7-9 June

7 June: First summer ball for Amigos de Gillian Banks charity which helps underprivileged children

1 June: KittyCatz fundraiser for young and sick cats at Yates Bar